Divine Madness

The Religion Racket

            The managers who operate religion enterprises use the oldest and most effective business model ever devised. It was forged from the blood of victims in reigns of terror throughout the centuries. Inquisitions guaranteed a minimum quota of new converts, and consumers who used a competing brand of religion were simply burned at the stake. Now that the leading brands have firmly established market positions, there is less need for such harsh promotional campaigns.

The new guilt and fear tactics are much more subtle, yet every bit as effective. After thousands of years of conditioning the major religions have a loyal clientele. Each religion opens franchise partnerships in local communities, where they pray, and prey on unsuspecting victims for a constant supply of fresh meat.

In God we trust, but not in religion.

Some of the key problems of Religion are:

  • Wastes time and energy worshipping idols & myths.
  • Uses donation money to promote evil.
  • Distracts away from personal responsibilities.
  • Competing religions cause social disintegration.
  • Preaches lies disquised as truth.
  • Causes violence and wars tha kill millions.
  • Turns participants into blind believers.
  • Perpetrates pedaphilia and other sex crimes.
  • Brainwashes followers with dogmatic conditioning.
  • Controls followers minds' through guilt and fear.
  • Causes mental retardation and limits free thinking.
  • Suppresses human potential and spritual evolution.

Most consumers of religion are so brainwashed and closed-minded that they cannot be deprogramed with logic and reasoning. They are hopelessly convinced that their idea of god is the only true one. They thiink they know this because their bblind faith is so strong that itjust makes it so. They learned this when someone told them about it, and because millions oof others believe the same thing. Never mind the fact that millions of followers of other religions that have conflicting doctrines, allso believe that their god is the only true god. And they all fight and kill each other to prove that they alone are the righteous ones, even though their religion preaches brotherly love, kindness, compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness. So each religion is a ship of fools sinking into a deep delusion, whhile the pirate captain cracks the whip and milks them for every penny.


There are many religions and most of them claim to be the only valid faith. The major religions have millions of followers whose conviction is so strong that they will kill anyone who disputes it. For many centuries feirce competition between religions has lead to major wars, which served as a convenient form of population control. When followers are not busy killing their fellow followers for being evil sinners, they're marching off on another crusade somewhere murdering followers of rival religions. All they know is that they're on a mission from god. Self-righteous militant missionaries hell bent on waging a holy war in the name of god. They are god's chosen ones and everyone else is a soldier of satan. Genocide for Jesus is justified Ex Cathedra.

Religious zeal has a way of driving zealots crazy. They think it's good to be insane because it's divine madness. Fanatics use it to justify all kinds of heinous attrocities because god told them to do it. Fundamentalist Islamic suicide bombers believe that blasting a group of innocent children to kingdom come will earn them substantial dividends in the afterlife.They thought that fundamentalism was going to fun. Too bad they won't be around to enjoy it.

People are irritated by holy rollers who are always trying t preach to you. They think they're doing you a favor by forcably trying to share the word of their god with you. But they don't want to hear anything you have to say no matter how wise your message is. They can't think an original thought. Everything statement they utter is a word for word phrase memorized from their dogmatic creed. What makes them happy, makes others unhappy but they don't give a damn.


All religions are cults, although the term  cult  is commonly used in reference to smaller religious groups suspected by some outsiders as being sinister. All religions, big or small are suspected by someone, somewhere of being involved in sinister activities, or at least some staff members are involved. One of the common featurres of is that they brainwash devotees and try to control every aspect of their lives. By that description, most families would fall under the definition of a cult. Indeed, cults are often not religious in nature. Some corporations are cults, and any organization that hhas a  cult following  can be considered a cult.

Cults prey on the unsophisticated, weak-minded, insecure lost souls who never figured out what god is really all about. They need something to believe in, something to belong to, something that fulfills their inner loneliness. Their minds are like an empty void, ready to suck in anything that quenches their thirst for a purpose in life, a reason to live, etc. Cult recruiters know how to spot these victims as they wander aimlessly through life. They take advantage of their vulnerable dispositions and exploit them to the max. The inductees usually go through a series of humiliating initiation rituals to test their gullibility level, prior to the main brainwashing phase.


The pedagogy of every religion is based on the  dogma . Use of the dogma is a clever psychological technique designed to break down a devotees sense of security and self worth by making them feel utterly pathetic and useless, reducing them to the level of a dog. In fact the term dogma  is derived from the two root words,  dog  and  ma  (mother). The underlying suggestion is that your mother is a dog, and you are a son-of-a-bitch (female dog). This diabolical approach has been quite effective in rendering devotees helpless, and unable to resist the powerful god-like authority who administers the brainwashing sessions.

