In order to rectify the inequities of preceding investigations the International Security Directorate authorized the Association of Independent Researchers to launch an in-depth probe to study the problems of society from a different perspective. They began in earnest using a unique unorthodox strategy with the most advanced technology available — some of which was still in the experimental stage of development.

      The premise of the study was simple: An alternative examination to judge without bias or prejudice the true nature of the target issues, and to ascertain their precise origin so that a solutions may be found.

Summary of investigative Process

This publication is condensed from the massive volume of original research documents, and the linguistic style was translated into common english for ease of understanding by the general public.

Study Title: Problems of Society
Governing Authority: The International Security Directorate.

Objective: The operational aim of the fact finding mission was based on a 2 point plan:

1. Undertake thorough and exhaustive investigation of problem subjects with rigorous probes of each miniscule detail, using every possible resource to gather intelligence and ascertain the exact origin and current level of danger.

2. Conduct in-depth analysis with existing methodologies while developing new research techniques. Comprehensive study, classification, and cross reference of all data in order to postulate the rationale for effective action.

The full report consists of a collection of documents and exhibits in a vast reservoir of new knowledge, a miniscule portion of which is presented on this website. While most of the material is still being vetted for declassification, the bulk will be released by 2016, when a proclamation mandating every nation to devote all economic and human resources to a massive effort to save the human race will be issued. The requirement to marshall the full support and cooperation is necessary to protect and preserve the survival of our species, and the planet in general.

An elite team of researchers has positively identified the root cause of all problems that plague humanity. The fact-finding mission was spearheaded by a clandestine task force. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, their identity must remain secret. After a lengthy review of the facts, they concluded that drastic measures must be taken —a monumental challenge, considering the situation is much worse than previously assumed. But there may still be a chance to find a solution, now that we know the full truth.

Despite the controversial and provocative reaction, the panel of experts announced this major breakthrough in understanding the systemic network of psychosocial disorders that has gnawed at the core of our collective soul for centuries. The dramatic milestone was reached with mixed emotions, as both suicides and celebrations followed. Meanwhile, close-minded skeptics who are consumed with fear, scoff in disbelief at the iconoclastic ramifications. They dispute the claims vociferously, and some government officials expressed serious concerns about rioting and anarchy.

That's the good news. The bad news is that the source of the crisis is deeply embedded in our customs, institutions and traditions This information identifies the origin of a multitude of afflictions that exacerbate the damage done by , now in the advanced stages of degeneration. These startling revelations expose the true facts that were overlooked, ignored, or perhaps even covered up by earlier researchers. No longer can we hide our heads in the sand while ruinous risk runs rampant.

An overwhelming mountain of evidence, empirically substantiated with exhaustive long-term data analysis, and verified documentation of the research project material, confirms our worst fear. The shocking discovery that the vast majority of all human mental and physical activity has been a feeble waste of time. While wandering aimlessly on a blind-minded rampage in a reckless rat race, we are oblivious to the fact that our very existence hangs by a delicate thread. The findings of this study reveals a sick suicidal civilization hell-bent on destroying the planet in a headlong rush to satiate its insatiable appetite for self-indulgent hedonism.

Despite irrefutable proof of this cataclysmic conundrum, there is wide-spread resistance to change. Most people live in a deep-seated state of denial, repressing the emotional trauma by living a lie. The comprehensive study was conducted by leading experts in the field, yet critics complain that the probe looks at everything through a negative lens and only shows a one-sided view while ignoring the positive aspect of the issues. They don't like the results so they disagree. But if their doctor performs exhaustive tests to determine that they have cancer, do they accuse him of being a pessimist and reject his diagnosis?

Bad things cannot be found by looking for good things, and sometimes the goodness of an issue hides the badness of it. While people debate whether the good outweighs the bad, the problem remains. The bad factor is the problem and it should be surgically removed if possible. But sometimes precise surgery is not an option and the entire issue, both bad and good, must be extricated to save society at large.

Misunderstanding the content of this report may provoke hostile reactions by challenging the values of those offended and contradicting their basic assumptions about the mores and norms that govern their life.

The initial reaction is to reject it as absurd. But if judgment is reserved without jumping to conclusions, then studious and objective consideration based on logic, reason, and common sense will eventually convince even the most skeptical critic.

A threshold is established now that will be reconfirmed and expanded upon by future social scientists. As with all major intellectual advances, it too will face opposition by the bureaucracies of industry and academia. More than any other discovery, this school of thought will be resisted and disputed for decades until accepted as standard knowledge. This breakthrough from an era of pomp and pretence shatters the delusional stage of evolution that will be viewed in hind site the same way we view the primitive cultural customs of our ancient ancestors. Unlike them though, the state of humanity is now on the very brink of extinction.

