This introduction to the Media problem is censored.

Freedom of the Press (to lie)

The Malicious Media Machine

Disguised as a common household appliance the television (TV) is in fact a sinister secret weapon deployed by the Media Industrial Complex to rot the minds of viewers in a genocidal plot to exterminate segments of the population that watch — justified as punishment for their lack of intellect to know better.

The key features of the Media problem are:

  • Wastes many years of life consuming content.
  • Print media kills trees causing deforestation.
  • Toxic ink from print media pollutes environment.
  • Trivial content distracts away from relevant issues.
  • Spreads propaganda that is harmful to society .
  • Publishes and distributes biased articles.
  • Instigates violent hostility that leads to war.
  • Brainwashes consumers with subliminal messages.
  • Heath hazard by broadcast electro-magnetic radiation.
  • Content is paid for and controlled by highest bidder.
  • Viewing TV programs causes mental retardation .
  • News programs report false information as fact.
  • Media market overstrained with useless material.


Media per se is not necessarily the problem—it's the programming that it spews into the social conscience every second of every minute of every hour of every day, week after week, month after month, every year, decade after decade, and so forth, forever until the end of the world—which may come soon due to programming. The most negative factors are emotional trauma caused by the subject matter, and loss of cognitive capacity due to a psychological virus. Such deliberate programming that sharply reduces ones mental aptitude is necessary in order to maintain control of the media. Without content specially designed to induce dementia smart people would see through the conspiracy.

The programmers are at the root of the media problem, but people are so attached to the gossip, drama, and celebrities that they continue to look and listen. And like a battered spouse they go back everytime looking for love that isn't there. This condition is projected on the public by media personalities who are frequently involved in sex scandals and bitter divorces.

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For centuries print media was the dominant form of mass communication in the world with a plethora of publication genres that continue to spread the written word, including disinformation, bald-faced lies, rumors, and innuendo. Civilization is replete with libraries of lies that house history's documents of deception and digests of deceit. It chronicles a culture of catastrophic calamity.

After written and hand crafted modes of communication were disbanded, printing became the first form of mass media that enabled wide-spread distribution of published works. It was also the first industry to contribute to deforestation on a massive scale, while polluting the environment with toxic solvents from the production process. The advent of the printing press was hailed as a major advancement for society because it greatly expanded the impact of the written word by spreading lies farther and faster than ever before. Politicians and advertisers exploited the potential to the maximum while the illiterate masses were disenfranchised by the literate elite.

The technological advancement that made the printing industry the what it is today is the same technology that is making earth the dead planet it will be tomorrow.

Newspapers— Newspapers are the perfect metaphor of modern society. On a daily basis an enormous army of workers toil round the clock mass-producing billions of newspapers — most of which will be in the trash can the following day. Newspapers are usually daily gazettes or scandal sheets with some news, editorials, sports, and comics pages-but mostly they just feature display ads that the paper needs to sell in order to pay for the costs of printing and payroll. The public depends on newspapers to keep them informed about important issues like their daily horoscope. Investigative reporters sniff around town like hound dogs tracking down leads looking for that big scoop, yet they always fail to report the mass amounts of dog poop on the pavement right under their noses.

Magazines These products were aptly named after the part of a firearm that holds the ammunition, because the same hazards are presented by the content of the print magazine. Reading it can be equivolent to shooting oneself in the head. Magazines cover a wide range of subjects themes, none of which matter much to the average person because the topic of each magazine is limited to a niche market.

Nuclear News- If the pen is mightier than the sword, then the word processor is mightier than the bazooka. If an editor and staff of writers are mightier than a fleet of warplanes, then a news magazine is mightier than a nuclear arsenal. If the press is the fourth branch of government then it needs its own security force to protect the freedom of speech, shining the spotlight of truth like a laser beam looking for the smoking gun. Enemies of the free press tear up the paper pages because they are terrorists. Magazines are loaded with ammunition used in hit pieces for character assassination.

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            What was once hailed as revolutionary communication innovation became nothing but a nuisance. Radio seemed like a good idea at the time but later it proved to be a dangerous device in the hands of the wrong people—and it seems like only the wrong people use it. Deadly radio waves permiate the atmosphere wreaking unseen havoc everywhere.

