A monstrous polarizing political problem has reared its ugly head with the exposure of a huge group of serial sex offenders, including the U.S. President and other prominanant politicians, famous CEOs, and celebrity media personalities.

The issue has given rise to a major movement pitting women against men in an epic Battle of the Genders, as millions of women stormed cities across America demanding justice.



  • Most intimate relationships at work start as innocent flirtation, and end with the boss and subordinate living happily-ever-after.
  • Sexual relationships on the job are usually positive experiences until the inevitable lovers quarrel happens — then women blow the whistle instead of the job.
  • Such affairs have always been common, yet discreet, until recent high profile reports exposed some of the worst offenders – who spoil the fun for the rest of us.
  • The good news is that when workplace affairs turn sour, women can earn substantial dividends by blackmail, extortion, or lawsuits.
  • The so-called victims tempt men by dressing sexy with makeup, skirts, and high hills. Women who use sex appeal to advance their careers have a distinct advantage over their male counterparts.
  • Many prominent women admit that they achieved great success by submitting to the demands of sexually abusive employers early in their careers.
  • Much of the controversy is instigated by women who are jealous that they aren’t attractive enough to be a victim.
  • The radical feminist movement is fueled by man-hating lesbian activists who want to convert women into lesbians so they can have sex with them.
  • Men are sexually harassed more often than women, but they seldom complain because the like it.Men would gladly switch places and relinquish control of everything to women.


  • Because workplace sex scandals are so widely publicized by mass media, women now think that all men just want them to be their sex slaves.
  • To avoid litigation sexually abusive bosses will now use undetectable tactics to seduce female employees, such as putting date rape drugs in the water cooler.
  • Women will discourage male advances by downgrading their appearance and manners by wearing pantsuits, shaving their heads, farting, spitting, and belching.
  • Continued sex abuse will result in legislation that will force businesses to install video cameras to record workplace activities and catch perpetrators.
  • Mandatory medication will be administered to prevent men from even thinking about sex at the workplace.
  • Congress will enact draconian punitive measures such as penis amputation to serve as a deterent against sexual harassment.
  • If sexual harassment doesn’t stop, women will retaliate en masse by using dildos and artificial insemination for sex and pregnancy instead of men.
  • Women deserve the same respect as men, and should be allowed to use their sex appeal to manipulate bosses without being treated like sluts.
  • If women keep complaining, their bosses will replace them with robots that will look much better and provide unlimited sex services on demand without uttering a word.

     The main problem with politics is the people that participate in political systems. In the broader definition of politics that would include 99.9% of the population. The negative influence of a particular political party is proportionate to the number of followers. But even if there were only two people on earth they would both use political maneuvers against each other in an inane struggle for dominance. All it takes is just one politician to plot a diabolical scheme that would lead to armagedon. And there 's allot of politicians with the relevent skills and experience to do just that.

While everyone may play politics to some extent only a few are devious enough to control the masses. Here's how they do it: Groups of people at each income level are organized around a heirarchical power structure as part of a foodchain from the leadership all the way through the followship. Concentric spheres of power ripple outward from the heads on down to the masses then up their asses. The whole system is underpinned by an economic policy based on the so-called "trickle down" theory, whereas the powers that be urinate on the powerless undeneath — which only pisses them off more.

Political systems are monolithic machines mismanaged by megalomaniacs schooled in the Machiavellian tradition. They are fatally flawed factories that fabricate fascism that sickens society and pollutes the planet as a whole — as in a planet of assholes. Meanwhle like actors in a play, we all pretend to be civilized, until the next time someone flips out and goes on another rampage. Society is a political powder keg and the fuse is lit.

The art and science of politics is all about controlling people by hook or crook — or by force if that doesn't work. It is an art just as much as excrement is, and it's a science only insofaras scatology is. Political art and science experiments are used in varying degrees by everyone to abuse everyone else. One way or another being both a political ally or adversary is an inherent attribute of the human condition.

The Divide and Conquer theme is institutionalized throughout society. The alternative root of the term is Poli, relates to the polarizing divisions it causes. Polite is another root term and a polite way of saying that politicians are snivelling scoundrels. Some lexicographers use the root term pole, as in pole cat, referring to Southern politicians who are morally identical. There are also parallels between politicians who prostitute their integrity like a pole dancer in a sleazy strip joint. The apt comparison has gained credibility with the increasing sex scandals of politicians.

