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Recreational activities show clear clues about societal problems at the heart of the issue by challenging there value, or lack thereof. The question is: are they worth the time they take, time that would otherwise be better spent elsewhere? One need not look far to see their obvious act of merit involved. Most are an abominable waste of time, and time is the most valuable thing we have in life because it is life. We may have all the things money can buy but without time they are worthless, they have no value because we have no time in our life for anything. On the other hand we may have no money but if we have time we can still do things because we have a life. So people who waste their valuable time with recreational activities are flushing their lives down the proverbial toilet. The combined number of everyone who has ever participated in such activities constitute a holocaust of biblical proportions, and anyone who has ever promoted these recreational activities should be retroactively charged and tried for genocidal crime against humanity.

Defenders argue that play activities have a beneficial effect on our overall well being, giving us a certain sense of satisfaction. This is exactly what one would expect to hear from someone promoting masturbation. The problem again is that the substantive factor involved in recreational activities does not warrant their doing. The loss of time, energy, and wasted human effort is outweighed by other priorities.


Entertainment is a broad term with many areas of application. There are entertainment experiences for the masses, and other types that can be relative to each individual based on their personal preference. People have a variety of options in which to entertain themselves with. Unfortunately, most are at best a waste of time, or worse harmful to people and detrimental to society at large. Most forms of entertainment are related to the arts; concerts, stage shows, movies, etc., or sporting events. The full scope of what can be considered entertainment encompasses anything that entertains anyone. This section is limited to only the most common forms, excluding broadcasts, and the, which are covered in separate sections of the study.

Some basic types of entertainment that fall into the recreation category are what have become known technically as play activities. They are supposed to have certain benefits for the mind and body. The purpose is to re-create, or to renew life, as opposed to hard labor activities that do not. However, most people's idea of recreation is just to have fun, but their quest to do so often results in pain and suffering. Based on the research findings recreation is used mainly as an excuse to avoid doing work. There is no valid reason to do such things, and that's why they are senseless and often deadly endeavors. Yet so many people participate that it has spawned a multi-billion dollar socio-economic beomoth. The entertainment industrial complex is an out-of-control self-perpetrating commercial.


The gambler’s idea of having fun is playing a game and winning some money. But gambling is more of a sport than it is a form of entertainment, and like sports a player can win some games but most of the time they lose. And unlike a game of sports the losing player loses money, which is not a very entertaining. Those who think that it is entertaining are clinically diagnosed as being addicted to gambling. It starts when they feel the thrill of winning a lot of money and it ends when they default on the debt to the loan shark who kills them. Meanwhile the seductive glitz and glamour of the gamblers’ delusions of grandeur draws them to casinos like moths to a light bulb. Blinded by the need for greed they speed through the desert to the crap capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada, which means those lost vagabonds never had a chance.

The gamblers best friend is the slot machine, otherwise known as the “one-armed bandit”. Unlike humans, gamblers trust them because they are less likely to cheat. And with the coin operated device it takes gamblers much longer to lose their life savings. Slot machines function with a lever that spins a row of images, usually different types of fruit. When the spinning stops, if the row of images matches, such as 3 apples, then it’s a winner and all the coins inside that were robbed from previous gamblers spill out from the bottom. The winners are ecstatically happy, unaware that each of those coins carries the curse of the losers from whom they came. Possession of the evil coins casts a magic spell on the winner who becomes possessed with an uncontrollably evil urge to squander it all like a drunken sailor. The unconscious attraction of these contraptions is based on the familiar phallic fixation symbolized by the long stiff lever situated in an erect position. When gamblers grab and pump the handle down it stimulates the area of the brain that relates to erotic pleasure in anticipation of a win. When the spinning frenzy winds down, if the fruit images align in a matching sequence the ritual reaches a climax and signifies the inherent homosexuality of the player. At this point he must choose between gambling or heterosexuality. Likewise if the gambler loses all his money he may adjourn to the nearest men’s room to make a few bucks—gay or not.