Music- Radio music programming was once a huge cash cow for stations and record labels. They had a cozy relationship that was a mockery to the art of music, and creative musicians. Then the Internet happened and the rules changed, but radio music is still the same kitsch.

Talk- Music programming is so bad that listeners turn to talk radio to escape the noise. Big mouth talk show hosts made talk radio a popular phenomenon. Stirring up trouble, fanning the flames of fear, and instigating angry arguments, creating controversies, and otherwise rabble-rousing, these DJs are more like carnival barkers. Loved and hated, and very opinionated, their influence is detrimental to society, and each of them should have their mouth sutchered shut permanently for the good of humanity. Radio is the broadcast equivalent of the rodeo. Instead of a cowboy jockey on a bull, radio has a dick jockey with a different kind of bull. The rodeo bull drops turds and the radio bull talks words, but there's not much difference overall.

Traffic & Weather- Traffic and weather reports are written and produced according to the activity schedule of the station's senior staff members. If it's gong to be sunny on the weekend, producer's tell the weatherman to report that it's going to rain, because the producer wants to keep you off the golf course so he and his buddies can play on un-crowded fairways. Radio executives also exert their personal control over traffic conditions. If they need to navigate a particular route at any given time, they just tell the traffic anchor to report a gridlock condition there so motorists will avoid that area, and the roadway will be clear for the boss.

The first media player was the radio. When it was invented people were stupefied with such an advanced technology that transmits sound wirelessly—on invisible rays—from one location to another. Their dazed state caused them to be distracted from the hidden dangers. They were literally dumbfounded by the death beams.

The contamination of the airwaves started with this demonic contraption. The lethal frequencies negatively effect all living things on earth and beyond. The electromagnetic rays blanket the globe inundating every inch of the atmosphere, extending from the core of the earth into the far reaches of outer space where extra-terrestrial beings monitor the chatter and plan their attack accordingly. And that's only one of the dangers facing humanity because of radio.


TV is one of the most hideous devices ever invented. It alone is responsible for wasting away the lives of human beings who view the screen for hours each day. They think it is entertainment but the joke's on them because while they watch sitcoms, game shows, and commercials, they're being brainwashed like mindless zombies. People love to watch television because they hate their real life. They think that they are watching real things happening on TV, and never think about the fact that what they really see and hear are visual images displayed electronically on a screen, and sound resonating from a speaker. It's all an illusion, nothing is real, and millions of people squander billions of hours in this state of blindness. It's the central element in their life. Without it many people would commit suicide or go insane.

Much is known about the negative effects of this machine. But there is much more mayhem involved. From the rotten dirt on television the couch potato sprouted. A de-evolution from human-to-animal-to-vegetable. By the time TVs were ubiquitous in society more than half the population had lost their life—time wise.

The Nightly News- TV newscasts are part tabloid, part propaganda, part PR and part lies. It's not just news; it's a sophisticated tool like a software program that manipulates the audience by suggestion and deception. If you watch closely you'll notice how they use mental tricks to control viewers. Talking heads must sit behind a desk because their lower bodies underdeveloped. News anchors read the news as if they know it's the truth, but they just read what some writer gave them to read. Yet they look directly at the camera and speak as though they sincerely believe they are telling you the truth. Sometimes they quote others or they say that some other source provided the information, but most of the time their job is to convince you that their news report is always true. By the time it is learned to be untrue people forget about what the reporter said. There is something inherently deceptive about this standard industry practice.

Producers select certain news stories based on the potential for increasing ratings with shock value, not newsworthiness. The media market is so competitive that stations are forced to report the most sensational stories about rape, murder, kidnapping, fires, floods, and other natural disasters. That is what sells, particularly the sex crime stories, and especially if the reporter is a female. They have a way of using the tone of their voice to arouse male viewers, which increases ratings but has the unintended side effect of inspiring sex maniacs to go out and rape someone as soon as a commercial comes on. So TV news has become just one big filth fest.