Political Animals

            Though we hate to admit it human beings are an animal species that evolved from the suborder Anthropoidea (apes). Despite our more advanced state of intellectual development we're still stuck with primitive behavioral tendencies that dictate our destiny. This is evident in the way political systems function. The power struggles among politicians resemble a herd of water buffalo where the strongest, most agressive bull snorts, stomps and jabs his way into the dominant position. He similarly mates with anyone he chooses, and leaves a trail of bullshit in his wake. Congress is like a giant pig sty full of wild bores bloviating boring speeches, and hogging tax money to buy barrels of pork to trade for votes in their home districts. The follow-the-leader power structure is clearly a remnant of the political pecking order seen in the animal kingdom. A politician and their constituants are like a Judas cow leading the herd to slaughter, the followers' fate is at the mercy of their leader.

           So humans indeed carry the same political traits that animals exibit, and if we trace the roots even further back down the evolutionary ladder the true origin of the politician is found at a level closer to a worm or germ. In their defense politicians argue that germs are an essential part of the eco-system, as are cockroaches, snakes, rats, and other vermin - all god's creatures. And when convicted of mass murder they can simply designate themselves as an endangered species to avoid the death penalty.

           The democrats are represented the jackass, another freak of nature with its own set of issues, few of which are political. The horse-like creature is the result of rampant inbreeding over the course of many generations, but not in Southern Appalachia as one would naturally suspect. Although the sound of the terms jack and ass conjures tempting ideas, Southerners on the other hand are proud of their thoroughbred heritage insofaras horses -- and bestiality -- are concerned. Jackasses are known for their stubbornness (which may be mistaken for laziness), their annoying heehaw vocalization (which relates to the limited vocabulary spoken by lower-class members of the party), and kicking their hind legs up (which relates to kickbacks paid to politicians).

            Republicans like to associate themselves with the elephant, a grotesque image of lethargic obesity, and thought to have a long memory – which explains their conservative anal-retentiive fixation on policies of a bygone era. They lumber through the environment ripping trees from the ground, devouring them by the ton, and dumping piles of smelly dung, the huge volume of which indicates a distinct scatological perversion.

MMMMMThe national symbol for the U.S. is the eagle, a mean-looking predatory fowl that supposedly represents freedom. The bird is an endangered species, much like the thing it represents. Other symbolic birds used are the hawk and dove, representing pro-military and anti-war factions, respectively. Political animal symbolism is widespread and commonly accepted as normal, and therein lays the problem. For all the high-minded rhetoric we're no different than a pack of rats in a rat race disguised as the human race. It's a dog-eat-dog world where people scratch and claw constantly back-stabbing each other in cut-throat competion just for one small piece of the pie-in-the-sky, while politicians feed at the public trough. It doesn't have to be that way but it is.

            No serious political reform can be implemented without considering the human condition as essentially an animal condition. Despite all the pretense of being civilized, let's face it, if it wasn't for the strong law enforcement presence anarchy would soon prevail. History has shown how fast humans revert to their animal state when their survival is threatened. In fact many humans act like vicious animals all the time. Human beings are by nature savage beasts because they:

• Go into a rage yelling and screaming profanities anytime any place. Blaming it on insanity, but it's their normal state.

• Rob from each other like weasels raiding a bird's nest or like Wall Street tycoons cheating the elderly out of their life savings.

• Physically fight each other resulting in serious injury and death. They even make a sport out of it with violent games.

• Harrass, grope, sexually assault and rape helpless women, and even hog-tie and torture them just for fun.

• Kidnap and molest children, and cut the hearts out of babies and drink their blood in satanic rituals.

• Wage major wars that have killed billions of people over the course of a thousand years.

In fact, even animals aren't as savage as human beings are. Regular animals are self-governed by the law of the wild, and are only as savage as they need to be to survive. But humans have a malicious attitude, they don't need to be such beasts but they are out of spite.

Society is like a zoo, and the police are like zookeepers. If the zookeepers didn't enforce the law society would soon collapse as people regressed back to being wild animals, and the out-of-control hordes would destroy all of civilization in a matter of months. On our present course overpopulation will cause major rioting, terrorism, and war. Increasing the police force won't help because the police are only human too, and will eventually join the mob in a mass of madness. This is our inevitable future unless we prepare to meet the challenge with decisive action. But how? One solution would be to use surgical implants to control the mass of lawless marauders. We have the technology, a simple microchip would do the job. The net effect of using such a device wouldn't be any worse than being controlled by police. In many ways it would even be better.

A Notrious Hellraiser

Rudy "Don Rudolpho" Julianni is an infamous New York City GOP boss known for conjuring demons from the depths of hell.

Watch the video and pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain.


Politicians have always been among the most diabolical villains on earth. Most are just mouthpieces or figureheads especially skilled at schmoozing, boozing, and losing elections. Those who win become puppets of their special interest handlers who bribe them with cash and other amenities.