No matter how conservative or puritanical people are in their hometown, anything goes in a big city gambling Mecca like Las Vegas. It’s the only place where they can go wild and do whatever the hell they want, because their nosey neighbors are far, far away—or else in Vegas doing the same thing. With repressed desires burning inside while they live their provincial life in the farm belt, sometimes a trip to Vegas is the only thing to maintain their sanity. If they don’t release the pent up energy in an appropriate location it may explode unexpectedly in the wrong way, such as an affair with preacher, or incest. Women can get guys for sex anywhere but a lot of guys get too attached, but in Vegas is they can easily find male prostitutes just for sex, with no strings attached. They don’t feel like a slut because all the other women are there doing it too--if they aren’t then they are shunned as outcasts and forced to leave town. It’s a designated party town where partying is mandatory and party poopers will get flushed down the toilet. Although the partiers flush their money down the toilet, at least they have a good time doing it. Hookers don’t come cheap in Vegas, because a lot of men there never had sex before, especially with one of these gorgeous whores. The motels are like giant drive-thru fast-fuck vending machines; just deposit $500.for instant, though short-lived, gratification.

Sex is always available in variety of convenient forms. Massage parlors are for the shy types who want sex but are afraid to ask for it directly, so they use the massage as a way to get it. The girls like these guys because they can always tease them and charge way more money for sex, and if they don’t pay then all they get is a lousy massage. So-called escort services are another form of sexual commerce mostly used by men who feel like losers because they can’t get a date but want to be seen in public so no one else thinks they are losers. This roundabout way of getting sex has the added expense of using the date as a status symbol. The more experienced, or cheaper, guys take a straightforward approach cruising the strip looking for whores to pick up and have sex with in the backseat of their car. But like everything else in Sin City it’s a gamble especially at night when it’s hard to see the details of a hooker in the shadows, and by the time she takes your money it’s too late to find out that she is really a he. Another losing bet is having sex with a particularly sleazy whore whose STD cannot be prevented by a mere condom. A common misunderstanding a lot of inexperienced men have about their relationship with a prostitute is that they mistakenly think the girl actually like them. The guy falls in love with the hooker and thinks that he is the only man she is screwing. The hustler hates guy but uses the situation to milk the maximum amount of money out of him. When a prostitute finally decides to retire and settle down, she chooses a rich target and seduces him into marrying her. She starts a new life and never tells anyone the truth about her former career as a hooker. It makes you wonder just how many happily married housewives you know are actually former prostitutes who screwed ten guys a night. To play it safe it seems that wise men would assume that all women were whores, until proven otherwise. Conversely all wives should wonder how many whores their husbands screwed in the past—and how many illegitimate bastards will eventually come home to roost.

Dinner, Drinks and Dancing

This entertainment combo frequently goes together as a dating package. The way it works is like this: The couple knows the routine, they want to have fun but to do it right they need to follow a standard procedure that they can count on. The Three Ds have been a reliable strategy for generations as a ritualistic part of the traditional game playing involved in the mating process. The simple yet effective scheme starts with the couple eating food to get energized and to help absorb all the alcohol that comes next. The drinking helps them relax, loosen up, let go of their inhibitions, and forget about how foolish they will be on the dance floor. The dancing shakes off any remaining tension and allows them to transcend normalcy mesmerized in a dizzy trance-like state, like whirling dervishes. As entertaining as it is though it’s just a primer for the main event—sex.

Occasionally the practice is abused by one of the partners. Sometimes the guy will choose the cheapest venues to take his date; a restaurant where they get food poisoning, or a bar where they get mugged. Some women hustlers just want a night out on the town at the guy’s expense, without returning the favor with sex, unless he pays an additional fee in advance. A crowded dance floor always runs the risk of dating disasters with the bump and grind of all the sweaty bodies it’s easy to lose your mate when she goes home with someone else. When that happens the routine is called the 4 Ds; dine, drink, dance, and get dumped.

As evidenced with the rise in date rape crimes, drinking is more popular than ever because it’s an excellent opportunity for serial sex offenders to subdue women by lacing their drinks with a strong sedative known as a date rape drug. Bars are full of these heinous villains hiding in the shadows waiting for the chance to trap another helpless victim. Date rape is so common now that women naturally assume that every guy that buys them a drink will end up raping them before the night is over. This leads people to think that women who go to bars actually want to be raped, or why else would they go drink at a place full of rapists? Such conditions are good for the bar business because it attracts lots of guys who think that women in bars are just looking for sex. On the other hand, if a normal guy gets a girl drunk without drugs, and takes her home for sex. When she wakes up the next day she may suspect that the guy drugged and raped her. Rather than give the guy the benefit of doubt she would play it safe and accuse him of date rape, and the police would believe the victim since it’s such a common crime.

