Thematic Programming Of The Problems of Society.

MMAfter a long term process of data anaysis researchers have finally identified the five fundamental factors underlying all problems of society. Each of these primary elements represent a thematic thread woven into the social fabric like a flesh-eating worm burrowing through a shredded piece of meat.

To understand problem themes, imagine the world as one big theme park. But instead of rides and sideshows, it's full of crime and freak shows. With a world war here and a date rape there, here a sham, there a scam, everywhere a mad man. With a littany calamities, this playground of insanity is the slayground of humanity. And although the theme topics are very negative issues, people eagerly indulge in them with wreckless abandon.

The source of themes originates at the earliest stages of animal evolution as natural traits necessary for survival, such as how the camoflauge patterns on the skin of a snake protect it from predators and disguise it from it's prey. As a certain strain of anthropoids mutated into the human species, they failed to shed their old subhuman traits. The consequence of which has resulted in a host of societal problems. Though all 6 themes are in constant play the complexity of each grows from the top to the bottom of the list below. For instance, Ignorance begets Deciept, and together they beget Polarization, then all three beget Violence, and so forth.

Like archetypal symbols, these themes are important to study because they are the most obvious clues about the nature of the problems. And the fact that we see the same basic themes recurring within each problem helps us respond more effectively. These themes are closely related to each other and often work together to multiply their combined power to cause chaos and harm. They are the critical infrastructure that forms the backbone of the vast network of problems that are deeply embedded in oursociety. Any attempt to solve these problems must start with eliminating these themes. As they are gradually removed the problems will likewise cease to exist. It sounds like a simple solution but implementing it may prove to be a stupendous challenge.

Each theme has far reaching sub-divisions branching out like tenticles that interact with other themes forming a vast network of trubutaries that are all nourished by the mother themes. It's not enough to just cut off the week strands at the outer extremities because they'll quickly grow back bigger and stronger than before. Like weeding a garden we must pull the weeds out by the root. So to annihilate the entire multiplex the mother themes must be targeted for attack. In some cases it will be necessary to surgically remove certain outer strands that are key connections to power points throughout the grid. It's a tedious process that will tax our will but it must be done.

It should also be noted that the term Theme is derived from the root word Them which deflects the focus away from the true instigators (us, we, etc.) of the problem, and casts the blame on others (them). The letter "e" added after the "m" to fuse the word me at the end, which inflects a subliminal hint to make the reader think that he or she is actually to blame for the problem. So whoever devised this grammatical trick neither wanted the subject of the themes, nor the use of the term theme to be traced back to the source.

MMMMThe following list is a partial summary of the primary themes and the devastating negative influences they exert across a full range of cultural issues. Eradication of these heinous themes is imperative. The good thing is that they are quickly recognizable and easy to confront directly. The bad thing is that they are so ingrained in the psyche that it will take special tactics to purge them out.


MMMMThe Ignorance theme is a universally acknowledged a mystery because, by definition, it is impossible to know. Humans will always suffer a high degree of ignorance for failing to develop the intellectual capacity necessary to fully comprehend of all the infinite details that could possibly be known about everything. This fcognization faculty is what separates human beings from the lower animals, but some animals have surpassed humans in many categories of intelligence, and many more have advanced to superior levels physical mastery as well. Some beasts can fly, run, see, and smell way better than humans, and most have much greater instinctive and intuitive skill. A rat can gnaw through metal and concrete, but humans can't. While a bird can fly a thousand miles away and return later to the same spot, without a map or compass. Humans on the otherhand can barely find their way across town—even with a GPS device. The human race has even sunk below the insects in many respects. That is why insects have survived for millions of years, while numerous human civilizations have come and gone.

Humans are born with a high degree of natural intelligence, then it fades away with age. At birth, there are no pre-concieved ideas about anything. Babies don't know it, but they are smarter than adults. Their mental edge is soon dulled however, after associating with adults for a few months. Throughout infancy kids are bombarded with a steady dose of idiocy in the form of TV cartoons, baby toys, and an assortament of items that adults force upon them. Worst of all is the way adults communicate with infants, as if they were retarded. Instead of talking normally so the kid can learn to think and talk normally, grown-ups use baby talk, so the youngster's brain is developmentally challenged during the formative years when the first stage of learning is most important. The rest of their life is built upon this flimsy foundation of ignorance, so it's easy to undersatand why there are so many problems of society.


MMMMDeciet is an especially lethal problem. It negates reality, which is the ultimate disaster because it extends much further than just the death of mere mortals, it destroys the very core of the existence of creation itself. So the path of deceit is a very slippery slope indeed. The propensity to decieve evolved from our primordial animal state that decieves with natural techniques such as camoflauge, or by hiding from predators. The act of hiding is a form of deceipt because the intention is to decieve the predator, to make it believe you are not there, when the truth is that you are there. Instead of courage and strength, the cowardly prey opted for the easy way out—weekness and fear. This survival mechanism became a permanent behaviorial defect in the animal kingdom, and lead to a dramatic increase in the number of week and sneaky creatures roaming the earth. Humans inherited this trait from those inferior animals, and developed the skill to a high level of sophistication. The time and effort to do it would have been much better spent on sensible activities, but it's too late to change a million years of evolution.