It's no joke when politicians smugly utter the famous quote, “Money is the mother's milk of politics”. An assortment of lawyers, bureaucrats, power brokers and con artists collaborate in the grand scheme — and in the mad scramble for a piece of the action. Manipulation is the name of the game, and power plays ensure that the buck always stops with them. Money is so much a part of politics that the image of politicians are printed on currency. George Washington was the first major politician and respected enough to be on the most common notre, the dollar bill. Ulysius Grant by contrast was just a drunken war monger, so his image is appropriately relegated to the more obscure fifty dollar bill.

In this society each citizen is a politician. The professionals are at the top of the political pyramid, but the strategies and tactics are the same as those used by the lowest street hustler.


Many politicians use the classic tyrants' methodology by:

  • Making speeches & spreading propaganda
  • Censoring the opposition via death squads
  • Lying, cheating and enacting laws
  • Organizing conspiracies & perpetrating scandals
  • Engaging in bribery and corruption, and tyranny
  • Taxing citizens and looting the Treasury
  • Polarizing populations to divide and conquer
  • Rigging elections and seizing power in bloody coups
  • Deploying nuclear missles and waging wars
  • Terrorizing enemy civilians & torchering prisoners
  • Shaking hands, holding babies & Smiling for the cameras
  • Appointing cronies in acts of despotism
  • Erecting monuments in their own honor


Politicians use the fun-sounding term "party" to mask the true nature of their tyranical groups involved with plotting ploys and scheming scams in an unrelenting battle to feed their insatiable appetite for powe. Out in public it's all smiles, handshakes and baby kissing. But behind closed doors their true colors show, but no one sees because they're in smoke filled rooms. The intrinsically evil nature of political parties needs to be disguised as innocuous clubs so citizens won't suspect the truth about the sinister shenanigans perpetrated by party officials. Campaign consultants, aids, and advisors conduct strategic brainstorm sessions to dream up options like assassinating an opposition candidate.

There is no limit to their ruthless racketeering so to make it palatable to the public the concept of the Party is used. The party ploy balances the malevolent political image by canceling out the negative perception with a gay, festive, term that has a positive connotation.The clever camouflage is reinforced by TV broadcasts of presidential campaign conventions complete with confetti, banners, balloons and bull. Further etching the Party idea in the public's mind are news reports about drunk driving, sex scandals, and gift giving (from lobbyists to politicians).

Politics is a form of marketing. Follow the money and it goes directly to whatever fuels its power and influence, which usually involves robbing the money from others. Political operatives have perfected their tactics into a fine art form. Media based theatrical extravaganzas staring office holders who are worthy of an Academy Award — no matter how bad they flub their lines.

The political process is presented to the public through sound bites, photo ops, and press releases in a staged show featuring a charismatic cast of talented performers. Their scripts are read from a teleprompter. They are told what to say by speech writers and told what to do as they dangle from their puppet masters’ strings. If they do otherwise they are ostracized or assassinated.

So-called democracies are political systems where one elected person represents thousands of others, each with their own demands that conflict with the demands of everyone else. Coalitions are formed and common ground is found but no one is ever completely satisfied. Groups compete with other groups in bitter elections full of mudslinging, hit pieces, and dirty tricks. In the end the group that wins is usually the one that pays the most—no matter what the polls say. Meanwhile this polarization tears the social fabric apart, dividing it into separate parts (parties). It dismembers the body politic and kills its power so the masses can’t organize into one united group with a common cause.

Parties keep the whole population at odds with one another and full of hate and hostility. That’s why the voting process is done by secret ballot. If everyone knew what everyone else was voting for the system would come to a halt and anarchy would ensue. Family members and former friends would kill each other by the millions. With the secret ballot you can never know what anyone is voting for and you can never trust anyone who keep secrets from you. Secrecy is the same as lying because it hides the truth. If someone doesn’t want you to know the truth then it’s safe to assume that they would lie to you and therefore cannot be trusted. But suspecting others of being an enemy is better than knowing they are, because if you know, you may want to kill them. But if you just suspect they're an enemy, you must suspect the possibility of them being a friend. Since everyone disagrees with everyone else on some level, and therefore everyone is more or less each other's enemy, secrecy may be a better policy because the alternative would be civil war.

Even though most people blab openly about their political opinions, they need a secret ballot because all their open opinions are lies.If the ballot is not secret voters would be forced to debate the issues openly, and since most people are not reasonable or smart enough to engage in rational conversation logical dialog is impossible. And in most cases people are just too unfair, greedy or self-centered to do what’s best for society as a whole. That’s why totalitarianism is so popular among politicians in 3rd world countries where voters are not geniuses. American voters think they're so smart to have a secret ballot. But it's not at all secret because their name, address, and party affiliation is printed right on the ballot, and the workers at the polling place who count the ballots can see the secret votes and tell everyone.