Movies- Motion pictures have come a long way since Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton first bored us with their silent films. And let's not forget the Keystone Kopps who brought shame and disgrace upon every police force in America, by making our men in blue look like a bunch of clueless idiots. Another low point in film making history was the childhood labor exploitation of Shirly Temple who got so burned out her named turned Black. What does it say about a society that glorifies movie stars? They are just actors playing a part. Whatever they say and do is a lie. They are experts at faking it, pretending, tricking the audience in a decietful display of duplicity. These masters of deception should never be trusted. But their talent is so good that the audience is fooled. They take millions from moviegoers by putting on an act. It's not for real but their fans have to believe it is so they can get their money's worth out of the show. There's something very wrong when people want to pay good money just to get lied to. Their lives must be so boring that they need this artificial type of drama to feel fulfilled.

The Academy Awards are a big deal in Hollywood and around the world. Like most thing out of Tinsel Town it's all hype. The criteria for judgment is based on box office sales, not artistic merit, so the whole affair makes a mockery of cinematography as an art form. And what's with that Oscar thing. The statue's so stiff it looks like he has stage fright.

Concerts-- The idea of the concert originated hundreds of years ago, way before there was a medium to record music. The only way they could listen to music was to hear it being played live. Concert promoters delayed the development of recording devices for centuries in a conspiracy to protect their operations. It was a racket that marketed music like a rare commodity and thwarted creative growth and set cultural evolution so far behind that it is still trying to catch up. Even though we can now listen to music anywhere, anytime with recorded media, contemporary impresarios continue to have a stranglehold on major musical events. In their unending quest to maximize profits and fleece fans promoters’ ticket sales often exceed the capacity of the venues, but they pack ‘em in anyway so they can make even more money selling them drinks. Overcrowding is a serious yet common hazard with potentially disastrous consequences. Management thinks it’s worth the gamble—after all, it’s the insurance company’s problem not theirs. Fans don’t mind the overcrowding either, unless they get trampled to death by a stampeding mob, or get crushed to death under a collapsed balcony, or die of smoke inhalation and be burned alive in the event of a fire. These are just some of the risks that concert fans take every time they go. They stand in long lines for hours in the freezing cold rain and snow then the mob inside is so massive that they can’t even see the stage. But it’s not about the music it’s all about the event—a frenzy fest of ceremonial pandemonium and mass hysteria with high-decibel distorted dissonance, audio agony, and sonic insanity all rolled into one.

The typical rock concert is like an industrial meat packing plant. Fans are herded into huge arenas like cattle going into the slaughterhouse, but at least the cows get to die. The cheering crowd is tightly packed together with flesh on flesh like a huge can of hot and sweaty sardines. The girls look like sluts and the guys look like ax murderers, but it doesn’t matter because you’ll probably die anyway--and if you’re real lucky you’ll only get beaten and robbed. Girls are relatively safe and will just get raped and a case of VD. All in all it’s just a ship of fools, brain-dead head-bangers who paid dearly to get their eardrums assaulted by the deafening noise then lay down their lives with a dive into the mosh pit like sacrificial lambs. The only way to endure the torturous terror is to get super-stoned or downright drunk—or preferably both. Meanwhile security guards bash the heads of anyone who accidentally wanders too close to the stage, and the lead singer also bashes heads by throwing empty beer bottles into the audience. The band can only play until they get too drunk, or need another fix, but the screaming crazed fans demand an encore so the band fakes it lip-syncing to a recorded soundtrack until they pass out on stage.

After the show band members adjourn to their dressing room while groupies line up backstage to screw them--right before they head back out on the road. No matter how filthy dirty those degenerates are women just love rock stars. They don’t care how sleazy or scummy, or even if he has a STD, they idolize the punks begging for sex like nymphomaniac hypnotized whores. The lead singer gets the lion’s share of chicks while the rest of the band must settle for the leftovers. But they’re not the only ones having fun because outside in the parking lot many teenage daughters are losing their virginity—a time honored concert tradition.

