Seldom does one question the traditional behavior patterns that are standard practice among human beings. Certain traits have been repeated trillions of times and are now ingrained habits. We mindlessly act out this strange conduct without a clue as to why. We are told that such customs have been handed down from past generations, and we must preserve our cultural heritage. It's a matter of pride, and those who break the rule are ostricized from society.

To fully understand the problems caused by customs we must detach ourselves from the idea and observe these acts objectively. For example, we consider some customs practiced by our ancient ancestors to be stupid and wrong. Likewise if our current customs are viewed from the perspective of future generations, we see how ridiculous it really is. It would be a joke if it wasn't such a tragedy. People should ask themselves if they want their decendents to be proud or ashamed.of them.

To earn the respect of our decendants we must cease and disist from practicing customs and erase any trace of their existence. If not, our great, great grandchildrens' great grandchildren will scorn our values and sever any ties to our lineage. The first step is to thoroughly analyze and scrutinize the problem until clarity is achieved.


The paradoxical problem with etquette is that even though it is needed, if it were fully practiced society would grind to a hault. For example, if two people arrive at a doorway at the same time it's common courtesy for each to yield entrance to the other. But if they keep insisting that the other proceed first, then neither will go anywhere and both will get frustrated and mad. But it would be impolite to express the anger so they repress their rage until it eventually surfaces in fits of violence. So etiquette is simply a pretentious display of friendliness that inevitably results in the development of deep-seated psychopathic disorders that wreak havoc on society at large.


The most common custom is the greeting. The term Greet is alternatively derived from the two root words Greed and Cheat. Some linguists postulate that the true origin dates back before the advent homo sapiens. They surmise that the term was first introduced by carniverous animals as a primal type of greeting sound. For example, whenever a ferocious pack of saber-tooth tigers were about to fight over a dead gazelle carcus, their fierce vocalization sounded like a combination of "GR" as in "growl", and "EET", as in "eat". It was a natural instinct of wild beasts that lacked social graces and tableside manners. Later as humans evolved the urge to greet to each other continued refining through the eons to its present day form.

Modern greetings are much more sophisticated in civilized society, but the underlying meaning is the same as the original version. Like most customs, greetings are superficial mannerisms, phoney gestures designed to trick greeters into trusting each other. Although we know that such greetings are are insincere, we often forget just how insincere they can be.


When working people finally collapse from exhaustion after a lifetime of hard labor, or loafing in the case of government workers, they are no longer of any use to anyone. Rather than shoot them in the head and throw them in a ditch, they are treated much more cruely and sent to a special kind of zoo known by such names as an Old Age Home, Convelescent Center, or Assisted Living Facility. Whatever you want to call it, a zoo is still a zoo. Retirees are dumped into these warehouses with others of their ilk to spend the remainder of their days as a stereotypical geriatric grouch with any number of maladies, especially Altzheimer's, Parkinson's, and heart disease, cancer, senile dimentia, and organ failure — sexual organs in particular. Retirees suffer from neglect and abuse, which is the main recreational activity — for the staff.

In cultures that value individual intiative, and a can-do, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps type work ethic above all else, retirees are even more worthless. We shall see how the American social experiment plays out as the Baby Boom goes Bust.


The term Funeral was coined by public relations pros to put a happy name on a dismal subject. The term combines two words to imply that it's fun in general. It is a joyful event for morticians. They want you to die so they can live it up at your expense. When business is slow some morticians go on killing sprees in the market area. The funeral custom makes a mockery of life by glorifying death. It's a ritual promulgated by a heartless industry that exploits death for profit. Morticians relish the chance to work with dead bodies. Instead of discreetly cremating a corpse, they turn the passing of a loved one into an elaborate theatrical production. The gruesome details of the process that take place behind closed doors in the dark of night are mostly taxidermy, perhaps a bit of organ harvesting, and most certainly a lot of necrophilia. Why else would anyone choose such a profession?