         Somewhere between authoritarian dictatorship and absolute anarchy there's a happy medium with an idealistic utopian society. The function of government is to level the delicate balance between the two extremes before they destroy civilization completely. Political appointees turn the gears of government that can guide us to greatness or to the grave.

The US government has checks (to collect) and balances (to spend).
As a ruling body it's a three-headed monster with arms (nuclear) and legs (legislature) and big waste. The capital seat is where the asses sit.

  • Executive— The head that wages war and executes the enemy. The main function is to veto bills by the Legislature.

  • Legislative— The main function is to take bribes for passing legislation, and to over-ride Presidential vetos.

  • Judicial— The branch headed by sinister-looking figures in long black robes. No warmth, justice cold damnation.

An alternative origin of the term Government was derived from the three root words, Go, Over, and Men. So the true meaning of Government is to go over men, or to rule over, dictate, or otherwise oppress the people. In other words, to overpower the mass of weaker men and forcibly crush them into submission. This is what politicians, and by extension, governments have done for thousands of years. Only because it's a successful business model.

Centuries of rule by ruthless tyrrants have conditioned people to fear government workers at every level. People think that all public workers have special power as members of the regime and can make trouble for them if they don't respect their status as a government agent. Citizens pay taxes that finance the military and police who enforce laws that require civilians to do whatever serves the interest of the government. In turn the government gains public support by doling out funds for selected programs that serve the interest of the politicians who appropriate those funds. Such deals are called pork barrell projects because it smells like a rotten pig. Lobbyists and special interest groups fight like starving hogs competing for funds. Those who bribe and donate the most to a party's campaign coffer — a percentage of which politicians recieve in the form of a kickback.— are rewarded with political favors.

The old saying, "Good enough for government work", refers to the fact that government work is substandard because government workers have no incentive to do good work. If the did good work one time it would set a precident and the public would expect them to do it again.

The majority of government workers are just lazy overpaid bureaucrats, political appointees or despots who enjoy high salaries and generous fringe benefits, and other perks. In return they and their extended family and friends must campaign for re-election to keep the political machine working and the gravy train rolling. Once elected this is standard procedure that every administration uses to consolidate it's power and enrench itself as the governmental institution. It's a vicious cycle that breeds a psychological culture with a system-wide anal retentive complex. The most obvious symptom is constipation in the form of legislative gridlock. It's a deep-seated issue that's difficult to purge. That's why the term "seat" is used in politics The only cure is to unseat an incumbant. To do that requires the media spotlight focused on their slick movements—particularly bowell movements -- of the sitting official. Normally such actions would be a purely technical matter involving a natural bodily function, so they should have no reason to object to scrutiny unless they have something to hide. In fact the result of their toilet hygene inspection and stole analysis may prove their innocence. Or more likely it will reveal their true self. Either way they should wave their right to privacy in order to eliminate any suspicion regarding their guilt.

The term Big Brother is used in regard to the police state instead of Big Father because people would rather be ruled by their brother than their father because their father was probably a strict domineering jerk, while their brother was a trusted friend who joined them in the same mischievous activities. An even more stern figure than Big Father is Uncle Sam who “wants you” to die in a war, or at least be tortured in a POW camp.

The paradox of politics is that at one extreme, no matter how fair a government is, if too many people have too much freedom some group will form an unruly mob, make unreasonable demands and eventually use violence trying to force the government to capitulate. At the other extreme is an insecure government invoking marshal law in the interest of national security. There's always the tension between fascism and anarchy and we're stuck somewhere in the middle. A small event can spark a major shift in governance. All it takes is a lone terrorist or agent provocateur to spook the government. One minute it's the land of the free, the next minute it's the home of the slave.


Politics are all about controlling people, the rich and powerful controlling the poor and weak. A few well-organized people can control a large mass of disorganized individuals. Divide and conquer. The same game is played at all levels of society from international conflicts to local office politics and family squabbles. War is the ultimate expression of politics, and an overt form of genocide that uses territorial or ideological disputes as convenient excuses to wage them. The real excuse they use is that if no wars (genocide) had ever happened massive overpopulation would have destroyed the planet long ago. Like the farmer culling the heard or a gardener weeding a flowerbed.

Populations multiply to a certain point building infrastructure until they have served their purpose and outlived their usefulness. As the middle class grows it becomes a threat. Due to gross incompetence to manage that situation it becomes necessary for the powers that be to arrange wars to happen. They organize conditions so when the time is right certain opposing sectors of the population would destroy each other in costly bloodbaths. In the aftermath the powers that be picks up the pieces and rises from the ashes. The whole process is repeated time and again throughout history.