Plays & Stage Shows-- Live theatre is a lost art that was quickly dumped as soon as motion pictures took root in society. Stage shows were big way back in the days of Shakespeare but nowadays guys shake their own spears at a different kind of show—the strip show. As antiquated as it is the stage show still has a certain appeal, which would seem strange until you consider the IQ of the average fan. In the world of stage Broadway is the ultimate big time where every play actor aspires to perform, and where every fan aspires to be entertained. It’s image as a legendary Mecca is just bright lights, glitz and glamour, smoke and mirrors—with little artistic substance. Ticket buyers are usually star-struck tourists from out of town sucked into the Big Apple by the overblown hype from PR bullshit artists. After dinner and a few cocktails these fans are so drunk they can’t tell, or don’t care if the show is any good or not. Of course the reviews help sell tickets because the promoters pay off the critics to write positive reviews. It’s a scam and a racket, and just like the performers it’s all a fake act.So in reality stage shows are a farce and that’s why it’s a dying art. But if it were considered a sport then it would be much more interesting, exciting, and satisfying to watch. The action is live so the actors have only one chance to get it right and if they blow it, they lose. The play would be the game and the stage would be the field. The director is like a coach and the actors are like athletes. When a show makes it to Broadway it’s like playing in the Superbowl.

Recitals-- The smallest and cheapest, but often the most artistically rich type of musical event. The recital is usually a solo performance featuring a virtuoso musician—or a rank amateur who can’t get any other gig. The small scale venue is an intimate setting ideal for maximizing the entertainment experience. The only problem is when someone farts the sound and smell is much more noticeable. Recitals are a good gig for beginners because they need not worry too much about getting booed off the stage due to a lackluster performance. They may recover from the humiliation to play again some day. Or maybe it's best that they find another line of work and spare us all from their shitty showmanship. Perhaps their talent is better suited to chamber music -- torture chamber music.

Comedy-- Most TV sitcoms (situation comedy) are just not funny. Period. The audience is prompted to laugh whenever the fake laugh track is switched on. Funny or not they laugh on cue because it's the only joy in their miserable lives. It's the one thing they look forward to at the end of a long day slaving away in the ratrace. Many of them all alone and suffering in quiet desperation longing for any kind of happiness, find solace in sitcoms. But the jokes on them, because the producers are making fools out of them. It's reverse entertainment where the producer laughs at the funny audience who are laughing at a sitcom that has no humor whatsoever.

Circus & Carnival-- The three-ring circus is an entertainment extravaganza that brings out the true nature of the human—for better or worse. It’s an epic exposition of eccentric exhibitionists, a full contingent of show biz outcasts too proud to compromise their artistic integrity in opera or ballet, and with talent too great to waste on Broadway. They were destined for the so-called Greatest Show On Earth. In the never-ending quest to out-do themselves in a jaw dropping display of awesome daredevil drama. People go to the circus to see professional lunatics perform death-defying feats because they can’t get a job elsewhere. Each act is an attempted suicide that always fails due to their incompetance. The audience is more amused by their ineptitude than they are amazed by the stupid stunts.

Every kids dreams about running away and joining the circus, and those who actually do so soon find out that the dream is really a nightmare, a surreal twilight zone inhabited with a cast of freaks and fiends straight out of hell. But it's too late to quit because the train already left the station and another child's life is forever ruined by the greatest show on earth.

Clowns-- These popular performers are all failures as real comedians. They must spend their lives making utter fools of themselves, but they don't care as long as people laugh at them. Unfortunately, the only people laughing are 5 year old kids who think clowns are pathetic. Bozo is the most famous clown. The fact that calling someone a Bozo is an insult shows the level of respect clowns get in society. Ronald McDonald is another famous clown. His job is to lure kids into junk food restaurants because that's the only way to get them in there.

Why do clowns love to entertain kids? Kids are the only people dumb enough to relate to a clown. There are two types of clowns, happy ones, and sad ones. Happy clowns are probably stalking kids to molest. Sad clowns are probably awiting trial for child molestation. But seriously, you have to wonder why anyone would choose such a career. It's the only job fit for a pedaphile next to being a Santa Claus.

Amusement Parks--There’s nothing amusing about amusement parks, they are more like abusing parks. People go there to get thrills but sometimes they get killed instead. It’s the ultimate entertainment experience, if your idea of entertainment is doing hours of activities that make you feel the maximum level of fear before going into shock, pushing the limits of hysteria that would traumatize a six year old and give a 60 year old a heart attack, amusement parks are for you.

For thrill seekers it’s all about the rides. But too often we hear news reports about deadly accidents whenever a ride breaks and kills score of riders. The park operators probably cause these disasters deliberately as a publicity stunt. Roller coasters are particularly dangerous, yet riders flirt with death because the don't have a life.

Adult Entertainment

Strip Shows- Some cities have strip joints where depraved men go to see naked women live on stage. These venues are more like torture chambers because it’s all a tease, customers are not allowed to touch. They do however offer an occasional lap-dance--for the right price.

