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Everyone knows that Obamacare is about health that will cost allot of wealth, but what they don't know is the stealth part about it. Poor folks have been complaining about income inequality forever. Thanks to Obomacare they now have their fair share. But why are rich folks so against it?

The poorer you are the more you win, and the richer you are the more you lose. It's the great equalizer. The poor consider the Affordable Care Act to be humanitarian legislation, and it seems like the moral thing to do. The rich act like it's a capital crime against them personally, but they fail to present a persuasive arguement.


The Obama miracle. Here's how it works:

Before Obamacare became law if a poor uninsured person needed medical care they would be billed full price then spend the rest of their life paying off the bill. Or else they would go without treatment and be condemned to suffer serious illness or death. To add insult to injury, if a patient had a pre-existing condition, even if they had enough money to pay for insurance. companies refused to cover them. Meanwhile rich people with insurance enjoyed good healthcare benefits. No problem if they had a preexisting condition because they could afford to pay full price if necessary.

After the passage of Obamacare the poorest person in America can now get millions of dollars worth of treatment without paying for it. As costs continues to skyrocket with new advanced medical technology rich folks must pay more than ever for treatment options that they hope will keep them alive indefinitely. So the rich pay top dollar for services that the poor get for free.

Even for a politician as skilled as Barak Obama it's a miracle that anyone could pull off such an economic coup d'état. And amidst all the rancor and acrimony, the fact that there is no mention of this massive redistribution of wealth Is the stealth part.

If that still seems too unbelievable, there is an alternative theory. Let's call it Abominablecare:

The widening income gap between the rich and poor has brought society to the breaking point. If they were to revolt the sheer number of poor would be impossible to control and the system would collapse. To avoid anarchy Obama needed to give them something to appease them, but not empower them. The healthcare handout was the perfect ploy. The poor are thankful for the merciful gift, but the entitlement program is really a Trojan Horse with a death panel inside.

The government always wanted a better way to eliminate the poor. Other methods of population control were not effective enough. Wars were too expensive and drug abuse only caused their numbers to multiply. Obamacare is the ideal instrument to carry out a campaign of genocide because it leads the lambs to the slaughter. Before Obamacare the poor were safe from being killed by healthcare providers. But now that they have insurance their lives are at risk.

If poor folks were permitted to live then the healthcare system could not function with so many patients, so doctors need to prioritize their valued customers, and select the riff raff for termination. Poor people are marked for extermination and no one will care when they die, and hardly anyone will suspect a conspiracy is at play. It's all according to the plan, and that's the reason why Obamacare does not cover legal fees for malpractice lawsuits.

The rich secretly support Obamacare because they own the insurance companies that will reap huge profits, and because it gets rid of the poor. But the poor would get suspicious if republicans openly supported the bill, so they pretended to oppose it. The GOP knew it was impossible to prevent passage of the bill. Their rhetoric against it was so ridiculous that it actually increased public support.

To justify the genocide the government reasons that it's part of the larger healthcare issue — the health of the human race as a whole.   The way they see it is that citizens are like livestock, and doctors are the ranchers who must cull the inferior animals from the herd in order to cut costs of feeding the surplus cattle. If they don't then there will be too many to manage. They cite demographic statistics to support their claims such as the fact that if billions of people did not die from all the wars and diseases overpopulation would destroy the planet, so action was necessary to reduce the population for the greater good.

Healthcare — or lack thereof

The most natural thing for the human body to do is to heal itself, and sometimes each of us must help our bodies heal. But this practice has been outlawed. We are denied the right to be healthy and to aid others who are suffering and dying. Only the state can dictate who heals, and how the healing is done. Anyone not licensed by the state cannot legally heal themselves. To do so is a crime punishable by a harsh fine and lengthy prison sentence.

Many good citizens’ live’s have been ruined in the compassionate act of rendering assistance to an ill friend, while professional health care workers truly get away with murder and laugh all the way to the bank. If hospitals are supposed to be places of healing, then why do so many people who work and visit there get sick? Not to mention die. If hospital staffs did their job, all the patients would get well and the staff would be unemployed. So there is indeed a conspiracy amongst medical professionals to prolong the misery of patients. If it were not for sick and dying people, physicians would be out of a job. So they need people to suffer from injury and disease in order to profit financially. They say they want to help you, but they really want to help themselves. Even the ones who work pro bono think they will be rewarded in some way. Would these doctors really be helping if they knew that this very act it would put them in the poor house? They knew darn well when they chose that career that they weren't going to heal everyone. They also knew they were going to make allot of money off the suffering of innocent victims. So they knowingly want to be part of a system that enriches them at the expense of their suffering victims. And they exploit the handicapped for personal gain.