Nowhere in society is the phallus fetish more pronounced than in the military. From the smallest caliber bullet to the largest nuclear missle, penis envy is everywhere. From the ancient spear to the modern machine gun the perversion has always been there.

The Arms Race

The so-called arms race is a modern day sport based on a primitive concept. Most races are run using the legs, because the arms cannot support the weight of the body without causing damage to the wrist and hands.

Arms are an evolutionary defect caused by millions of years of negligence as humans evolved from the animal state. Animals use all 4 limbs for mobility, but humans in there never-ending quest to achieve new levels of laziness, tried to cheat nature by using 2 limbs. The result is that the 2 front legs evolved to become underdeveloped limbs. The deformed appendages were renamed arms in an effort to erase the anthropological record of the greatest mistakes in human history.

To make up for—or in reaction to—the embarrassment and humiliation of this colossal blunder, humans lashed out violently in an international arms race to prove that their arms are not just shriveled up legs. This action only exacerbated the inferiority complex because everyone knew the truth and suspected erectile dysfunction as well. So they built and deployed a massive arsenal of thermonuclear missles shaped like circumcised penises with 15 magaton radioactive payloads.

The smoking gun


In order to understand the relationship between politics and economics one must know the historical context. The economy is based on industry, and industry is based on production. So to find the origin of the economy we must trace it back to the source, when early man first philosophised about the meaning of life and his place in the universe. Two things he knew for sure: he had to eat, and he had to shit. Eating was a challenge because the hunt for food was hard work, and eating the wrong food caused illness and death. Shitting on the otherhand was a pleasurable experience by comparison. It was like giving birth to a baby, but without the pains of labour and the incessant crying. It gave a sense of relief that actually felt good. So, being the geniuses that they were, they logically deduced that their life purpose was to create shit. Eating was laborious and shit was the fruit of their labor. They lived by this philosophy for tens of thousands of years, and it is the foundation of contemporary economic theory — in practice if not in principal. Instead of putting raw food in our body to produce shit, today we put raw materials into factories to produce the consumer equivelent of shit in the form of merchandise.

Most economic systems are basicly the same. The rich are getting rich at the expense of the poor even though some of the poor don't realize it. In some industries part of the problem is that money is needed to pay for labor, materials, and other costs of production. There's constant pressure from management to lower costs and increase productiviity. Lots of low wage slaves are needed to do the work and consume the products they make. As they prosper and their numbers multiply they eventually get lazy, demand more money, and go on strike if they don't get it. Meanwhile as the crisis grows out of control government and industry fear widespread rebellion that must be stopped. Their solution is selective genocide in the form of biological and industrial diseases targeting the rabble-rousers and older less productive workers whose Social Security and pension payments are a budgetary burden.

The conventional wisdom In regard to the gap between the rich and poor is that the top 1% of population controls 99% of the wealth and the bottom 99% of the population wants the tables turned. However it doesn't take a Nobel prize winning economist to know that if the wealth was redistributed away from the rich professional managers then scattered and squandered amongst the poor huddled masses for cheap thrills and Happy Meals the economy may not function as well.

Politicians and economists do their best by cooking the books and broadcasting rosy scenarios with charts, graphs, and technical gobbledygook while keeping the military well funded just in case.


In essence all politics are just one big conspiracy. Conspiracies are interesting and intriguing because they reveal the evil inner workings of politics. The public is often surprised and startled by the dastardly deeds their leaders do on a daily basis. Although there has been constant reports of conspiracies throughout history people are still skeptical because they find it difficult to believe that an elected official in the public eye would be so brazen as to pull such a stunt. The bigger the atrocity involved the harder it is to believe. Whenever a conspiracy theory is proven to be true people think that it's an isolated case. But it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Government officials observe peoples' apathetic reaction to the outrageous things they do. They know that people are too ignorant or too busy to complain. So they go a bit further, slowly pushing the envelope conspiring more conspiracies just to see how much more they can get away with. Sometimes the media makes a half-hearted effort to expose them. Some small groups protest but are labeled agitators, radicals, or terrorists. Some conspiracies are so transparent that it seems as though the authorities actually want the citizens to find out and rebel so they can declare marshal law. That way they would have complete control—game over.

Politicians think that conspiracies are a good way to do business and even necessary for their survival. A conspiracy is more than just a plan of action, or sneaky plot, or devious scheme. It's always unethical and immoral, often illegal, and occasionally a crime against humanity. But in the twisted mind of the conspirator it's justified. For these power hungry megalomaniacs it's a gamble that's worth the risk because rarely are they caught.