Adult Cinema- Before Videotapes and DVDs came out, the entire pervert population had to go to theatres that featured X-rated movies. Back then of them felt uncomfortable watching porn in a public venue. Now the only perverts that go are the weirdoes who get an extra thrill watching porn in a public venue--or the ones with wives at home. At the adult cinema some sick degenerates hide in the dark and masturbate.

Porn video studios produce titles that cater to consumers’ preferences, such as gang bang orgies, S&M, bondage incest, bestiality, necrophilia, etc.. Law enforcement officials complain that such filth promotes sex crimes by fueling the uncontrollable lust for sex, but porn promoters claim that it actually prevents sex crimes by providing an virtual outlet for the experience.

"Escort" Services-- A whore by any other name is just a whore. Call girls, prostitutes, hookers, etc., their all the same, although rates may vary according to how respectful, or slutty, the particular title is that they use. But no matter what their title is, they screw 25 guys a day so wear a condom.

It's always funny to see a guy fall in love with a whore, thinking he's her only boyfriend. And she plays the partso she can milk the sucker for all he's worth -- and more. These chicks get a bad rap. Not all hookers are scummy sluts -- just 99.9% are. The rest are almost worthy of respect, with wits and class to match their tits and ass. Some are Ivy League educated with professional career day jobs to supplement their nightly blow jobs.


Games were originally intended to be a form of play activity for infants, and mentally handicapped people who have yet to develop the intellectual faculties needed to function in a sensible manner. The games were designed for a specific aptitude level and geared to subjects with limited mental capacity and motor skills. Any other application of game activity was strictly prohibited, and deemed especially unsafe for adult usage. But game playing slowly spread beyond its designated area and was eventually adopted by the general public as a popular pastime. The appeal of games was their simplicity, and an effortless activity to do when one is too tired to work but not tired enough to sleep. Game playing was physically easy and no thinking was required. It broke the monotony of a dull day, passed the hours away helping lonely people forget about the sadness of their meaningless lives. It’s no wonder that games spread so far and so fast, but like an illicit drug available without a prescription, the illicit use of games, or game abuse, violates the prescribed purpose, and like drug abuse, it has hazardous consequences. In the proper clinical application of games the intricate interplay of the neural network is controlled be the precise calibration set to the game standard, which is safely suited to the metal state of those pre-adolescent subjects. However, if a normal person of average intelligence plays games, the effect will be a rapidly reduced level of intelligence and permanent brain damage. The process is subtle and painless, and not obviously detectable until it’s too late. Due to the mental deficits game players are unable to recognize the reality of their condition, living their life in a state of blissful ignorance.

The predominance of games is an exceptionally irritating issue with devastating societal ramifications that must be stopped before it undermines the integrity of what little is left of our intellectual heritage. Games make a mockery of life in general. Game players have no respect for the sanctity life, to them it's just a silly game. They wander aimlessly through life thinking about playing games. They should quit such foolishness and get serious.

The practice of "games" that pit one person against another is rooted in the primal instinct to survive. Animals often must fight to the death for food, and mother lions train their cubs by playing little fight games. This trait is still evident in human behavior. Humans use competetive games as an excuse to train people to excell in such things as business or miltary activities. The reasoning is that it promotes greater levels of achievement. But in reality it has the opposite effect. Instead of having everyone playing together on one team with a common goal, there are rivalries between players that make the whole process counterproductive. The winners think that it is a positive accomplishment, but it is only temporary because they will also be losers again. And the humiliation of even one loss is too strong to be replaced by many subsequent wins. Efforts to overcome the loser complex lead to ever more fierce battles, with the net result being a defeatist culture full of barbarian backstabbers and cuthroat cretans.

Cards- There are many types of card games, most of which are designed to pit the players against each other in order to cultivate a hostile antagonistic society, with all the problems that entails. Card games were contrived by the ruling class to control the proletariat, simple-minded, illiterate peasants who were easily manipulated by such tricks that appealed to their base instincts. Everything about it is sleazy including the terminology. Cards are not mixed, they are shuffled. Cards are not given, they are dealt. Shuffeling and dealing. That's why a House Of Cards is a mataphor to express an unstable situation about to collapse. The standard deck of cards consists of 52 cards with different numbers and symbols representing their respective values. A Stacked Deck is a term that refers to cards piled in a prearranged order to gives an unfair advantage to a designated player known as a cheater. Giving a player their cards is called, "dealing a hand".