What doctor would trade all their worldly possessions for the wellness of his patients? Since they are in business to bilk money from vulnerable victims, it would be inconsistent with sound business practices to eliminate the market they depend on. So they have a way of engineering diseases to ensure a steady flow of clientele


            Part butcher shop, part drug store, but mostly a morgue, the primarily purpose of a hospital is to produce profits for the medical industrial complex. It's a massive money machine where malpractice lawsuits are a bi product of the system, and healthcare is an accidental event. Patients are required to sign documents that give doctors carte blanch control over their bodies, and wave their right to sue whenever doctors amputate the wrong limb or transplant the wrong organ. Hospitals are notorious death traps that often deliver the opposite outcome of what they promise. Instead of curing people of disease hospitals are breeding grounds for epidemics that circulate into the general population. More than a hundred thousand people either die or get sick annually just from visiting hospitals. There's even a special disease called a Staff Infection that is contracted from the hospital staff. The workers are callous and insensitive, processing patients like farm animals. Most of the cruelty is undetected because patients are unconscious from anesthesia.

            A good hospital is akin to a meat market where your friendly neighborhood butcher treats you like an old friend while performing a surgical malpractice procedure that leaves you crippled for life. A bad hospital is more like a Nazi concentration camp, an industrial execution plant full of meat packers and drug pushers.

Waiting Room- When someone comes in for a scheduled appointment they must sit and wait in the waiting room. Even though they're required to show up on time, and are told explicitly that tardiness will not be tolerated, they are still forced to wait, sometimes in excruciating pain, for an indefinite duration of time before they have a chance to see the doctor. If they complain at the front desk the rude receptionist puts them on the blacklist, denoting their certification as an organ donor.

Registration & Admissions- Before a patient is allowed to be healthy the first step they must take in navigating the complex hospital Bureacracy is to go straight to the administration department and stand in a long line waiting for hours until they finally reach the registration window where the cash register is located. After paying the cashier the next step is to proceed with the admission process. This is where the patient swallows their pride and admits that they are nothing more than a helpless victim begging for mercy.

Emergency Room- The ER is often called the Trauma Unit because patients are traumatized by the horrible atrocities perpetrated by the staff.

Operating Room- This room is the hospital communication center where the main switchboard is located. Telephone operators stand by while the phones ring for a while before they answer and put callers on hold.

Laboratory- Next to the operating room the lab is the most disturbing department in the hospital. Like a super-powerful electromagnet it attracts nefarious criminal madmen and women hell-bent on wreaking havoc by spreading death and disease throughout the hospital and beyond. While functioning under the auspices of a medical testing facility, the true purpose is to synthesize deadly bio-warfare agents that are deployed as a marketing tactic to increase the number of new patients seeking treatment for diseases caused by those same bio-warfare agents. Gallons of blood samples are drawn from patients and sent to lab ostensibly for testing, but are instead swallowed by the fiendish vampire-like technicians who only like to work the graveyard shifts. Patients who threaten to file malpractice lawsuits are also sent to the laboratory for testing — as lab rats and guinea pigs in secret experiments — prior to being transferred to the bio-waste incinerator.

Intensive Care Unit- Also called the ICU because it's the unit where a doctor's first intension was to care for his patients but the plan changes when he undresses a sexy young woman under sedation and says, " I see you".

Maternity Ward- This is where women end up subsequent to sexual intercourse if they can't afford an abortion.


Anyone who wants to be treated by a doctor must first wait for hours in a special room called a waiting room. People who are in a hurry cannot tolerate the long delay, but the doctor cannot tolerate people who want fast service. Since the people need the doctor more than the doctor needs them, the doctor controls the situation and requires everyone waiting for medical care to be called a patient because that's what they need to be.