All politicians conspire one way or another. It's common practice that is done so flagrantly a lot of conspiracies are discovered by an opponent who then blackmails them. So many politicians blackmail each other that politics has become one big game blackmailing and counter-blackmailing. As one of the main reasons for legislative gridlock it explains the impotence of some politicians. Their failure to act is due to an opponent's threat to expose them in a conspiracy that would end their career.

It's nothing new. It happens all the time. Even the most honest or sneakiest politician can be blackmailed by an unscrupulous opponent who frames them with a false accusation. Even if vindicated the accused usually suffers irreparable damage and disgrace because the public will assume that he's guilty but was vindicated because he paid someone off. It's a cynical view but none the less true. Understanding this makes all the pieces of the political puzzle fit neatly together. Now it all makes perfect sense.


The political arena is a bastion of bastards in a hotbed of hyperbole. As such it's also a breeding ground for scandals. There are more scandals than there are politicians because many politicians are each involved in many different scandals, most of which are not known to the geberal public.

Political Systems 


Simply put this is a dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest, every-man-for-himself, free-for-all feeding frenzy. So it’s no wonder it always takes root in so-called democratic societies where freedom and democracy is more of a Wild West type mob rule. The main problem with capitalism is that it feeds off the baser instincts of human greed. The insatiable appetite for material wealth is a vice that brings out the worst in people. And it’s so popular because people are full of the worst things to be brought out of them. Proponents claim that such unbridled commercial competition is good – until they lose their shirt in the stock market.


In theory this is an all-for-one, one-for-all, universally equitable type of utopia fantasized about in every socialist’s wet dream. It appealed to the proletariat peasantry as an ideological alternative to their bourgeoisie baron slave masters. It looked good on paper but poor branding doomed it from the start when Western PR propaganda portrayed its hammer & cycle logo to symbolize hacking off the worker’s head with a cycle of and pounding it into the ground with a hammer. What little credit it did achieve was soon lost when corrupt party officials succumbed to their greedier impulses.


This is the tyrannical dictator’s system of choice. Wildly popular among fascist states and royal monarchies around the world because it seizes and maintains power the easy way -- by brute force. Still ruthless rulers become role models that their subjects aspire to be – due to wishful thinking or delusions of grandeur, or both. These leaders are excellent examples of the true nature of human beings just being human. Left to its own devices, it’s human nature run amok.

Totalitarian regimes have always been the dominant political system throughout history, and it will be the inevitable one that all the other systems will eventually descend into.


Ethnic Stereotypes

Everyone should just view each other as equal members of the human race, a diverse mixture of rich cultures each with their own particular quality. But no, there are always some unsavory scoundrels out there hell-bent on spreading their hate-filled ideology. Ethnic stereotyping is a serious problem of society that should not be tolerated because it involves elements of racism. Even those who denounce it still practice it regularly without malice whenever they wish to ascertain the ethnicity of someone. Taken to an extreme this non-malicious stereotyping borders on racism when they claim to like Mexicans, for example. It implies that they don’t like other ethnicities.

The bigot’s hatred of certain ethnicities is usually based on their perception of the worst-case scenario types of stereotypes from which they judge all others of the same ethnicities. Some classic examples of the hideous ethnic stereotyping practiced by these sick scoundrels are listed below. The disgusting tone of their insipid spiel will make your skin crawl with disgust. As you read the following list notice how their insidious attitude constitutes the most pernicious type of hate crime, ranting their radical rhetoric under the guise of free speech. These stereotypes are described as seen through the eyes of a stereotypical racist. You too will feel the sense of righteous indignation, unless you too are a bigot.


As byproducts of the so-called melting pot of the world, U.S. citizens are a mixed breed of ethnic outcasts and personas non grata banished from their native lands. For over 200 years this rejected race of mangy mongrels ran free through a series of civil wars, racial riots, and assorted culture clashes. Many American speaks with a Southern accent, which only adds to their image as common cowboys whose pioneering spirit conquered the open frontier with the genocide of Native Americans who they regarded as uncivilized savages. As underdogs the early settlers always had to fight for freedom, so it’s only natural that they are now the undisputed military superpower with the freedom to fight even more. They are known as Yankees nad Gringos. The former named after the New York baseball team, and the latter named after the green unformed US soldiers who invaded Mexico, when the Mexicans ciried "Green Go home!". But now the Mexicans want the green-back tourist dollars to go back down to Mexico.