The standard funeral features the guest of honor who has absolutely no control over their treatment because they are dead. First, morticians quickly embalm the cadaver before it has a chance to regain consciousness. They make damn sure the body is good and dead so they can make money. The corpse is then groomed, thrown in a box, and put on display. The family of the deceased pays a hefty price for funeral services which normally take place at a mortuary, where friends and relatives gather to pay their respects, because they never bothered to when the person was alive. Some people need to die in order to get respect, so that's why so many people commit suicide.

The casket is usually surrounded by lots of flowers, to mask the smell of the decomposing body. Onlookers pretend to be sad but they are really happy that they are not the ones in the coffin, Some show up like circling vultures hoping to inherit some easy money. The horrible spectacle is particularly traumatizing for philosophically challenged children. They are haunted for years by nightmares after attending these evil events, which are actually satanic rituals conducted by the mortician who is otherwise known as the undertaker because they take the departed to be buried down under ground where hell is, never up to the sky where heaven is.

When the gawking, gossiping grown-ups finish rendering judgement on the poor stiff, the lid is then slammed shut and hauled off to the cemetary in a sinister looking station wagon called a hurse—usually a black cadalac specially customized to transport dead bodies. The hurse leads the parade as the rest of the group follow in their cars to the cemetary. Processions of 50 or more cars often cause traffic jams, angering motorists, disrupting commerce, and causing widespread agitation throughout society. The net result is a massive outpouring of hatred which follows the deceased like a dark cloud of damnation all the way to the graveyard. Before dumping the deceased into a hole in the ground an obligatory validiction is given so it doesn't seem like they all came just to dump the deceased into a hole in the ground. After the deceased is dumped into a hole in the ground the funeral ends with the ultmate insult by covering the poor soul with dirt. The insult can be reconciled however by grave robbers scavenging for gold teeth or jewlery. They do this in reverence of the deceased by sharing the value of those relics with themselves and their buyers. Such treasures would otherwise go to waste if left buried.

The departed can now rest in peace, mainly because they have no other choice, unless they would rather burn in hell for all eternity, or linger here a bit longer haunting whoever it was that murdered them.


The purpose of a holiday is to give hard working people a day off, and for businesses to profit by selling things to those hard working people. As holidays approach, physically exausted laborers are subjected to intense psychological brainwashing through the media as marketers manipulate them to spend on things they don't want or need. This type of mass hypnosis is quite effective because peoples' lives are so boring that they will use any stupid theme to make them think that they are happy, even if for just one day. It's a cruel hoax in that the purported virtues are celebrated only on those particular days and ignored for the rest of the year.

Holidays need to be placed at strategic intervals of time throughout the year for the sake of balance. Christmas and New Year Days were squeezed into the last month so businesses can make a killing before the new tax year starts. Senseless holidays such as Presidents Day were added to fill the long gap between Christmas and Memorial Day. Independence Day falls into a shorter gap between Memorial and Labor Days only because people party alot in mid-summer, and businesses decided that they should profit from it. Religions have alot of their own holidays to exploit in order to generate revenue, and have the added effect of the guilt factor to pressure their flocks to fork over their hard-earned cash.


This day is falsely billed as the birthday of Jesus Christ, but the true origin is the pagan winter solstice. Christian marketers use it to promote their brand of faith, complete with advertising jingles (Jingle Bells) and sentimental oldies (White Christmas). These songs, called Christmas carols, are used for mental manipulation. The song Silent Night has the effect of controling listeners into submission, so they will be quiet and not ask questions about the value of christmas or the lack thereof.

On Christmas, or Xmas for short, everyone is expected to be nice and friendly, with so-called "peace on earth and goodwill toward men". A welcome theme people are starved for after a year of fighting and hatred. Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" are familiar catch phrases. The problem is that because the goodwill is focused on just that one day, people subsequently go right back to being the evil demons they were the rest of the time. If there's any joy at all, it is had by the merchants who exploit the holiday by selling expensive gifts to unsuspecting consumers who feel obligated to give a gift because their pal also feels obligated to give them a gift. The viscious cycle goes round and round and the customers go broke while the profiteers laugh all the way to the bank.

