The purpose of education is to teach us everything there is to know so we can be smart enough to solve all of our problems. The over-abundance of problems proves that the academic establishment has not only failed, but is a total farce that only teaches people how to excel at stupidity. Educators should be held accountable for their incompetance, irresponsibility, and dereliction of duty. The whole operation is a bureaucratic behemoth that devours dollars, belches bachelor degrees, farts fraternities, vomits valedictorians, and shits sheepskins.

The current system is not an example of true education, but it's been deeply entrenched for so long that people accept it for what it is, or isn't. The organizational administration is counter-productive, and any advocate of such a feeble fiefdom is a narrow-minded nuisance who should be flogged in the town square, or the next PTA meeting.

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Not only do students learn the three Rs, they also learn social skills like partying with drugs & alcohol, date raping, schoolyard bullying, and violent competitive contact sports The administrative hierarchy is a militaristic model that pits the school staff against the students, who they treat like enemy POWs. Most school officials are former military men because they couldn't get a job anywhere else, but they fit right in with the power structure of the educational regime. And because the military engages in heinous acts of murder and terror, student masacres are a biproduct of this culture. It's a regular routine now: Kids show up at school with semiautomatic assault rifles to express their dismay with the faculty, administration and their peers.


          The primary purpose of a school is not educational, it's financial. All schools are in business to make money. Schools make their profit from ignorant students, so if students learn they won't need schools, and then the school would lose money. So the idea of teaching students to learn is diametrically opposed to school policy, which is to keep students stupid and in school. If schools educated students, then the students would have no need for the schools. A school is not an academic institution, it’s a day care center and the teachers are babysitters. Who else is going to watch the kids while the parents are at work?

The word school rhymes with fool, so there is a common link between foolishness and the whole idea of education. And only a fool would subscribe to the doctrine of lies in our schools curricula. For eons since the dawn of man, there were no schools and we lived in peace. But then the sociopolitical indoctrination process was institutionalized as a method of authoritarian control. Corporal punishment was meted out to discipline students. Students thus learn that violence is what schools teach, and they see this socially sanctioned violence as a means to an end, as practiced by their superiors who want to be emulated by their underlings.

Schools are volatile snake pits where students and teachers clash in relentless battles on a daily basis. It's no wonder that whenever there's civil unrest in society, it starts out as a campus protest demonstration, then turns into a full blown riot or revolution. There is clear evidence that it could all be a communist plot to overthrow the government. Schools have become famous because of the masacres at Littleton, Columbine, Sandy Hook, and countless other scools all over the world. The media shined a spotlight on what has been going in schools for a long time. No longer can the misdeeds of these institutions be hidden behind closed doors. They have been exposed once and for all.

Preschool and Kindergarten
Before a student can enter the school system they must first pass through a preparation phase to make sure they are not smarter than the teachers. Gifted prodigies are swiftly identified and weeded out. Preschools are where new students learn to social skills so they can interact in a civilized manner. But since kids are exposed to so much sexual content in the media, preschool is their first real chance to explore the curious issue first hand. So first they hold hands between each other's legs. When the teacher finds out they are scoulded and warned that sex is wrong and evil. But the kids tell the teacher that their parents fuck all the time. The teacher naturally wants to hear more.It is here where they cultivate the virtue of patience so they can wait until entering elementary school to fight and be a general nuisance. Such restraint is a mistake. If students don't vent their rage early it gets repressed and surfaces later in elementary school when they vent their hostlity in the form of gunfire.

Elementary School
Otherwise known as Grade Schools or Grammar Schools. Young students learn how to read so they can read magazine articles instead of just gawking at the pornograhic centerfolds. They also learn how to write so they can forge checks and write ransom notes. There's no longer a need to learn math since everyone has a pocket calculator these days. But schools have math classes anyway just so math teachers can have a job.

High School and Prep School
This is where students pass through puberty and the teenage girls' raging hormones make them moan like whores in the back seat of their boyfriend's parent's car. Faculty and staff have a dificult time controlling students ever since corporal punishment was outlawed due to the overzealous sadism of certain teachers who were accused of whipping students' buttocks until they blood was shed. Arrests were made, trials were held, and juries sat through months of shocking testimony describing how fiendish faculty members slapped, spanked, and in some cases even raped students. Bras were unsnapped and laws were then passed to stop the harrassment. After that notes were passed around in poetry class about the scandalous acts — and that's a fact.

College and University
Just when students thought they were finally free from the prison-like conditions of school, their parents make them go to college. They submit to their demands because the only alternative is to get a job. Without a degree jobs don't pay much and working isn't much fun. College on the otherhand is an all-expense paid for party place where drunken orgies are the norm. No need to study because girls can screw the professor for a passing grade, and boys can cheat their way through graduation.

Cafeteria- This is where the student body poisons itself with artificial foodstuffs. The meals are mass-produced and prepackaged at an industrial food processing plant located in a state with lax health and safety standards. Contracts are awarded to companies based on the amount of money they bribe administrators with. As a result corrupt officials get the most money while students pay the highest price for the worst quality lunch. School officials tell them that the food is healthy and nutritious hoping that the placebo effect will keep them from dying. But that doesn't matter because the students usually vomit the food back out of their system before they die. In cases of serious food poisoning students are sent to the nurse's office. The school nurse administers an effective treatment by stabbing a pencil into the student's ear until it bleeds. That takes their mind off of the painful stomach cramps, headaches, and nausea caused by the food poisoning. Meanwhile back in the cafeteria the rest of the students engage in a fun-filled food fight as the school dietician tells them not to worry when she announces that the squiggly things crawling on their plates are not worms, it's actually the latest genetically modified brand of noodle, teaming with so much protein that it's alive with vitality. Same thing with the rice that looks just like maggots.