Followers are trained like dogs by the dogma, and must follow their master's orders. When it's time to meditate, the master tells them to "sit", and like a good dog, they sit quietly. It's common practice for the master to beat followers with a stick if their postures slouch during a meditation sessions. Real dogs rarely get beaten if they slouch. The practice of meditation, fasting and adherence to rigid dogmas inflict a certain amount of pain and suffering, and are therefor sado-masocistic in nature. To stop devotees from complaining, some cult dogmas even claim that there is virtue in suffering.

Because the indoctrination procedure is a dumbing down process, the whole idea is to make the victim feel less human, and more like an animal. That's why the term  monk  is given to members of the cult.  Monk , of course is short for  monkey , another sub-human creature, slightly above the dog intellectually. Dogs can always use ignorance as an excuse to disobey. Monks on the other hand have no alternative.

The term Bible is short for the two-word phrase, Buy Bull, which, in this case means to believe the fictional stories (lies) that are advertised to be the ultimate truth, straight from god himself. It's ironic that the Bible is used in swearing-in ceremonies, and especially in courtrooms where witnesses place their hand on it and swear to tell the whole truth, even though the veracity of its content is not even close to the truth.

The term Gospel comes from the word Gossip. In ancient times the spoken word was the primary mode of communication because most people were iliterate, so almost all the historical record was just gossip, rumours, and lies. It's doubtful that the exact truth would ever remain intact after passing by word-of-mouth through the centuries.


The staff and management (perpetrators) of religions are clerks who urge you to join their cult. Their controversial position needs to be masked with a shortened combination of the terms "clerk' and 'urge'.

The chief function of the clergy is fundraising. The other main function is hellraising. Their holier-than-thou image is custom-designed to be intimidating. If their followers do not pay them, the clergy has the power to send them to hell -- or so they say.

The clergy has a heirarchical structure, much like a totem pole. The guy with the longest erection is the top dog of the dogma. The photo to the left shows the clergy at work during the inquisition.

The Pope

The most famous clergical men was an ancient celebrity named Jesus Christ Superstar. He set the standard for all his disciples ever since. So the traditional role of the clergy is to humbly aspire to that pop star status, which is an exercise in futility -- and humility. Their inevitable failure is so humiliating that it's beyond hope. The highest level achievable is that of a popular dope. Thus the title of Pope.


            Priests are beasts, pure and simple. The evidense is all over the media week after week new revelations surface from the depths of hell exposing their lurid careers and sordid affairs for all to see. These reports illustrate to magnitde of evil these monsters possess.   If these villains are the most honorable and trustworthy role models we have, no wonder Wall Street is such a temple thieves. If these filthy degenerates are the spiritual leaders of society, then there really are some major problems of society. If we are to follow their moral example, who will bail us out of jail? If we are expected to respect these pathetic scoundrels, how can we respect ourselves.

If these demonic derelicts are the holiest and most sacred people in the world, god help us all. If there really is a god, why aren't these disciples of the devil in hell where they belong? In a world where the moral fabric of society is torn off like the underwear of a young choir boy in the hands of a priest, how can we reconcile the crime with the slime?

            Those questions and many others have yet to be answered. They are for us to ponder whilst we prepare for the end of days, when the day comes and the psuedo-spiritual serpents of sin lay down their robes-except their underwear-and renounce the satanic sins of sicko sex.


Also known as vestal virgins, these women wear mysterious looking black robes because what lies beneath is a mystery . The title of Nun conveys the message to anyone who may be contemplating the chance of having sex with one — the answer is “none”.


                        The priest fondly compares his congregation to a flock of sheep, lowering them to the level of an animal. He treats them like mindless beasts that would be lost in the wilderness without the good Shepard to guide them home.   The reality is more like a flock of sheep being stalked by a wolf to sheer their wool and eat their meat.   Either way, adherents are conditioned by the church to accept their status as a farm animal. Members of denominations are referred to as followers because religions demand total allegiance and believers must comply with whatever the sect dictates, no matter how heinous the edict may be. It's a master-slave relationship and devotees are required to obey the orders of their commanding officer, usually a priest. Worshipers must bow their heads and kneel down on their knees like dogs doing tricks at their master's behest.