Mexicans are a diverse people, not all are the sombrero-wearing, tequila drinking, bums sitting next to a cactus in the desert as depicted in popular culture. Most of them do however have a fetish for mustaches, which is due to their macho complex, which in turn is due to their deep-seated sexual insecurity issues. Based on what we see in public the women are beautiful and sexy. So the homely ones probably hide at home behind closed doors. Mexican stereotypes were firmly established in American minds by the Warner Brother’s Cartoon character, Speedy Gonzalez, a cute little rat that acts like he's on meth. There's been a long-standing animosity between the US and Mexico ever since the Mexican Amercan War. There's a famous American saying that goes, "Remember The Alamo!". But not many remember anything about any Alamo. Mexicans apparenrly do because they always complain about how the U.S. stole the Southwestern states from Mexico, but they conveniently forget about how their Spanish ancestors stole Mexico from the indigenous indians who were there first..


Early stereotypes depicted these people as slant-eyed, bucked-toothed, meek monk-like geeks whose steadfast work ethic took them from being mere tea merchants to the very heights of the dry cleaning industry. Despite their monastic public persona they have proven themselves to be quite the sex animal in the bedroom – based on their reproduction rates. For centuries Chinese women were bred for one specific purpose – sex. The aggressive breeding campaign resulted in over-population crisis. Since sexual services were the only vocational skill women were capable doing, the Chinese government outlawed the birth of females -- which can only be interpreted as a communist conspiracy to breed a nation of gay men. Their ultimate objective is to phase out their human population and replace it with prefabricated robotics imported from a sweatshop in Indonesia where there are humans. The typical Chinaman is just like Charlie Chan.


A highly illiterate culture who misspelled the name of their own country Ourland. These folks are a cheerful bunch because they drink so much. They are considered by British to be a lesser breed, utterly lacking in the social graces.  Their cheerful nature is a sign of gay sexual trait, which the kilt (skirt) wearing Scottish can sympathize with. Their national mascot is a fairy-like creature known as a leprechaun. Their pride in this mischievous little elf speaks volumes about their collective consciousness – or lack thereof. The Irish stereotype is exacerbated every year on Saint Patrick’s Day when everyone uses the holiday as an excuse to get drunk, and demonstrate their debauchery marching down Main Street in a huge parade. No other ethnicity is subject to such public humiliation. Non-Irish people seize the opportunity to exploit Irishmen in a sociopathic spectacle of epic proportions. They wear green clothing to match the color of their face after they vomit. The typical Irishman is just like Ronald McDonald.


Despite a rich cultural heritage not much is known about the French because they think and act like they’re so superior with their snobby and conceited attitude, scoffing with contempt and derision at everyone else. It’s not easy to relate to such class and distinction. But this much we know: Their ethnic disposition is aptly analogous to their national hero Napolean Bonapart, a megalomaniacal military midget of a man who suffered from an inferiority complex, which drove him to wage wars against other nationalities. His campaign of genocide ended abruptly when he ran out of water and was declared the looser in what became known as the battle of Waterloo. The ser was cut off from the end of Waterlooser to mock his short height. The contemporary French stereotype was appropriately formed by the Warner Brother’s cartoon character, Pepe LePew, a foul smelling sexual pervert skunk. The French are most famous for their cooking. Mainstays of French cuisine include French fries and French toast.


This ethnicity is yet another victim of abusive exploitation, always presented as hot-headed mafioso murderers, who are sadistic, yet devout Catholics with family values and an appetite for orgies as a cultural tradition and sacred birthright. After all, one would expect Romans to be such incurable romantics. If it’s wrong, it’s not their fault. The devil made them do it, and it’s worth going to hell for anyway. Evil intent notwithstanding, they still get a raw deal in society at large. When it comes to asserting their testosterone the Italians can hold their own against any other nationality, probably because the geographical contour of Italy is shaped like a peninsula (as in penis). And true to form, the tip appears to be horribly deformed by the ravages syphilis, ghonnaria, and clamidia – named after Italian villages frequented by prostitutes. Italians are most famous for their virtuoso singing talent, a skill they developed over centuries of seducing women.


Great geniuses like Mozart, Beethoven, and Einstein earned their reputation as the master race. That is until an outsider from Austria named Hitler talked them into trying to take over the world. It seemed like a good idea at the time but the plan went awry when the infamous Mad Dr. Josef Mengele botched an experimental surgical procedure on him resulting in a Frankenstein type syndrome. The Furer was furious, so Mengele blamed the snafu on a Jewish orderly. But according to a prominent anti-semite Hitler forgave the poor Jew and they all lived happily ever after. So even if they’re better than everyone else, no matter how great they are, they can never ever change their reputation as cold-hearted killers


Romania was a desolate wasteland named after an untreatable psychopathic disorder that caused victims to roam aimlessly through life. With nowhere else to go these Romaniacs were sent to Romania. It was their own special place, a safe haven where they were free to roam about far away from civilized society. Eventually their disease caused them to morph into hordes of flesh-eating zombies – or so they say. Evidence notwithstanding this group must be suspected because they display an exceptionally evil stereotype due to their proximity to Transylvania, located in the heartland of this god-forsaken nation. Rumor has it that a renegade sect of blood-sucking vampires’ move to Pennsylvania to practice transcendental meditation was actually an accidental relocation while they sought medical evaluations. This tale is dubious at best, but is innocent until proven guilty. Romanians are born with a set of fangs, which are quickly extracted to avoid getting a stake through the heart. To survive they simply harvest the blood from menstruating hookers. The typical Romaniac is just like Count Dracula.