There are specific symbols relating to this day, most notably an obese old man dressed in a red and white clown suit who likes to have children sit on his lap while he promises to give them toys. Any other person would be arrested for pedaphilia, but Santa has diplimatic immunity because he's from the North Pole. People are so posessed by the Xmas spirit they don't realize that they lap their kids are sitting on does not belong to the mythical Santa Claus, it's one of the many child molesters in disquise that prey on youngsters at malls and parties this time of year. One of the reasons the Santa myth has endured for so long is because his purported North Pole residence would be nearly impossible to find so the truth of his existance could not be verified by anyone. How convenient.

The lore of this caracter is also misused when parents tell their kids that Santa Claus will bring them presents if they are good all year long—an impossible task for any child. But mom and dad use the ploy effectively as a handy manipulation tool to trick their kids into submission. Parents think that they're masters at such a game, but later when the kids grow up and find out that they were lied to in such a way, and that there never was a Santa Claus, they realize how evil their parents are to be so decietful, lying to their own child in an on-going conspiracy of fraud and blackmail.

Another symbol is the Xmas tree, the number of which that have been harvested is equal to the deforestation of an area the size of the Amazon Rainforest. Every year they hack 'em and stack 'em on pollution bellowing trucks for nationwide distribution. Folks customarily decorate the trees with tacky items and a string of colored lights of which the cumilitive energy consumption contributes significantly to glacial meltdowns. The lights are also directly responsible for causing fires resulting in hundreds of deaths each year. This is the true meaning of Xmas.

New Year Day

This holiday serves no purpose other than to provide an excuse for recovering alcoholics to fall off the wagon, and for other to get asrrested for DUI and vehicular homicide. Every New Years Eve drunken driving accidents result in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries — all because of this one holiday. The reason why it's so popular is because victims of those accidents get generous insurance settlements, so society accepts it with a wink and a nod.

Presidents Day

Just as they start to recover from the financial drain of the Christmas shake down, next they're forced to cough up even more money by April 15 for taxes that government bureaucrats will waste. High paid politicians understand all too well the extreme hatred that is at it's peak this time of year, so they designated February .. as Presidents' Day—A purely political plot designed to deflect public outrage against their leaders.

Valentine Day

This holiday was created because marketers needed a way to capitalize on the loneliness, and horniness, of the masses. Always in search of opportunities to capitalize on the weekness and suffering of people, they could not resist the temptation to exploit one of the most powerful physiological and emotional forces in a human being —sex! Consumers welcomed the idea as an ideal excuse to stalk their prey. Tactfully timed in the morbid mid winter when lifeless trees, cold winds and dark clouds of depression are at a peak, Valentine Day fills promises to fill the empty void inside people who need a lover. Instead of coping with their issues of insecurity they take the commercial bait, hook, line, and sinker.


Easter is another another religious holiday that has been transformed into a not so subtle spectacle of springtime sex symbolized by Easter eggs and Peter Cottontail, the Easter bunny. For catholics it's the event of the season, and the reason why they have such large families. Originally intended to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, it now seems to mostly celebrate the erection of the penis. Strategically scheduled after Valentines Day, marketers use the holiday to exploit the powerful yet repressed sexual urges that were not satiated on Valentines Day-due mostly to religious inhibition and guilt. But now Easter presents another chance with a religious excuse, and even a sacred duty to fulfill the uncontrollable lust deep inside their heart.

Memorial Day & Independence Day

These two holidays are designed to boost public support for defense spending and war mongering. People relate those issues with a day off from work. Nothing can be done about the people killed in wars so the only thing we can do is remember them on Memorial Day — then forget about them the rest of the year.