TV Personalities- Females are chosen for their sex appeal, but you can tell by the look on their faces that they know thousands of male perverts are masturbating as they watch them. Broadcast executives understand this and also know that those degenerates just live to watch these women. For many shut-ins those are the only women they may see in their home, and certainly the only ones that will look directly at them and talk to them in a friendly manner. Because no other girls will ever talk to them such viewers kid themselves into thinking that the women are talking to them personally as a friend. Some fans get so obsessed that they stalk the personality and rape them. Those crimes are usually kept confidential for PR purposes. The station managers fear that all the other perverts in the audience would get jealous and change to another channel.

Reality TV- This latest TV trend is sometimes interesting but usually boring because it accurately presents the boring activities of the people on the show. It's popular because ordinary boring people can relate to it, and the networks love it because it's always a fast and easy low budget production. They figure that if you shoot enough home movies you're bound to catch something worth broadcasting, and that doesn't take much considering all the crap that's on the air.

Sitcoms- Sitcom fans are very depressed people because their lives are so sad and boring. They seek refuge in sitcoms where it appears that the characters are having a fun time, or at least a less boring time than the viewer. The viewer wants to ignore the fact that the characters are highly paid actors faking it, pretending that the sitcom is real life, in effect lying. The viewer wants to be lied to a lot if that's what it takes to relieve their sadness. Scriptwriters are underpaid and in short supply, as evidenced by the lack of humor in sitcoms. Fans don't seem to care because they hear the prerecorded laugh track that makes them think something must be funny, so they laugh. That's all they want to do anyway so it doesn't matter if nothing is funny as long as they laugh. If sit-coms were actually funny there would be no need to add the laugh tracks. The irony is that sitcoms are not perceived as funny by happy people-who get depressed watching sitcoms.

Game Shows- The scourge of games is so entrenched in our culture that its no surprise TV games shows are a big hit, and a big problem of society. The attraction of these shows appeals to some of our basest animal instincts; money, material possessions, fame, etc. It's all self-satisfaction and greed gratification in all it's glory televised from coast to coast into the homes of homely housewives and shut-ins. Game shows try to add excitement to viewers boring lives, hoping they will win fabulous prizes of cash and merchandise. There's not much cash left after taxes, and the merchandise is damaged floor samples, at best. But even the losers get a consolation prize so they don't go away ashamed with heads hung low, utterly humiliated on national TV. The contestants are jumping up and down screaming and laughing, bursting with excitement, which suggests that their normal lives are a drag.

Soap Operas- These low budget drama series were once used as an early springboard to launch the careers of some big stars. That was before the pornography film industry was deregulated. Now soap operas are receptacles for washed up has-beens and sex partners of the show's producers. The contemporary soap operas do not enjoy the popularity that their early predecessors once did because the sheer glut of competing programs makes it hard to attract an audience to such a banal show.

Commercials- These low budget drama series were once used as an early springboard to launch the careers of some big stars. That was before the pornography film industry was deregulated. Now soap operas are receptacles for washed up has-beens and sex partners of the show's producers. The contemporary soap operas do not enjoy the popularity that their early predecessors once did because the sheer glut of competing programs makes it hard to attract an audience to such a banal show.

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The web is a vast expanse of vice to entice you and virtue to hurt you; a worldwide wasteland with words of wisdom, terms and conditions and perverts living in a saturated cyberspace of sin and psychosis where content is king and everyone else is a surfer. It's a dark and dangerous jungle full of predatory pedophiles and the people they prey on. Hackers hack their way through the dense Amazon undergrowth like salivating savages in search of the church of

The broadband vacuum sucks out the truth at the speed of lies into a portal of distorted text lines and warped websites. Online traffic

information super-highway robbery.

Billed by Big Brother as a Great Equalizer that levels the playing field between power and poverty, but it's also a convenient distraction that keeps people from rioting in the streets

The huddled masses look to the web of wonder for liberation but instead get tangled up and caught in a trap called the Internet. Prisoners of this internment camp were like e-bait on a plate to be ate by the spider's mouth and can't wait to get out.