The term Deciet is the opposite of Reciept. When you buy something, you get a Reciept.when someone cheats you, you get a Deciet. It's no coincidence that the Mecca of lying politicians is Washington DC. DC of course is short for DeCiet. The basic act of deciet is known as a lie. One who lies is called a liar, which spelled backwards is rail. Railing evangelists are false profits, and like other loud-mouth carnival barkers are some of the biggest liars in the world.


MMMMSociety is like a ball of yarn. The tighter the yarn is wound around the ball, the more solid is. Each strand of yarn represents a different attribute in the social ball, and the reason why ballroom dancing has become so popular at high society functions such as balls, banquets, and other gala affairs is because the upper crust — the elite class of power-broking movers and shakers — are the strongest threads in the social fabric. And when they all gather at such festivities like a hive of bees, the psychological power of their collective self-aggrandizement is multiplied exponentially. It is a ritualistic celebration that impresses the lower class and makes them feel impotent by comparison. It brings them down a notch or two and they become disenfranchised. This is the first major tear in the fabric. The strongest fibers in the ball will last the longest, but even they get frayed. Each strand is a helix consisting of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tiny hairs wrapped together each other. The twist of the helix — modeled after our DNA — explains the twisted minds of so many perverts and other deranged individuals.

There are many other examples of the Polarization theme. It was original designed as a political tactic known as Divide and Conquer. This ploy is common knowledge, yet people still allow themselves to be suckered into it. The abbreviation of Divide and Conquer is DC. The capital of the United States was switched from Philadelphia to Washington DC as subliminal message to weaken the resistance of the masses against being divided and conquered. We know that the masses fall for the trick because no one questions why it's officially called "The District of Columbia", when it's in the U.S., not in Columbia. By suggesting that it is in a Latin American country, it confuses the citizens who wonder if the U.S. is part of Columbia, or if only Washington DC is some kind of Columbian satellite city — a notion that leads to suspicions about who is winning the Drug War.

The DC (Divide & Conquer) routine is used extensively on every level of society. From the largest groups down to the smallest. Even a single individual can fall victim by engaging in self-defeating behaviors, thus undermining their own best interests, which in some cases has fatal consequences. Because DC is so widely used by almost everyone, it is a universal problem of society. Even people who are involved in unification efforts are unwittingly creating divisions by separating the unified from the divided. So there will always be a certain amount of polarization. For example, if there were two people stranded somewhere for weeks with no food to eat, chances are that they would not mutually agree to starve to death, or eat their own body parts so both could stay alive. Humans are animals, so human nature is animal nature. That is why people have been known to cannibalize each other no matter how close their friendship is — except in cases where starvation has made them too weak to kill each other.

MMMMPolarization is so entrenched in society that it has even become a national pastime. All activities that place people on opposing sides of an issue — such as games and contests — are harmful forms of polarization. Competitive sports are particularly evil because people think that it's good clean fun, and a stadium full of fans cheering their team gives the impression that it's a unifying experience. In reality the maniacally misplaced exuberance rips a violent fissure through the fabric of society, which requires a total ban on sports in order to repair the damage it has caused.


MMMMViolence is a byproduct of Ignorance, Deciet, and Polarization, and another major theme that signifies a arch-problem. The violent streak is another inherited vice passed down from the animals that humans fail to transcend. Animals can be expected to use violence to survive, but humans can use telepathy as a non-lethal weapon to subdue the enemy. The reason why telepathic defense is not used much is because there were only a few practitiners smart enough to master the technique. They were outnumbered by vast armies of ignorant barbarians who realized the psychic soldiers were a formidable adversary that must be crushed before they had a chance to establish an international political powerbase. The only way to fight against a mental militia was to plunder and terrorize them with the shock and awe of mass murder rampages — raw, unbridaled violence in all its ugly glory. Centuries of perpetual oppression by military powers have conditioned humans to be violent. Monkey see Monkey do.


MMMMThe are many versions a person uses. First there is a diversion from the normal path, like the deviations done by a deviant degenerate, then a conversion takes place, and finally the perversion stage is reached. Along the way a lot of residual side effects of the social theme park deform and malign the convert — who is often religious — into being a full-blown pervert. Most people, though ashamed to admit it, harbour some level of perversion. It usually lurks in the dark recesses of their mind, surfacing only in dreams. But some perverts make the rest of the population feel ashamed tobe a memeber of the same species as the pervert. The problem is that they are the same species, and that fact proves that they too are one and the same class, fully capable of becoming a total pervert.

Perversion is the 5th theme level and is the result of the combined influences of Ignorance, Deceipt, Polarization, and Violence. As we sink deeper down into each theme level it becomes clear to see how these themes are formed.


  There's no escaping the fact that human beings are a species of animal. We hate to admit it but it's the simple truth. Although we have struggled for millions of years to evolve to a higher state, our ingrained animal nature is still hard-wired into our DNA. As another key theme this residual geneology manifests itself in everything we do, and must be purged using high tech tools to replace and/or recode the defective parts.