Throughout earth's history many civilizations have existed and vanished. Some were destroyed in natural, or man made cataclysms, Others that were more technologically advanced, but shared similar sociological traits with the present civilization, disappeared in a slow self destructive degeneration. Everything their culture achieved was lost forever — but we can learn from their mistakes. Beginning with the following pages.

From this work a new paradigm has emerged. The first step through the gateway to an age of enlighten is to recognize the current problems as identified here, then develop an effective regimen for corrective action.

Once the study was up and running and the mass of data was streaming in, we began to realized the full extent of the problems of society. Our first reaction was to throw our hands up and run away, because we thought that it was a lost cause beyond hope. The world was going to hell in a hand basket and there was nothing anyone can do about it. So why should we even try? Then as a last ditch effort we brainstormed for a while and started thinking that there could be one possible option — maybe the only option available

From the start we knew that when the bizarre nature of the study became known it would shock the civilized world and the public would demand a rationale explanation — lest no one would take it seriously. The justification was a rather simple logical deduction — perhaps too simple to be taken seriously in itself. Nevertheless it must be stated. Based on unassailable truths the key lines of reasoning in constructing the rationale are as follows:
  • Many problems exist, most of which we may not be aware of yet.
  • If we knew how to fix the problems we would, but we don't know. Therefore our ignorance is the biggest part of the problems.
  • The planet may be destroyed at anytime by a natural disaster or nuclear holocaust and we are negligent in being prepared.
  • The best and brightest minds in the world responsible for stopping the problems from happening have failed.

The principal standards and criteria for the study were simple. The reasoning was as follows:
Because problems are by nature negative, it is therefore necessary for the sake of investigation, to look at things from a negative viewpoint. This purely objective strategy proved to be extremely effective for inspections. From this perspective, free from bias, prejudice, and partiality. the problems became obvious. The only disadvantage is that it forces one to surrender attachments to cherished ideals and possessions.

This independent analysis was in response to urgent conditions that brought humanity to the precipice.
It is the first in a series of evaluations that trace our vexations back to the source
By now it was known that the standard methods of research and remedy have exacerbated, rather than alleviated conditions. Hence, a radical alternative was in order. The new model required absolute objectivity detached from the self-interested opinions of conventional bureaucrats and their bosses.

The failure of prior probes to determine the correct source of the disorders, the new approach utilized the few existing methodologies that still had merit, while developing improvised techniques in a pragmatic process designed to evaluate and classify every possible attribute with problematic implications. Based on the lack of success in containing the exploding dimensions of the crisis, it was quite clearly reconfirmed once again that previous studies were part of the problem, and that a radically different system was indeed required.

Computer scientists and software engineers programmed advanced algorithms to detect patterns and hidden codes embedded in every nook and cranny of society. From large scale public spectacles, to the most subtle neural connections of thought fragments in the dark recesses of the subconscious mind, the sum of all ideas, actions and byproducts of humanity were thoroughly examined with calculated precision.

The innovative new regime was a huge success.

The complex dimensions of this program were difficult for even the most senior staff members to grasp. To adequately examine the scope of perplexity of each issue they worked as teams of six in 12 hour shifts for 3 consecutive years. The sheer volume of material was enough to overwhelm the entire group for the duration of the study. Then we faced the task of presenting it to the general public. The literature was far too technical for anyone except a scholar to comprehend. Making the public aware and keeping them interested was key to their enlisting proactive participation in any solution effort. So it all had to be simplified, condensed and translated into an entertaining educational format -- while retaining the substance of the message. The language had to be street smart with a healthy dose of comic relief. But it still had to be scientifically convincing although the lingo would be dumbed down. In doing so we risked alienating the intellectual base of our support.
The far-reaching in-depth inquiry was the most exhaustive examination of societal distress ever conducted—
utilizing rigorous inspection innovations that applied intense scrutiny and hyper-critical testing standards.
Due to the complexity of the technical nomenclature, the original text has been translated into layman terms.
The following disquisition is a condensed version of the full scale work.


There are three theories that are intended to explain the root cause of all problems of society. Each is a distinct supposition with supporters and detractors on all sides of the isle. In the final analysis the correct theory may be a combination of all three. The following summary is a brief review of those propositions.