When the web was in its infancy it was an interesting and exciting innovation with unlimited possibilities. Within twenty years it became just one big commercialized communication channel with non-stop, end-to-end advertising, publicity stunts, and PR ploys. Surfers are inundated by a flood of sweatshop blood and drown in a sea of marketing gimmicks and …overpriced merchandise

The Internet has no doubt revolutionized commerce and communication with some temporary benefits, while at the same time it replaced the socioeconomic infrastructure that is the central nervous system of civilization—which was a very foolish move indeed. With reliance on new technology that we barely understand, the slightest glitch can send us back to the stone ages. One wonders if that's what the plan was all along, because surely the greatest scientific minds on earth could not have made a miscalculation of such magnitude. Or could they? Well what can we expect from a group of geeky nerds who sit around all day postulating and hypothesizing, which sounds like perverted activities so therefore they are, at least on some level.

Social Networks- In the early 21 st century the World Wide Web reached critical mass and the time was ripe to exploit everyone's desire to have an Internet presence. Up until then only cool people had a website, then even uncool people started having their own sites, and it quickly became a necessary status symbol for all. Chat rooms and forums were no longer enough. It eventually grew to the point where if you didn't have your own web page you didn't exist, you were dead to the world. Meanwhile the standards were raised a notch and truly cool people had better sites with rich multimedia and e-commerce features, and millions more uncool people continued getting their sites online--but there was still a billion other people longing for their own place in cyberspace. Then along came social network websites, the answer to everyone's dream. They loved these sites because they provided an online ego base for them, with their very own web page. They would end up wasting many hours every day trapped in this social network.   Instead of spending a few hundred dollars for an original custom designed website that represented their unique and distinguished personality, they opted for the cheapo, freebee, one-size-fits-all, standard issue social network web page. This was a textbook example of the herd mentality in action; everyone else was doing it so they just went along with the crowd. The billionaire CEOs did the thinking so you don't have to. Suddenly it was cool to be uncool by joining a mob of clones in a contest to see who could get the most “friends” added to their page—but first they have to join. Members of social networks are called “users”, as in drug users, because they get addicted to using the sites. The sign up process is an arduous affair that involves relinquishing personal data and intimate information that is equivalent to identity rape. To add insult to injury users are must agree to the site's Terms and Conditions, which is a lengthy litany of legalize techno-babble that in essence forfeits any right they have and grants the site unlimited power to do whatever the hell they want. By the time users read it all—if they even understand it, and are reluctant to agree—they figure that they already invested so much time getting this far, and since millions of others took the leap, they don't want to be left out so the agree. They now have their own membership account, which is like having their own personal jail cell because they can't escape, even if they close the account a part of their identity--indeed their very soul--will remain incarcerated forever--while the staff laughs all the way to the bank.

The phenomenal success of social network websites is one of those amazing Internet wonders. They make you wonder why people are so dumb to get suckered into using them. The genius of the business model is in its simplicity. Once the coding is in place the website functions automatically with virtually no service or maintenance costs, so all the resources are focused on marketing. If you do enough marketing you can even sell horse manure. So a few of these sites dominate the market saturating society with their ubiquitous logos, media memes, and messages mentioning their name and your need to join. But they are the only ones that need you to join because their advertising revenue depends on traffic to their site via membership usage. They don't give a damn about the pseudo service they provide, that's incidental. All they care about is making a profit, and their service isn't enough, so they encourage members to get lots of people—anybody, even total strangers--added to their so-called friends list. The website proactively insists that no one can have any real social or professional life without it, and pushes them to stay logged on and interacting in a feeding frenzy for friends. Because if they don't have lots of friends on their list they look like losers, so it's all a cynical game that manipulates members into generating mass amounts of traffic by spending half their lives hustling others into forming fake friendships. Members don't even know most of the people on their Friends list, and they don't care as long as there are lots of faces. It's such a farcical fiasco! The marketing strategy is simple yet critical; it relies entirely universal brand positioning and convincing everyone that they need to use their website at all times. And at first glance they seem like a deeply entrenched establishment, almost a cultural institution. But when you consider the fact that it's all based on a sinister marketing ploy with very little substantive value for the consumer, it looks like another techno-bubble full of hot air that may burst at any minute.