What is the real motive of the surgeon? The motives of anyone who consciously chooses to hack up a human body must be called into question. Imagine working for and dreaming about such a career in which one's sole purpose in life is to go into the operating room every night with scalpel (knife) in hand, hiding an evil grin behind an ominous mask, covered in blood. One would think that only the sickest psychopath would partake in such activities. Especially when alternative techniques are readily available. But people generally treat doctors with respect because people generally do not want doctors to kill them in surgery or by prescribing the wrong drugs. They can't count on prosecuting the doctor because the Judge and jury are afraid the doctors will get them next. So this incredible power gives them a major ego complex. And a license to play god. There are so many ways an MD can murder a patient without detection. If anyone would know how, it would certainly be them. And we often read about such cases in the newspapers when one finally gets caught. But for every one that's caught there are a thousand on the loose, free to kill again. It's ironic that the very people who are sworn to heal us are really out to kill us. They should take the Hippo critic, not the Hippocratic oath.

They take a beautiful specimen of a human body and reduce it down to its basic components devoid of love. Their only interest is for scientific and utilitarian purposes. They are not phased by bloodshed or dismemberment. They are not moved by sentimentality. They live to tinker with our helpless carcasses as we lye naked upon their alters of amputation and gore. They salivate over us in ritualistic operations that consecrate our souls to their pagan god of science. This kind of treatment through generation after generation, has had a profound psychological effect on patients' relationship with their doctors. Patients are afraid to challenge their doctors out of fear of retribution. And everyone needs a doctor at sometime, so we can't just go on a which hunt against doctors. Because they'll get us back when we really need them the most. What we can do though is secretly discuss among ourselves how to deal with these doctors. If the doctors are insane, then we all must surely be insane. But doctors have a license to kill and should be considered armed and dangerous, unless you want to be another one of their naïve victims.

OB-GYNs- This specialty is the number one of all perverts and lesbian doctors, and the reason is obvious. Why else would someone ignore everything else and focus on this very narrow area of the body? Their preoccupation with female genitalia is a deranged obsession that causes them to misdiagnose a healthy woman as a sex-starved nymphomaniac whose insatiable lust needs to be satisfied—by them. Luckily the doctor is usually considerate enough to anesthetize the patient saving her from the physical and emotional trauma of being raped. This is a standard procedure in this branch of medicine , nevertheless physicians cause birth defects with their hard-forced penetration, like a battering ram, deep into the wombs of pregnant women, who expect a normal baby but instead get one full of dents roughly the size of the head of a penis. When the mother inquires about the deformity the doctor tells her that all she needs is a little anesthesia.

Psychiatrists- Psychiatry has a long tradition dating back to prehistoric times when the first lobotomies were performed by witch doctors. The practice developed further to included innovative new procedures such as head shrinking which was successful in relieving mentally disturbed lunatics. The only drawback was that the patient's head was amputated in the process. But early “shrinks” believed that the mind actually stayed alive despite the death of the physical body. Psychiatric treatments were refined and perfected over the course of ten thousand years but the main tenet is basically the same; The doctors purge the demons out of the disturbed mentally ill patient by a slow method of irritating, agitating, and otherwise tormenting the poor bastard until a breakthrough occurs—or rather a break down occurs. A strong sedative is then administered, followed by shock therapy, and confinement in a padded cell. Lobotomies are unnecessary because the brain is usually dead after the preliminary phase. Psychiatrist are still referred to as “shrinks” because psychiatric treatment still follows the original ministration, i.e., the shrinking of the head, or brain size reduction. That psychiatric theory posits that by increasing mental deficits, and subtracting intellect potential, the mind will heal itself.

It operates on the assumption that the possession of too much intelligence , if uncontrolled, will lead to insanity, as witnessed with the overabundance of mad scientists residing in sanitariums around the world. So in short, the dumber you are the less you think, and so the less chance you will think of something that will drive you crazy. The beauty of the prognosis is in it's simplicity.

There is at least one seriously disturbing psychiatric issue nagging away that must be mentioned; it's that pesky penis symbol again. Dr. Sigmund Freud, “The father of psychoanalysis” did pioneering work on the phallic complex—he was also an avid cigar smoker. To excuse himself from any scandalous rumors he is quoted as saying “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.   Not so. A cigar is never just a cigar when someone is smoking it, and when Freud smoked one it was always a hot penis in his subconscious. And the facial hair around the orifice of his mouth represents other genitalia. Case closed.