Each card is given a special meaning, for example a Ace of Spades represents the highest value, but it's also known as the Death Card, so it could sybolize an urban gang kingpin killed in a drive-by shooting. The Queen of Hearts may sybolize a transexual nymphomaniac. And the most obvious card is the Joker which symbolizes how the game makes a fool of players. Card playing is a bad habbit that starts at an early age with idiotic games like Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Hearts, and Rummy. These games are designed to destroy brain cells, that's why the smartest geniuses don't play them. And if they do, just think how much smarter they would be if they didn't.

Poker is a more complex card game, and some players take it to an extreme level of sophistication using psychological strategies and slight-of-hand tricks to outsmart their opponents. It's the quintessential game of devious deception disguised as an innocent entertainment activity. But it’s a con game with coniving card sharks that bluff and bet just to beat or cheat you out of your money. The objective is for each player to build a winning hand from cards they are randomly dealt. The final hands have meaningful names like a Full House, a Straight, and a Royal Flush, which secretly means that the ruling class flushes the working class poker player and his money down the drain.

Poker is easy to play and favorite of both newbies who are unaware of the risk, and slick hustlers who take advantage of their naiveté and strip money from them. In fact when poker was invented the name was first called Strip Poker, and it was quite literally an overnight sensation because at that time men dominated the card room and used the game as a trap to exploit women, thus the name Poker -- or Poke Her. In their plight for equality pre-suffrage era women took every opportunity to beat men at their own game, and since there was no money at stake women took the bate. The original rules involved the removal of one piece of clothing each time a player lost a hand. As the game progressed losing players continue to strip until totally nude. After that, if they want to continue playing they must perform a different sex act each time they lost a hand, starting with foreplay, then oral sex, then vaginal, and so on. When losers ran out of normal sexual acts to pay the winners with, they were forced to perform more kinky, deviant, sick, and perverted acts. As decades passed the early adapters of Strip Poker eventually renamed the game " Old Maid", and changed the rules to match the advancing state of the libido -- or lack therof.

Another popular card game is Black Jack. Black Jack is the game of choice played by neophytes, or pros that are too drunk to play a thinking man’s game like poker. Unlike poker, Black Jack is a simple straightforward way to lose money without suffering the humiliation of being outsmarted by a table full of shifty-eyed professional poker players. The history of this game was started by segregationists to appease the burgeoning power of slaves who demanded a place at the Strip Poker card table. White racists secretly conspired to invent this special game just for them. The rules were simple: when the black players lost, masturbation was prohibited; and if they won, they were permitted to ejaculate to their heart's content. Incidentally, the black card icon known as the spade, is a symbolic racial slur.

Solitaire is another card game that involves players playing with themelves. Solitaire players are not necessarily perverts, they may just be lonely individuals who are unaware that masturbation is what sick degenerates do. Nevertheless, that does not excuse their deviant behavior.

Dice & Darts- Dice games are another asinine activity usually played in sleazy bars and urban alleys by brain-dead boozehounds that are too drunk to play a smarter game. They roll the dice and instantly lose their life savings, and there is little chance they will ever recoup that seventeen dollars.

A distinct breed of cretin is instinctively drawn to the game of Darts. It’s a plain old game with a strange secondary aim involving a complex psychological duality. The crux of the game stems from our distant past when spear throwing was the most critical thing we did to ensure the survival of our species. The importance of the activity was so profound that the memory of it was encoded in our genes where it remained in a dormant state for thousands of years. The presence of such a primal power could not be suppressed by cultural refinement, social sophistication, or an advanced civilization. The pressure to manifest itself was impossible to restrain, and it surfaced briefly at the Olympics in the form of the Javelin competition. One brief burst every four years was only a partial release, but not nearly enough to keep the mighty magma contained. Until it finally found an outlet in a setting similar to its prehistoric home, the neighborhood bar, where the patrons are of similar stature mentally and physically. It was a natural fit, an ideal environment with hosts that were close cousins of their spear-throwing predecessors, separated only by time. The difference in lengths between the spear and the dart can be explained by the size differential of their respective penises.

The other alternative aspect is the psychological association of the symbolism of the Dart game. The term Dart refers to the unrefined player’s interpretation as duh art; with the subconscious meaning of the dart board as a work of art hanging on a gallery wall, and the dumb Dart player showing his lack of appreciation by uttering the word “duh”, while throwing a dart at it. The dart in this case symbolizes his sharply pointed criticism of the artwork (dart board).