The purpose of fireworks displays is to dazzle the spectators' imagination with exciting pyrotechnics so they will have a positive attitude toward exploding bombs, death and destruction when they waste billions of their tax dollars on wars.

Labor Day

In order to quell potential riots, strikes, and wide spread rebellion, Labor Day was enacted as a national holiday. It was developed around the theoretical notion that if you throw a mad dog a bone, the beast is less likely to maul you to death. So far the scheme worked.

Columbus Day

This holiday celebrates the discovery of America by an uninvited intruder named Christopher Columbus. It attempts to legitimize the confiscation of land by glossing over the campaign of genocide against native American Indians.


This is one of the most fun holidays for kids — and adults who never quite grew up. It's a colorful festive affair rooted in an ancient pagan ceremony with all the markings of a satanic ritual. The grotesque pageantry and morbid gore celebrate horror and death for all to enjoy. The main event is the traditional Trick-or-Treat routine where Halloweeners dress up in costumes to hide their identity after dark when they go door-to-door demanding treats from their neighbors. If a neighbor refuses to relinquish a treat the masked marauders retaliate with tricks — at least in theory. Halloweeners are rarely seen doing any tricks so they must be really sneaky about it. That would explain all the unsolved murders and kidnappings we hear about in the news.

The ugly truth of human nature could not be suppressed, it was too bizarre to hide, and there was no sense in even trying. But rather than letting it totally free to run wild throughout society, a holiday was designated to limit the extent to which it is allowed to spread.


On this day we give thanks to turkeys for sacrificing their lives so that we may stuff ourselves full of food until we vomit — and then some. Every year millions of turkeys are slaughtered in a merciless bloodbath. It's a time when families join together at home sharing their love for one each other, and ignoring the pain and suffering they inflict on the godforsaken birds.

Back when settlers from the old world were busy pillaging Indian villages in the new world, a special event was scheduled to ease tensions between the newcomers and the indigenous population. The scheme was devised by the Pilgrims to trick the tribes into tolerating the invasion of their country. It was a masterful PR ploy involving a festival to celebrate the blatant robbery from the Indians, and excusing it with a simple thank you. The whole idea was for the uninvited guests to take everything from their   hosts and give them nothing in return except thanks, and the Indians were expected to think that was an equitable deal. It was a hard sell and the only way to make it work was to throw a big party and get the savages drunk in order to skew their judgment. The event staff hyped up the Thanks theme, artificially inflating it's value above and beyond the cost what was stolen. The giving-of-thanks idea was sensationalized with much fanfare, but the actual thing that was being thanked for was not mentioned at all. With all the focus on only giving thanks, there was nothing else to think about. But just in case someone did think, the land that was stolen was symbolized by a massive feast of food and drink. The redskins considered the bountiful feast to be the same as the land from which it was harvested, and the pale face encouraged them to eat like pigs. So they ate and drank all day and night, stuffing themselves until they vomited. The cheap homemade wine damaged their brain cells leaving them with a massive hangover that took days to recover from.   By the time it was all over the Indians didn't want anything to do with whatever it was that they were being thanked for.

Mothers Day & Fathers Day

These two holidays signify the authoritarian status of parents and their dominant position in relation to their children. It forces children to honor their parents whether or not they deserve it. It is unfair to children because there is no Children's Day holiday. Holidays for parents to garner the respect and admiration of their children actually have the reverse effect because kids resent this injustice and turn against their parents.


Birthdays are yet another cynical ploy designed to cheat people out of their happiness and their money. The trick again is by limiting happiness to just the one "Happy Birthday", it thereby eliminates any happiness on all other days. People are fooled by the custom because they subconsciously think that since it's their "Birth" day, the mental capacity of their brain is that of a newborn baby and therefor insufficient to understand otherwise. This stems from a deep-seeted desire to remain young. The wish is so strong that it blocks out the rational thought process. Subsequent to the very first —and only—birthday, the annual cycle repeats, building in strength throughout the year until the month and day comes that corresponds to the date of their original birth. Then all the repressed glee pent up inside erupts in a powerful release of emotional energy. The thirst for happiness is quenched—until tomorrow.