                        Each religion has its own unique stereotypical follower profile. One of the many irritating things about most holy rollers, especially Jesus freaks, is that they insist on telling you all about their so-called word of god, but they don't give a damn about hearing any words of wisdom you may want to share with them. They are like brainwashed robots uttering pre-programmed biblical quotes in monotone sound-bites. Then there are the railing evangelists who holler and yell preaching like raving lunatics. If they behaved like that in public they would be arrested and sent to the psychiatric ward for evaluation.   Their fiendish fervor is so annoying to the general public. Some people who like it though because they think that the preacher must be really possessed by god to speak with such intense ardor, or at least be controlled by spirits—the alcoholic kind.

Religious zeal has a way of driving followers crazy, they call it Divine Madness and fanatical fundamentalists on so-called missions from god try to justify all kinds of deadly crimes just by saying that god told them to do it.


The buildings where religious services, ceremonies and rituals are perpetrated are known by many different names—Cathedral, Church, Chapel, Temple, Mosque, Synagog, Monastary , etc.—but all have the same function. They are primarily used as a barn in which to herd human cattle so their walets and purses can be milked for cash. They also serve as a type of school, but instead of educating with knowledge, they conduct mass hypnosis sessions. Members of the church as a group is called a  congregration— a term derived from two root words,  con  and  grateful , which mean that they are being conned, and should be grateful for it. It seems to work well, as members return week after week. But that's also because if they don't show up, other members will gossup about their lack of faith, etc. The term  Temple  refers to a location where  Temptation  takes place. The term  Monastery  refers to a place where  Monetary  transactions such as  Money  laundering. It also serves as a kind of zoo, because  Monks (human monkey) are kept in captivity there.

The term  Synagogue  refers to  a  place of  Sin  .

The term  Mosque  refers to  a Mosquito  nest.


The notion of "God" is the active ingredient found in the formula of each religion's business model. To make it work though, they also need to mix a strong dose of evil in with it. Because they preach that god is good and loving, the followers might think they can do whatever the hell they want. So the evil devil is meant to be there in order to scare the followers into submission. This dichotomy exacerbates one of religion's major problems — the schizo effect. The reasoning is as follows: if god is so good and loving — and almighty, then why is there so much evil and suffering in the world. After all, if anyone can make everything nice, surely almighty god can.


The issue of faith is another pesky problem for religion. It is another primary ingredient involved but true faith is inconsistent with how it actually works out for the religious businesses. One minute they preach that followers can have anything if they just have enough faith. And that is true. But the next minute they preach allot of other jabberwocky that contradicts that statement. For instance, they tell followers that they may go to hell if they commit sins. So what if a bunch of followers had lots of faith and prayed real hard? According to the dogma, they would still go to hell. Such inconsistancies causes confusion and frustration amongst the congregation and compounds the schizo effect again.


Mass- This is where large groups of followers display the herd mentality by congregating in a church and undergoing mass hypnosis. The collective participation in the experience multiplies the power of its effect exponentially. Attendees of the mass sit, stand, and kneel according to the commands of their leader, the Judas priest. They must obey or go to hell. As they watch and worship the ritual with dropped jaws and dazed eyes they beseech their god for amazing grace, which is withheld until a generous offering is donated in the form of cash payment, or credit card—with a valid photo ID. No personal checks will be accepted.

Prayer- The term “pray” is a derived from the two root words,   “prey” and “play”, and it refers to the practice by some clergymen of stalking victims and playing with them sexually. It's their favorite pastime because it breaks the monotony of daily church life.


The term Bible is short for the two-word phrase, Buy Bull, which, in this case means to believe the fictional stories (lies) that are advertised to be the ultimate truth, straight from god himself. It's ironic that the Bible is used in swearing-in ceremonies, and especially in courtrooms where witnesses place their hand on it and swear to tell the whole truth, even though the veracity of its content is not even close to the truth.

The term Gospel comes from the word Gossip. In ancient times the spoken word was the primary mode of communication because most people were iliterate, so almost all the historical record was just gossip, rumours, and lies. It's doubtful that the exact truth would ever remain intact after passing by word-of-mouth through the centuries. The few

Scriptures refers to a Script.

The Religion Solution

When people finally acknowledge the problems with religion we can convert them to a better system by deprogramming their minds and re-brainwashing them with a new improved religion—without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.   We can glean all the best truths from the established religions and dump the mythical metaphors and the rest of the bull.