Pool & Billiards- Pool players prefer to call the game Billiards so it is not confused with a swimming type of pool. And because the pool stick sounds too much like pulls dick, which is what the game is really all about. But players are understandably embarrassed by it and they don't want anyone to know. Try as they might, it's impossible to hide because the symbolism is just too obvious to ignore. The way they pump the stick before shooting the balls into the pockets.

Board Games

Board games are custom coordinated games specially designed for boring people, and as such they are ill fit for anyone who wants an interesting game to play. The slow pace of these games is an ideal match to the rate of their inert intellect.

Monopoly- People who love the mind-numbing monotony choose to play the game of Monopoly, day after day, week after week; for adults it’s just like another day in the rat race, only more monotonous. It’s very popular among kids as a vicarious way to live the life of a grown up-at least that’s what they think. In the game of Monopoly every player has a chance to be a fat cat landlord, investment banker, or railroad tycoon. It’s a capitalistic greed fest, where children learn the value of a buck early, as shred businessmen wheeling and dealing with the thrilling feeling of stealing-and killing the competition. Their mission is to climb the cut-throat corporate backstabber ladder, then pass go, collect two hundred dollars, pick up a get out of jail free card, then do it all over again and again until the game ends in ruin.

Checkers- The game of Checkers is a very basic board game specifically designed for the simpletons of society. It’s a popular pastime in regions where uneducated lower class citizens are located. The stereotypical Checker player depicted as an inbred Appalachian with a banjo in one hand and a jug of moonshine in the other, and a checker between his toes. Not all Checker players fit this description, many are normal average people, but unfortunately those characters give all the other players a bad name, and forces them to hide behind closed doors and play the game in secret.

Chess- Chess is a more sophisticated version of Checkers, but the basic strategy is the same. Chess players are notorious procrastinators with nothing else to do. They like the game because it’s an ideal way to waste lots of time in deep concentration thinking about their next move, instead of actually making their next move. Because Chess is the most boring of all board games, physicians advise their patients to watch Chess matches to cure insomnia-and the treatment is quite effective.

Bingo- This has been the Saturday night geriatric crowd’s game of choice for over half a century, popular among senior citizens with a slow pace, and because winning is so rare that players rarely go into cardiac arrest from the excitement. The downside is that they may slip into a coma from the boredom.

Scrabble- With all the idiotic games on the market non-idiots felt left out so they filed a class action suit against game manufactures for discrimination and negligence, with punitive damages for pain and suffering. The case was settled out of court because the defense refused to bribe the judge. The industry agreed to make a special game for the plaintiffs just to get them to shut up and go way. The name of this new game was called “Scrabble” which is a derogatory term that refers to a litigious money-grubbing rat-like person, and Scrabble players are forever marred by this connotation because everyone knows it refers to them. The game itself is somewhat like a crossword puzzle--in other words, boring. It’s for people who are too smart to play the other games and too dumb to do something useful.

Crossword Puzzle - People who do crossword puzzles have a highly sophisticated vocabulary, which in no way compensates for the ignorance in every other category of their mental state. What good is having a great vocabulary if all they do is sit around all day doing crossword puzzles.

Jig-Saw Puzzle - This game was invented as a form of psychological torture.

Oudoor Activities

Bicycling- The growing popularity of this activity illustrates the utterly obvious infiltration of obsessive pseudo-sexual perversion running rampant throughout society like a bicyclist running through a red light at a busy intersection. The term “bicycle” is a combination of two root words meaning bi (as in bipolar or bisexual), and cycle (as in vicious cycle or recycled waste). The underlying definition of a bicycle is manifest in the way it was engineered, but the full scope of the design is experienced in when it is ridden.

Barbeques- usually take place in someone's backyard with family or friends gathered around a pit or grill with flaming charcol that cooks meat. Attendees enjoy the festive atmosphere because it's an ingrained remnant of their prehistoric past when early humans killed and ate animals in the wild. Some those feasts were also rituals featuring human sacrifices atop an alter somewhat resembling a modern stone barbeque pit. The killing of humans stopped because humans were needed to prepare and cook the food, then clean up the mess afterward.

Meat that is cooked on a barbeque grill is extermely carconegenic, yet people continue to gorge themselves because they think they like it. The primal idea in their mind tells them they like it, but their bodies don't like it because it gives them cancer. Besides the ceremonial aspect of the event, the warmth generated by the fire has a comforting physical effect, and the smoke masks the guilt psychological associated with the sacrificial offering of human and other innocent animals.

