Some geometric shapes are primal archetypes that influence human behavior, so it logically follows that such simplistic graphics cause much of the chaos and confusion among people throughout society.
Intensive field and lab work has identified a wide range of harmful symbols that should be banned. The following is a partial list that summarizes some of the most common symbols and their characteristics:
LINE—Also known as or phallus obelisk or shaft. Symbolizing masculine aggressive negative energy. Found in objects such as sword, knife, gun, missile, rocket, baseball bat, and the penis. Any object or image with this shape is designed and/or used (either consciousness or subconsciously) by perverts. Obsession with the Line leads to a plethora of lethal complications. Adherence to this rigid figure is unnecessary, yet it still is a ubiquitous symbol, and is a basic component of many other, much more complex formations found in a multitude of configurations as seen below:
CROSS—An intrinsically evil symbol, and design most notably of used for a torture/executions device. The victim's hands and feet are nailed to the horizontal and vertical pieces, (dis)respectively. The 2 piece formation doubles the power of the single Line. That's why it's used as the "Plus" sign. Like all symbols, it can be interpreted in many ways. Tilted, it becomes an "X", which translates to a cancellation or negation type situation, as in X-husband, etc.
TRIANGLE A symbol of violence and mayhem with 3 sides forming a sharp pointed weapon. Viewed upside-down, it becomes a funnel that pours everything down the drain. The 3 way model is indicative of imbalance and distortion, and it causes feelings of irritation, agitation, and anger. It is regularly used in architecture for roof designs, which explains why so many problems happen beneath this foolishly conceived structure. Approach with caution.
SQUARE—This rigid quadrangle quadruples the problematic influence of its Linear subsections. The box shape is the symbol of confinement, limitation and death. Widely used in the design of cages, prison cells and office cubicles, it is the perfect trap, both physically, and psychologically. Beat poets and jazz musicians recognized the idiotic shape and coined the term "Squaresville" to refer to things that were not cool and hip. Its true danger is much worse.
STAR—A standard figure over-used throughout society that is promoted as a positive symbol, but in reality symbolizes the quintessence of evil. Also known as the Pentagram, it generates malevolent energy and creates all sorts of bad events. The word "star" spelled backwards is "rats", and the shape indeed looks like road kill (without the tail, of course). "Star" is also the root term of "starvation", and "Stark", as in "stark raving mad". Beware.
CIRCLE—Also called sphere, ellipse, ball, ring, Equating to a zero value, and pointless futility. symbolic of meaninglessness ignorance and the the proverbial runaround. Its deceptive trait causes it to be frequently mistaken to represent the concept of the Whole, even though it obviously looks exactly like a Hole. Foolish fixations on it too, in combination with the Line, result in an exponential expansion of the calamity that we experience on a daily basis.
CIRCLE SLASH —The universal symbol for negativity. Any possible value that zero may have had is sliced into absolute nothingness by this merciless image. Commonly used in public signage, any icon or text placed within or around the Circle Slash is instantly negated with the graphic equivalent to NO, DO NOT, or PROHIBITED commands. The slash divides the circle and exacerbates the overall impotence. It's known as the Black Hole of social symbols
DIGITAL CODE—The universal symbol for techobabble and geeky gobbledygook. The Lines and Circles cleverly disguised as Ones and Zeros are a computer virus that renders the machines totally useless (except for the usual tasks that they are used for). The microprocessors operate by a 1 (on) and 0 (off) code switch-like language, which cancels each other out, disabling the productive capacity, and causing eye damage to myopic tech geeks.
XO—Together, the X (Cross) and O combination are slang symbolism for "hugs and kisses" commonly used in love letter closings, though the image conveys a much more pornographic idea. "X", as in hard core X rated smut, and "O", relating to the vaginal and anal orifices, as well as shape of the open mouth in the case of oral sex. Although sex per se is a good thing, the double whammy of the XO mixture spoils it, resulting in rape, VD, and birth defects.
PEACE SIGN —Planted into the peace movement in the 1960s by right wing agents as a symbol to sabotage opposition on a subconscious level. It worked like this: The Peace symbol looks exactly like a pie sliced into 4 unequal Pieces. The trick evidently worked when the hawks divided and conquered the left wing, who just wanted their piece of the pie during the following "Me" decade of the i970's. They were branded for life with that symbol.
SPIRAL—A fear based symbol representing a coiled snake, ready to bite. Also known as a Helix, as in Hell Often seen in natural disasters such as cyclones, tornados, and whirlpools that suck swimmers under water to drown. The lifelong repeated vision of the flushing toilet has programmed the human psyche to flush their minds into the sewer of wasted lives. Used by the media and PR pros to spin propaganda. It also causes twisted and perverted behavior.