Known for their gregarious temperament these proud people are scrutinized by racists mainly because of the annoying sounds they make. This noise is the so-called Polka music they are famous – or infamous for. It consists of disorganized orchestration, nothing more. Polish people would be ignored by the rest of humanity if not for the heinous atrocity caused by that damn Polka music, which also engendered Polka dancing. Then to add insult to injury they spread their clown-like kitsch into the art of fashion design with the Polka dots. When Napolean conquered Poland he shanghaied some POWs to work as slaves on his naval fleet. They ended up in Mexico

Where their Polka music infected the Mexican’s who were susceptible to such stupid things. Aside from their negative influence on European culture Polish folks have contributed little to the human race, the may even be a burden. In which case it may be better that they eliminate themselves from the species. On the other hand they may have secretly achieved the most spectacular accomplishments for humanity – in secret, of course. In which case we should lavish praise upon the race and worship them like gods – not!


Russians are so named because they’re always rushing to the liquor store to rob a case or two of vodka. Two very distinct Russian stereotypes are – alcoholics and criminals. A third, less transparent type is the cloak-and-dagger image depicted by Boris the spy and his seductress slut sidekick, Natasha in the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon series. The cartoon was actually a communist conspiracy designed to make Russians look cool to American children, in the same way Mickey Mouse was an SPCA plot to make dirty rats look cool to kids. The ladder succeeded, but the former failed because generations of Americans and Russians were already brainwashed to hate each other for decades. By 1965 Russians became popular in the US because  American kids thought that Beatle John Lenon, was related to Vladmir Lenin, the founder of communism.


These people are easily identified by their out-of-style wardrobe, which hasn’t changed for thousands of years. Men wear loose-fitting robes from head-to-toe to hide bombs and AK-47s. Women even cover their faces in public, which makes one suspect they must be ugly. Others suspect that they are nymphomaniacs who must hide the waging tongues hanging from their drooling mouths. Arab guys are notorious chauvinistic sexist pigs who control every aspect of the women’s lives. They are well known for their sadistic torturing of females with lashings and genital mutilation. They claim that it’s a matter of pride and respect, but the fact of the matter is that they're just brutal, ill-bred, barbarians. Their natural homosexuality explains their disdain for women. Their real sexual persion is bestiality, thus their name Camel Jockey. Another racial slur they are called is Rag Head, a name popularized by that quintessential Arab Osama Bin Laden (no relation to Barak Obama).


The typical Jew is a frugal manager. They make good bankers and restauranteurs where penny-pinching proclivities are an essential asset. Taken to an extreme they are greedy tightwads. They’re quick to remind everyone about the holocaust – as a sympathy ploy. Jews call anyone who criticizes them an anti-semite – no matter how justified the criticism may be. Bigots think Jews are the biggest racists because they’re so keen on sticking together, marrying other Jews, etc. Jews control most of the power in the world in a discreet kind of way. They are Nevertheless envied by infidels. Orthodox Jews are the weirdoes you see wearing the big black hats and sporting the long scraggly beards. They are the most racist of the breed. The typical Jew is just like Bernie Maddoff.


This continental tribe of dark-skinned humans is the most discriminated against ethnicity on the planet. Probably because they are the true master race and other races are just jealous. Africans – otherwise known as blacks – excel in all fields, especially sports, music, and canabalism. According to the true history of the world, African were the original inhabitants of Earth until an asteroid collision destroyed Mars and forced the Martians, who were a white race, to seek refuge on here on Earth. So the evil white space aliens invaded the planet and gradually overpowered the peace-loving blacks who’ve been subjugated and enslaved ever since. Black folks believe that all white folks are racists, whether they know it or not. So the blacks have no choice than to return the racism by hating all whites. It’s a vicious cycle with no end in site. However, much of the racial tension is misplaced. For example, blacks are wrong to think that whites use the word niger as a racial slur. It is fact used to show respect by honoring their African countries of Niger and Nigeria. And if niger is a racial slur why do they so often call each other by that name? The typical African is just like OJ Simpson