             The origin of the term Nurse relates to a mother breast-feeding her baby. The natural act of an innocent baby sucking on the nipple of its mother's mammary gland is a normal human function. But it has been perverted and distorted by sexual deviates in the medical profession and beyond. The original meaning was hijacked to be used as a sexist title for certain women in the medical field whose job it is to serve as the doctors' personal assistants. In some isolated cases doctors and nurses have been known to have a master-slave type of relationship. This is certainly not the norm, though many doctors wish it were. Based on observations in numerous hospitals it's the nurses who appear to be the dominant position; throwing their weight around, barking orders, and acting like menstruating flight attendants with jet lag. The public perception, based on wishful thinking, is of the nurse-as-geisha-girl, a kind, compassionate, in-house escort with a big bust. This is also the nurse image that hospitals use as a PR ploy. Nevertheless it constitutes institutionalized and prostitutes the entire nursing profession with egregious exploitation and sexual harassment because the very title conjures images of everyone sucking on the nurses' tits. It's a disrespectful disgrace to degrade women in this manner, so they should find some other way to do it and leave the nurses alone. They are dedicated health care givers who take their job seriously, self-sacrificing saints who serve with class and distinction, comforting the ill and infirm, and the   masses of humanity-until their shift ends and they hit the singles bar to party al night.


            These guys have all the fun, or at east they thought were going to before they enrolled in the training program. They chose this career thinking they would be able to use the X-Ray machine to peer right through women's' clothes and see their stark naked bodies. So fervent was their desire that they refused to believe the instructors when they said it could not be done. They just thought that an X-Ray machine can see through things, and with the adjustments of the controls, voila, a bare-skin body. They were obsessed with the potential but everyone told them that it didn't work that way. But they thought that those people knew the secret, and it was so tantalizing that they didn't want to share it. So many an X-Ray technician labored long hours after work, late into the night, every night until the wee hours of the morning. None were able to tweak the settings of the machine to achieve the desired result. Most died of radiation poisoning or cancer, the remainder developed a morbid psychotic disorder. A mental illness called acute delusional X-Ray association complex, caused by excessive visual repetition of X-X-Ray imagery, exacerbated in this case by obsessive sexual compulsive perversion issues. The condition causes the patient to experience hallucinatory X-Ray visions, when he looks at the body of a female.


         These people are key members of the surgical staff, more important thaeven the surgeon. Let's face it, anyone can stick a knife in a body and remove some guts, but without the anesthesiologist patients would writhe in a hellish nightmare of torturous misery, suffering an agonizing episode of extremely excruciating pain at the hands of the doctor. The   anesthesiologist is the good cop, the doctor is the bad cop. Whose side do you want to be on? It's your choice. Both hold your life in their hands. The anesthesiologist's weapon of choice is the IV bottle, fully loaded with high-powered anesthetics that can either thrill or kill-but definitely not feel. The anesthesiologist can make you high, the only drawback is that he can also make you die.


Cancer- (AKA The Big C.) The "C" stands for Cash Cow.

Heart Failure- This disease usually happens when patients see their hospital bill.

Whiplash- When a motorist bumps into someone's car this is what the victim fakes in order to cash in on a huge insurance settlement. No matter how soft the collision is, even if there's no damage to the vehicle, as long as that motorist admits fault for the accident then the victim can sue for them by claiming that they were injured. Whiplash and other back-related injuries are next to impossible to prove or disprove, so the victim gets the benefit of doubt—especially if they are a talented actor. It's such a common

Fungal Infection- Sports players are to blame for the widespread scourge of fungal infections. The most common is Athlete's Foot a malady that causing insanity if not treated in the early stages. Everywhere an athlete walks is defiled; every step they take leaves a contaminated footprint, and everyone who follows gets infected. This hideous disease is a close cousin of Jock Itch and both are members of the fungus family.   Athletes love it when they get Jock Itch because it gives them a chance to play with themselves while they're scratching their balls. When others get Jock Itch they assume that an athlete snuck into their bedroom when they were sleeping and made genital-to-genital contact, then fled before they awoke. No other explanation is possible. So the next time you see someone scratching their crotch in public, you'll know that they're either an athlete, or the victim of sexual assault perpetrated by an athlete.