From a commercial perspective there would be no point in celebrating birthdays unless it could be capitalized upon. Since the annual birthday is negative because it won't let you forget that you're getting older, marketers needed to turn reality inside-out by brainwashing everyone into believing that the exact opposite is true. It's only human nature to love life and to fear dying, so the gimmick works. The day after the birthday of course you know it's just another nail in the coffin, a reminder that you're one year closer to death.


Relationships are formed mostly because people are frightened and insecure as solitary person. They think that there's strength in numbers, but such delusions only add to their own weekness because even in a relationship each person is in reality a lone individual—except maybe twins who are joined at the head.


Since the dawn of humanity people have always formed groups—when they weren't killing each other that is. This tradition was also inherited from an early animal origin and human groups still resemble those carteristics in the following ways:

  • Herd of sheep
  • Flock of vultures
  • Colony of ants
  • Swarm of locusts
  • School of fish
  • Pack of rats

There are more groups than there are people. It's based on the mistaken Strength In Numbers theory. In the animal kingdom a herd of gazzel is more attractive target than one measily gazzel that can run faster and hide easier than a whole herd. The formation of groups multiplies the problems of society exponentially. That's why nuclear missles are always aimed at the high population centers of major cities. It's the Kill 2 Birds With 1 Stone theory. The more people you have squeezed into a congested urban area, the more problems you have per capita. Disease epidemics spread faster, more crimes are commited, and more famon and squalor exists. This is what groups do to society.

The alternative origin of of the term Group has two root sources, Grope and Grow Up. Grope relates to how depraved deviants love to be packed into a crowded group so they can easily grope the genitals of the other members. So there are always high concentrations of perverts in large, close knit groups. Grow Up relates to the need for simple minded groupies to mature, which of course is impossible as long as they remain in a group. A smart person with an evolved soul is a wholey self-actualized individual, with no need to be in a group—but they can indeed lead the group the way a shepard leads sheep. Group members on the other hand, are only partially evolved, incomplete half-wits who must join a group in order to fulfill a sense of wholeness.

People act completely diferent in a group, than they do when they're not in a group. Members of an angry lynch mob can scream and yell, carrying clubs and pitchforks raising hell together. But when they are alone, each one of them is quiet, shy, timid, and afraid of their own shadow—the complete opposite of their behavior in the mob. In fact the group mentality is a sign of weekness.The bigger and stronger the group is, the more insecure and helpless the members are when alone.


Partnerships never work because the whole notion is inconsistent with itself. The idea is about the formation of unity between multiple entities. But how can that which is plural become singular? How can separate parts join together in a mutual bond when the essence of their being is in fact individualistic. No matter how hard they try they're only fooling themselves if they think it could ever work. It's in direct conflict with all the laws of physics except quantum mechanics, which does not aptly to most types of partnerships.


A close personal acquaintance may be a good friend, and an intimate lover may be a better friend, but everyone knows that a dog is man's best friend. The truth of this bit of conventional wisdom indicates two things: First, that there is a bestiality factor at play, and second, that the value of one's friendship is in direct proportion to how much they act like a dog in relation to their master.

There are some positive aspects to the issue of friendship, but that is irrelevant because this study examines only the negative aspects—of which there are plenty. To begin with, the meaning of friendship must be understood. A true friend is someone who would sacrifice his or her life for you, if necessary. From there the levels of friendship drops in varying degrees. The next level down is someone who would give you all of his or her money and material possessions. The next level may be someone who lets you have sex with his or her spouse. The lower levels include people you like, or people that you don't hate.