Picnics- involve the eating of meals in an outdoor setting such as a park. The procedure is quite simple: participants prepare the meal at home, pack it along with a table cloth, and maybe some folding chairs. Then they go to an outdoor location, perhaps a designated public picnic area where they spread the tablecloth on the ground, if no picnic tables are available. It's a popular passtime considered normal, wholesome fun. But intense scrutiny reveals it to be a very strange and deviant activity indeed.

Proponents say they enjoy eating outside with fresh air and a scenic view. But that poor excuse does not outweigh all the negative factors that make picnicing stupid. Humans struggled for thousands of years to build a world where meals can be eaten in a special part of their home, with all the clean and comfortable household furniture and appliances at their fingertips. Modern man, in a reverse-evolutionary move, instead chooses to dine among the rodents and insects, sitting in grass scattered with dog feces, with food serving as a magnet for ants and other pests. Picnicers like it when flies—that were magots on rotten meat in a dumpster an hour prior to eating the picinc food—land on their face. Other things people like about picnics are the spider and flea bites, and of course mosquito bites that cause Nile virus.

Camping--Camping trips are yet another example of the fixation humans has with animal behavior. Despite advanced creature comforts and housing with all the conveniences of modern living, people are still drawn to the harsh elements of the great outdoors. It’s a mindless ingrained habit that defies all logic except if it’s like a salmon swimming against the current to reach the spawning ground upstream. It’s the call of nature and resistance is futile. In the evolutionary transition from animal to man some people, campers in particular, failed to make the full adjustment. They have an uncontrollable need to run around naked in the woods and mate with whomever they choose, with or without their consent. Camping provides an ideal environment for this raw savage urge to be realized—unless a forest ranger is on patrol in the vicinity.

Camping has no benefit to society whatsoever, only a problem and a nuisance. Campers are a major cause of the homelessness crisis because camping is a form of homelessness. They proactively promote it like an uncivilized breed of subhuman degenerates that belong in a zoo. The main thing that campers do is start wildfires that destroy forests then spread to residential neighborhoods and burn down homes, killing hundreds of people. Although hunters would have a field day, it is unwise to declare open season on campers because their rotting carcasses would litter the land with pathogens from the decomposing flesh spreading deadly diseases in a global pandemic, the likes of which has not been seen since the great plague.

Hiking-- People who like walking allot glorify the activity with the special name, hiking. The term comes from the root words “high” and “king”, and is used to build hikers’ self esteem. Hikers are usually country folk or inbred hillbillies with little or no formal education, so thinking of themselves as high kings gives them a sense of worth to compensate for the pathetic feeling of being their true halfwit imbecile selves. A few well-educated affluent people, even some royal family members, also like to hike. Their motivation springs from the desire to fully experience the life of a halfwit imbecile.

Kite Flying- When someone gets disgusted with you and wants you to go away, they often say, “Go fly a kite.” It’s a polite way of saying, “Go to hell.” This infers that kite flying is a decidedly negative thing to do. If this is true then why do people do it? There are at least two possible reasons why someone would fly a kite. The first is that they are simply intellectually inept to understand the fallacy of such an activity. The second is that the negative factor involves the generation of a powerful malevolent force, thus kite flying is actually a satanic ritual that is used by devil worshipers to conjure evil spirits to wreak havoc on society. Proponents cite the practice of this ritual by none other than Benjamin Franklin, who conducted mystical experiments with his hellish kite that brought forth the magical manifestation of electricity, which was later used by a chair that executed people. Kites symbolize the devil flying through the sky with his tail flapping in the wind, like a puppet master controlling whoever holds the string to which the kite is attached. The kite flyer is at the mercy of the kite and is forced to go out into the wind to do his master’s bidding, raising the demon ever upward then crashing it to the ground is a metaphorical gesture symbolizing the senselessness of it all.

Balooning-- Hot air ballooning popular in some locales that have a climate and topography suitable to such an absurd activity. To understand its appeal we need to examine the symbolism involved. First there’s the basket that holds the passengers. This could mean they are all basket cases, or that they are going to hell in a handbasket, or both. Then next is the balloon that carries the load upward to the passengers’ delight, which symbolizes the joy of life lifting their spirits. And the final symbol is the hot air that fills the balloon and causes it to rise, which represents the overblown hype and deceptive advertising by the balloon company that promised a fun time, but will actually be funeral time when the balloon comes crashing down.