Erectile Dysfunction- Women dread this awful disease.

Hemeroids-This disease is a major pain in the ass. If you ever see someone standing up when there's an empty chair available to sit down on, you can be sure they have a bad case of hemeroids But don't bother asking or suggesting treatment options, because they will deny having the embarrassing ailment — and rightfully so. Sometimes a case of hemeroids can be misdiagnosed as an injury caused by excessive anal sex. Heterosexual males are particularly concerned that if women heard about the painful buttocks then their reputations would be destroyed, and love life lost. So men, hear this: Mum's the word!

VD- Venereal disease is a terrible illness to have, even though patients have the most fun getting it. When a patient visits a clinic for treatment the doctor photographs the effected genitalia and sells the snapshots to professors at the nearest medical school who display the images during classroom lectures. The practice resulted with increased enrollments of male students who love to view female genitalia. But that was offset by a corresponding increase in the rate of female students who were so embarrassed that they dropped out after noticing that most of the photos were pictures of their own genitalia.

Back Stab & Cut Throat- These two injuries are common hazards of the competitive nature of the modern day rat race.

Insanity- Judging from the casual observation of society at large 99.9% of the population suffers from this affliction. There is no cure because psychiatrists are crazier than the lunatics seeking treatment.


Amputations- Even though any idiot can hack off a limb or two, doctors can only be certified to perform this operation following a one-week internship at an authorized butcher shop or slaughterhouse.

Abortion- This grotesque act is one of the most sadistic things anyone could do. Psychologists think that women and doctors performing the abortion are actually acting out a satanic ritual involving sex, torture, and murder, all in one. Abortion enthusiasts cannibalize the fetuses in a feeding frenzy that would make a shark blush. Anti-abortionists bomb clinics to stop this insanity. Abortionists say they're exactly the same as abolitionists, except the slave here is the fetus. They claim that would-be parents imprison fetuses until it's too late, then a soul becomes imprisoned in the new-born's body. Pro-choice abolitionists want to free the fetus from this type of entrapment. The reason why it's such a theological issue and the church is so against it is because it needs to imprison souls in order to save them. For without souls to save they'd be out of business. This is a genuine conspiracy of the first order.

            What's the big deal? It's not as though they're using coat hangers. It's a fairly simple procedure. They stick a vacuum nozzle up in there, slosh it around, suck it out and voila! Quick and easy, no problemo. Some women even like it better than sex. But there is an insidious side to it that decent citizens find reprehensible. It's the heinous fact that the fetus is actually a living (but not breathing) human being. In the third trimester of the gestation period, but before the little creature is hatched, the fetus looks like a little baby. It's life support system is connected to its mother until the doctor (see Medicine section) performs the operation. If the fetuses are rejected by the Satanists they are put in the trash can in the alley behind the clinic, only to show up later at the local dump where they could be recycled and used as productive members of society if it weren't for the lack of ingenuity by geneticists. Though there is a black market for some fetal tissue, far too much of it goes to waste. So it's a big waste no matter how you look at it. It's a wasted load, it wasted pregnancy, a waste of time and money getting the abortion. It might not be a wasted life though because we see plenty of them walking the streets every day.

            It was learned by our investigators that people who say they're against abortion are just saying it to hide the fact that they really are for abortion. They obviously don't want anyone to know they're for it, just in case it is murder. Because the Supreme Court may later decide that it is indeed murder and start prosecuting women retroactively. At least this is what they want women to think will happen, in the hope that it will stop them from seeking abortions. Men are responsible for pressuring women into terminating pregnancies. Women, who are more motherly than men, want to have the child. But men, who don't have mammary glands and never did like playing with dolls, don't want the baby. Spread the word about the danger of this confusing topic.

Lobotomy- Because only a brain-dead person would choose to get a lobotomy, this operation is for them.

Vasectomy- This is the sadomasochist's operation of choice.

Transplants- Any patient who wants an organ transplant, and is rich enough to afford it, can now get one quick & easy with the endless supply of spare parts from China. Thanks to corrupt Chinese government officials illegal organ harvesting is a booming business there. New organs are harvested daily from innocent inmates languishing in Chinese prisons. To guarantee freshness the organs are removes while the involuntary donors are still alive. Doctors say it's OK because the victims are anesthetized and don't feel a thing. They day right after the operation so they don't even have to worry about going back to prison.