Sometimes people that we think are our friends do things that anger us. We may think someone is our friend, but they don't consider us to be their friend. And conversely, someone may think that we are their friend, but in fact we are not their friend. People often pretend to be our friend, while harming us behind our backs. So it's better to assume that you have no friends, rather than be disappointed when someone who you thought was a friend betrays you. It would be nice if there were people in the world with integrity that you could trust. But it's nicer if you don't let people make a fool out of you because you trusted them. Unfortunately we must trust people sometimes, and then later suffer the consequences of doing so—and that's why so-called friendship is a problem.

The consequence of trusting a friend who betrays you is usually more harmful than to be betrayed by a total stranger, because you tend to trust the friend more, and the stakes may be much higher. Since friendship is so risky, why play Russian roulette? Why stick your neck out if friendship is a double-edged sword that swings both ways? Why take a chance? The answer is because people need friends to make them feel secure. Friendship is a quick fix that provides temporary relief to psychological insecurity—a social disease that only gets worse with such stopgap measures.

Soul Mates- A new age type concept referring to a couple that seems to be ideally matched—until one kills the other. If it has any significance at all it may be that they were destined by the cosmos to be together, or that they were mates in a previous lifetime. Or most likely they are inextricably bound by a metaphysical chain and are condemned to this hellish bond for all eternity. Progressive lovers use the term reverently to attest their constant commitment to each other until they break up, then they associate they term with the hatred they have for the mate they dumped, or got dumped by.

Blood Brothers- Another relationship that signifies a certain eternal linkage, this one less spiritual, more biological in an evil kind of way. When pals make a pact sealed by some sort of exchanging blood the subtle inference is that they will be loyal until death, or that one will kill the other if either of them betrays the other. Guys who want to be brother Blood Brothers are either Satanists or lower class stooges


There are two main types of enemies: Those who you know are your enemies, and those who you don't know are your enemies. This study relates to the ladder, because if you think someone is your friend, or if you're unaware of the fact that someone is your enemy, then you may be vulnerable to their attack. You can prepare yourself much better for an attack by a known enemy, but you may be caught off guard when an unknown enemy launches a surprise attack. Since you cannot know an unknown enemy, it's way safer to assume that everyone is your enemy so you'll be more ready to defend yourself at any given time.

There have been documented cases of people who did not trust their enemies, took a chance anyway and found, much to their surprise, that the enemy proved to be trustworthy indeed. And there have been cases when people trusted their friends, only to find that the friends were not at all trustworthy.


Sex is a natural part of the human biological condition that's been locked into our DNA throughout the history of our evolution as an automatic reproduction mechanism to ensure our continued survival as a species. It still remains a normal and necessary part of interpersonal relationships between couples attracted to each other by mutual interests, such as raising a family, or just plain old lust. The sex drive is a powerful creative force for human development and spiritual growth. But economic interests have commandeered it seeking to capitalize on the vast potential as a marketing tool. They distorted the true meaning and changed the basic concept of it to confuse and control people. To know the true and wholesome nature of a normal sexual relationship it should be understood that sexual lust is a raw animal instinct that should be satisfied. No strings necessarily need to be attached, in fact strings usually get tangled up and the relationship goes haywire. The best sexual relationships are based strictly on hedonistic factors and carnal concerns. It's all about sybaritic self-indulgence to satiate the sexual appetite, and no other significance should be attached to it. This pure unadulterated type of sexual escapade allows a couple to express their full emotional feelings free of any inhibiting elements that may interfere with the integrity of the experience. That way the female can act like a dog in heat and the male can act normally—like a sex-starved animal.