Nature Based

No doubt there are some incidents caused by spontaneous natural events beyond our control that would happen whether or not we even existed. But the Nature Based theory postulates that absolutely all problems occur simply by accident, with no scandals or conspiracies, no plots or ploys, and no schemes or scams; just random events resulting from haphazard circumstances — the fruit of fate. Proponents claim that everything that happens is the predetermined will of god, and they reject the notion of elaborate conspiracies, or that free will plays a part in all of this. On one hand it exemplifies the magnanimity of the human spirit, blind faith in god or nature, and a humanitarian trust in the honor, integrity, benevolence, and fellowship of humankind.On the other hand this overly-optimistic Pollyanna-like attitude is the height of naiveté, and demonstrates the unsophisticated innocence and immaturity of someone living in a state of denial. Furthermore their stubborn refusal to acknowledge contradicting evidence reflects the gullible mind set of people who hide their head in the sand because they’re afraid to face the fact that their worst nightmare may actually be true.

Man Made

The Man Made origin theory is a more plausible opinion that advances the contention that most problems are part of a deliberately planned strategic conspiracy intentionally installed by quasi-political factions to undermine the structural integrity of society. This hypothesis is usually rejected by the scientific establishment as a wacko conspiracy theory expounded by fringe elements, even though there is substantial proof that confirms its veracity. There are several different versions, each of which stipulates in varied degrees the degree of human manipulation. The most extreme version surmises that it’s a large-scale campaign undertaken by secret societies for thousands of years. There is an extensive body of evidence that documents the details of their master plan but there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

Alien Agenda

The most controversial theory concerns an outside element involving extraterrestrial beings that have controlled the planet and human destiny for eons. Mainstream scientists seldom take such conjecture seriously, and those who advocate this view are usually ostracized from the profession for being lunatics. There may be thousands of prominent professionals who know the truth but are reluctant to speak out for fear of being ridiculed— which in itself is a suspicious situation indicative of alien influence. Knowing full well the depth of human ignorance aliens can easily coordinate conditions conducive to their overall agenda, whatever that may be. Researchers believe that the human species is the product of extraterrestrial genetic engineering by crossing alien genes with those of earthbound primates. That would contradict the theory of evolution and account for the so-called missing link. Genetic variation between the two species would also explain why some people look and act like apes while others have the appearance of an entirely different creature, like those depicted in reports by victims of alien abductions.

Until the presence of aliens on earth becomes common knowledge this theory will always be met with skepticism and ridicule. Subsequent to acknowledging their existence however this will be the only theory that anyone considers valid.

The Combo

The ultimate explanation in regard to the root source of the problems of society may very well be a synthesis of all three theories. The Trinity school of thought considers all possibilities and rules out none. The smart money is on the Trinity. Savvy researchers tend to hedge their bets just in case a paradigm shift turns the table on their world view.
The first step in any solution begins with educating the public about the existence of the problems of society. The experts who already know are divided in their opinions on what to do about them. The three basic options are as follows:

Delay and Debate

The do-nothing, wait-and-see approach. The same kind of procrastination that has allowed problems to proliferate for so long. This tactic is used by those who either have a vested interest in the problems, or are just too ignorant to believe that problems even exist at all.

Surgical Removal

The disadvatages of this piece meal approach is that it will take too long. The elimination of each and every problem one-by-one will provoke outcries of discrimination as those effected argue about which problems take priority over others. As we remove one problem, two others will pop up in its place.

Destroy and Rebuild

Also known as the nuclear option, critics say it's like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. If that is so, then the baby in this case is a 200 ton monster hell-bent on killing us all.

The time has come to face reality and recognize the clear and present danger that exists. With what we have now learned about the exact nature of the ordeal, we must admit our mistakes, and accept responsibility, then work together for the sake of future generations. The moment of truth has come. We cannot shirk our duty to meet the challenge, through sacrifice and determination, in this epic plight to salvage whatever dignity that remains, after we purge our minds of these dastardly demons.

The result of the extensive investigation is an alarming wake-up call, warning us of the impending doom if drastic measures are not taken immediately. Time is of the essence because the inevitable consequence of apathy, ignorance, and procrastination is the certain demise of civilization. The consensus among experts, is that humanity is on the brink of mass extinction. The foremost authorities in this field all agree that the current culture is replete with intrinsic flaws and cannot be sustained. The extent of social decay requires the collective effort of all people to acknowledge and eliminate the threat before it's too late. We are caught in a convoluted quagmire of conspiracies, inextricably intertwined in the social fabric, sowing the seeds of our own destruction, Only we can extricate ourselves from the tangled web of waste and disgrace.


1997 —An international consortium of scholars was assembled to investigate the alarming emergence of the most serious problems of society. The details of their mission were classified in the interest of security and defense against potential adversaries involved in operations related to these problems. It was the most ambitious diagnostic project ever conducted to explore unknown areas of social decay and identify and document causal factors. The initiative was the last hope for new data to be instrumental in providing a solution to save humanity from an imminent end.

2004 —Phase 1 yielded such a startling catalog of material, that the massive program was subsequently expanded to delve deeper into the undiscovered