Plastic Surgery- If you have any item made of plastic that needs to be altered or repaired, this procedure is for you.¨


Radiation & Chemotherapy- These are two of the most costly cancer treatments. That's why they are the most prescribed by oncologists. The side effects are usually more fatal than the disease, so doctors don't have to worry about malpractice lawsuits because the patients will be dead.


Ambulance- Hospitals want money badly that they provide patients with a special taxi service to get them there fast. It is the most efficient mode transportation in the world. All you have to do is call 911 and an ambulance will pick you up and race you to the hospital, running redlights with siren blaring while other motorist move out of the way. The hospital must pay the police a fee for a special permit so the ambulance driver can disregard any and all traffic laws because that's what they do.

Stretcher- These portable little beds were once used by military medics to carry wounded soldiers out of harm's way to a makeshift clinic where they can die in peace. But in modern warfare the casualties from IUDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) are so devastating that the victims' bodies are just left on the battlefield to die in pieces. So now whenever battle-weary medics want to take a break they just unfold the stretcher, lay down, stretch out, and relax for a few hours.

Canes & Crutches- The two oldest and most common items that are ostensibly used as medical equipment, but more often used by healthy people who are just too lazy to stand on their own two feet and walk normally.

Wheelchair- To cut costs the medical industry purchased their waiting room furniture from a manufacturer in China. True to form the factory manager misunderstood the order and sent millions of wheelchairs instead of real chairs. So now these wheelchairs are mostly used by panhandlers who pretend to be crippled as a sympathy ploy to collect more handouts from unsuspecting suckers.

Stethoscope- A favorite item of every heterosexual male physician used ostensibly to listen to a patient's heartbeat. The real reason they use it is to probe the bare breasts of female patients.

Thermometer- This instrument is used to treat cute patients suffering from ALOS, or acute lack of sex. There are two types of thermometers, oral and anal. Psychiatrists can learn allot about a patient based on the type of thermometer they prefer to use.

Syringe- This is used, but mostly abused inside and outside of the hospital. Although it resembles a tiny penis that shoots a life-giving load out of a small hole, the load coming out of this item gives the recipient a deadly overdose.

Scalpel-This is really a butcher knife disguised as an surgical utensil. Even though it has cut open more bodies than all the knives used by murderers, doctors slice away with impunity. Go figure.

Catheter- Kinky doctors try to arouse patients using these creepy devices to do anal probes and other deviant stunts under the pretense of conducting an medical examination. If a patient questions the legitimacy of such procedures doctors are trained to respond with indignation — as if that would be an adequate defense.


The pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) is the big winner in the war on drugs. While law enforcement agencies are too busy chasing pot smokers the biggest organized drug gangs have incorporated their racket and are now pedaling their poison more than ever before. The business model is simple; sell as many drugs as possible, then sell other drugs to treat the illnesses caused by the negative side effects from the first drugs. Instead of healing patients some drugs cause death and disease due to lax or nonexistent regulations. It's no coincidence that FDA officials are either former executives of, or future lobbyists for Big Pharma.

Drug companies use the term pharmaceuticalto describe their business because it most accurately matches the nature the racket. The word is a triple-trick-term. Dividing the three parts into separate words reveals the true meaning which is as follows:
pharm— because they treat patients like farm animals.
acu— patients try to suit the companies.
etical— the companies bribe judges who rule that the company is ethical.


Insurance companies are in business to make money for their shareholders and to give multimillion dollar bonuses to their top executives. You are not in good hands with them and they are not like a good neighbor. Did you now that n fifteen minutes or less you can waste your valuable time finding out that all insurance companies are part of an industry-wide price-rigging conspiracy. Would you buy insurance from a reptile? How about a company with TV commercials that exploit children by showing them in a single-parent home while the announcer insinuates your negligence and irresponsibility for not buying their life insurance? Why bother buying insurance when they're going to deny your claims anyway? Peace of mind? Knowing that you claim will be denied? Ha! I'd like to give them a piece of my mind.

The medical profession is a serious scientific discipline. Physicians are rigorously trained to resist the temptation of even thinking about having sex with naked patients who are stoned on drugs.