            There are a numerous types of sexual relationships, most of which are normal, some of which are fun and others that are kinky and perverted. The normal relationship is usually between a man and woman, but when the man and woman are brother and sister it becomes incest, a perverted crime. This type of sex is an all-pervasive problem of society because the risk of inbred birth defects. Until the turn of the millennium incest was primarily relegated to royal families, but since then there's been an alarming upsurge of incest in what was formally known as civilized society. Despite scant mention of it in the media, incest is a widespread pandemic metastasized into almost every neighborhood throughout the world. Its growing popularity is due to blatant sexual exploitation in mass media, the rampant promiscuity of today's youth, and the irresistible temptation of hot and sexy teens living together in intimate settings. Growing up together siblings are comfortable seeing each other scantily clad or naked, and as they reach puberty they get excessively horny and start eying each other, thinking about it. Meanwhile they may see incestuous scenarios acted out in pornographic videos, or photo spread in a magazine., Society is full of seductive symbols and alluring allusions, and the pressure is just too much to resist because teens are easily enticed. They find ways to convince themselves that it's not so bad, and besides, they've both done far worse things than making love to each other. They don't care if it's a social taboo, they're rebellious minors who reject social norms and tyrannical parents. In fact they think incest would be a great way to express their angst and frustration with life. It's easy for them to justify..

            No examination of sex would be complete without discussing the issue of pedophilia. It's a major problem of society because instead of committing a quick child molestation, the heinous nature of the crime forces the pedophile to kidnap, rape and kill the victim, to avoid being identified later. It's every parent's worst nightmare, and it's why diligent parents suspect that everyone is a   pedophile in order to protect their children., they warily watch how everyone acts around their kids. If someone so much as even looks at their child, to play it safe they must assume he's a pedophile. If, god forbid, someone talks to the kid, the parents are convinced he's a sick demented pervert who has surely murdered countless children. Since the police won't arrest him without proof, the parents launch a campaign to expose the pervert, posting notices on billboards around the neighborhood, spreading the word on internet chat rooms, and so forth. They are absolutely certain the guy's a dangerous degenerate. Why else would he talk to their kids? Even if they're wrong they justify the slander in the interest of protecting their children. Because that moral imperative supercedes the civil liberties of people they don't know.

Sex is one of the best things in life, but the lack of it is one of the worst things. Unfulfilled sexual needs causes emotional frustration and leads to deviant perversions. Women by nature are sexier than men. In the game of sex they have a distinct advantage over men. They are generally more beautiful and physically attractive, while men are more ugly and repugnant. Since most womwn do not want most men, the male gender of the species evolved to be physically stronger than the female so they can overpower them to satiate their lust. There's a saying that men spend nine month trying to get out of a vagina, and spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in.


Dating is a modern variation of the courtship process, a complex form of mating ritual—yet another animal trait that humans inherited from an earlier stage of evolution. It developed from the raw beast-based form into an elaborate pseudo-civilized procedure. As changing social standards reined in unbridled licentiousness, and suppressed it with a formal courtship methodology, the visceral urge was the engine that drove people to carry out such a silly tradition In a thinly veiled attempt to cover up the underlying point of it all. Then the habit adapted to contemporary culture and became the conventional business transaction it is today. And ever since the cockamamie custom was just another form of prostitution with the same result—the guy's wallet is empty and the girl laughs all the way to the bank.

There are two alternate sources of this term. One applies to the female and the other to the male. The first is derived from the root word Data and In , because the female uses the date to take data about the male in and analyze it to determine his net worth so she can calculate the amount of money to milk out of him. The second source is derived from the two root words Damn and Waiting , because the male curses in frustration as he waits pinning away for sex. But in most cases of dating the girl just wants to go out on the town and have someone else pay for it.

When a sex-starved man spends and drinks too much on a date he tends to be over-aggressive in his relentless pursuit of an orgasm. This often leads to Date Rape, a new term for an old problem of society. Most cases of Date Rape occur when the woman rejects the man's demand for sex, but the man won't take “no” for an answer. So he persists because persistence may have worked on previous occasions, only this time the woman is adamant in her resistance. As the ritual plays out and goes awry with the man molesting the woman, groping her breast and buttocks. She threatens to call the police, but he thinks that she's bluffing so he forcibly starts to tear her clothes off, assuming she'll submit and like it in the end. His wishful thinking is not deterred as she wails out long, loud and ugly shrieks that arouse the neighbors, who at first try to peak through the window to catch a glimpse of the action, but then call 911 when they see his painful penetration drawls blood. Next the police arrive and the rest is history.

A more trendy type of Date Rape involves the man lacing the woman's drink with a powerful drug that knocks her out so he can knock her up. When she passes out he can then rape her continually for hours while she sleeps peacefully, unaware of the violent assault being perpetrated by the predatory sex maniac. However, upon waking and feeling the pain and seeing the slimy bodily fluids on her skin, she realizes what happened but is reluctant to call the police because this type of rape is difficult to prosecute, and she fears defense attorneys will portray her as just another disgruntled slut trying to avenge a relationship gone sour. So she tries to pretend it didn't happen, hoping that the rapist used a condom. Meanwhile the rapist believes that it's no big deal, nothing to complain about, no harm was done because after all it was only sex. He may be the religious type who follows the golden rule: Do unto others as the do unto you. And he would just love the woman to rape him.

These are just a few of the problems caused by dating. It's an inane and archaic custom fueled by man's insatiable appetite for sex, and bolstered by the commercial establishments that profit from it, such as bars and restaurants. Daters may think it's classy or glamorous to wine and dine at fancy places, but the fact is that eating and drinking only produces excrement and urine. If all the bodily waste from all the dates ever done was poured together, it would be enough to fill the Grand Canyon many times over. This indicates that dating is also a scat based affair, and those who participate have scatological fixations.

Breaking Up

This problem is a common custom whether you like it or not. Sometimes it happens by mutual consent, but most of the time one person dumps the other.


There are advantages and disadvantages to this time honored tradition. The advantage is that the couple has entrapped each other into a serious longterm commitment. The disadvantage is that the couple has entrapped each other into a serious longterm commitment.


Derived from the two root words mar and rage , the custom is based on the stone age practice of male domination by subduing the female by marring her with a club in a fit of rage. Ancient wedding ceremonies were nothing more than bloodbaths, then the honeymoon and subsequent marital relationship consisted of the wife being used and abused like a slave—unless she was bigger and stronger than the husband, in which case their roles were reversed. As civilization advanced the tradition continued until it developed to the point of what it is today—a business contract. Even without a prenuptial agreement the act of getting married is by definition a joint covenant. Couples pledge their undying allegiance to each other and receipt vows which for all intents and purposes is a binding contract—with a “cross my heart hope to die” clause.

            Some of the reasons people get married include:

• The couple is ridiculed by members of their church for having sex out of wedlock

• The man needs a cook and housekeeper because he's a slob

• The woman needs a man around the house to do the heavy lifting

• The man wants a trophy wife to show off to his peers

• The woman wants the man to protect her from her jealous x-boyfriend

• The man wants to prove to his macho peers that he's not a homosexual

• The woman wants to prove to her peers that she's not a lesbian

• The main is a sex maniac that wants a live-in lover on call 24-7

• The woman is a nymphomaniac that needs a man on call 24-7

• The couple wants a legal contract to trade the sex for financial support

• The dominating man wants to trap the woman into a sexual relationship

The diabolical woman wants to trap the man and drain his bank account

The origin of the marriage tradition dates back to a time long ago when people were considered to be the same as livestock, and were issued official papers designating their classification for breeding purposes. To control bloodline quality back then a marital papers were required, and unmarried couples were deemed to be illegitimate mongrels not fit for breeding because their pedigree could not be accurately traced without a the necessary paper work. Since then those formal documents were rendered obsolete because mating habits changed dramatically due to the unbridled promiscuity and wanton infidelity running rampant in contemporary society.

This licentiousness lead to the law requiring a marriage license, a legally binding contract that forces the wife to submit to the lecherous sexual demands of her husband, while obligating the husband to honor and cherish her for better or worse until death, or divorce, do they part.


Filing for divorce is a sort of emancipation proclamation. A divorce settlement is a sort of highway robbery.