Gymnasium- Sports related athletic activities are located here as well as gym class, otherwise known as physical education. Students call it the “gym” for short because the word “gymnasium” is too hard to spell or pronounce, and they need to save their energy for the strenuous calisthenics their scrawny bodies must perform. In gym class students work up a sweat and then the boys and girls take showers in separate facilities, this is a round-about way of training them to be homosexuals. Some boys understandably prefer not to shower in the nude with other naked boys to prevent rumors of homosexuality from starting. So any male student who doesn't have body odor that smells bad after gym class is considered gay, and those who do reek like a dead rat girls can safely assume are not gay. In the evening the school basketball games are played in the gymnasium, which is a foolish waste of tax money. The expensive cost of team supplies and facility maintenance does not justify hosting a sport featuring a bunch of sweaty goons running around bouncing a ball and trying to throw it through a fishing net with the bottom torn open. It makes no sense whatsoever, unless it's a conspiracy to reduce the IQ of the spectators, in which case it makes perfect sense.

Library- Here is where boys go in search of books and magazines that show images of nude female bodies such as reference books on anatomy. One of their favorites is the National Geographic magazine that show topless women of indigenous tribes from some god-forsaken jungle. Though not exactly the Playboy centerfold type they nevertheless pique the pubertal curiosity of the addlebrained adolescents, who wonder why girls in civilized society don't bare their breasts especially when it's such a good thing to do. At this point the Librarian gets wise to what they're up to and intends to put a screeching halt to it. The stereotypical librarian is a plump forty-something man-hating lesbian, who would be incensed by the very thought of any sexist pigs salivating over the mammary glands of her sisters-in-gender.

Chemistry Lab- This is the most dangerous place in the school, next to the cafeteria. The school laboratory is a deadly hazard zone where unscrupulous students concoct toxic weapons to unleash on society after school. The facility has the equipment, the materials, and manuals to formulate a sufficient arsenal of chemical bombs with the capacity to annihilate a major metropolitan area and beyond. The bad news is that the school provides the resources and training for this type of campus-sanctioned domestic terrorism. Their rationale is the increased publicity and pretige that would follow such a catastrophe. People would think the school must be good if their students are smart enough to design and deploy such a weapon. Such an event has yet to happen thanks to the students' preoccupation with masturbation and manufacturing meth in the lab.

Principal's Office- The last stop before going home — for good. When students are a nuisance they are summoned to the Principal's office for disciplinary action. In the past there was a simple solution — corporeal punishment. But now a less draconian penance must me meted out, such as hostile threats and psychological intimidation. The student meets with the principal in private so there is no one else around to witness his illegal deeds. The Principal pulls out a large binder with the school records and starts writing exaggerated reports about the kid's mischief and tells him lies about how these documents will ruin his life, trying to force him to capitulate through blackmail and extortion. Little does the principal know that the student is recording the whole conversation with a recording app on his smartphone. The exasperated principal finally expels the student from school, at which point the kid buys a case of champagne and invites all his friends over for a party.

Restroom- The intellectual nerve center of the school. You can tell a lot about a school just by visiting the restroom and inspecting it closely with a magnifying glass, and if necessary a microscope. The crusty micro-organism culture growing around the inner rim of the toilet bowl is a direct reflection of the school's academic culture, and the damp floor below the urinals is a metaphorical match to the mental faculties of the teaching faculty. As such, the janitorial staff can't keep up with the festoons of dried semen on the toilet seats and the puddles of piss flooding the floor. They need a machete to hack through the of dense subtropical rainforest of shedded pubic hair, and a special protective biohazard suit is required when disinfecting the surfaces contaminated with contagious diseases. Whenever the local Health Department conducts an inspection the principle tells them that the restroom is like a giant Petri dish to be used for experiments in biological science classes.


Teachers brainwash gullable students into believing a certain world view, and those who don't believe it must pretend that they do in order to pass tests and graduate. Teachers are not only educators, they're also role models. And since most teachers are not quite paragons of morality, they pass their influence of decadent degeneration on to their students, who in turn are expected to respect and admire them. Teachers intimidate pupils by threatening physical violence, expulsion and other disciplinary measures. Teachers are the chief brainwashers in our childrens' lives, and television programs come in second. But since teachers also watch TV, students get a compounded double-dose of 2nd generation brainwashing. Instructors should get the lion's share of blame for all that is wrong in society. And the college professors who taught the other teachers are especially culpable. All teachers are on a power trip by the very nature of their job. Like policemen, they can ruin a person's life very easily. Some teachers are cruel tyrants who take delight in tormenting academic underlings.

            Every month there are news stories about teachers who are under investigation, or have been arrested for child molestation, sexual harrassment, or statutory rape involving their students. They use their position of authority to prey on vulnerable kids who trust them -- only to be abducted and abused. This is what the educational system hath wrought -- a chain of neighborhood sex centers that offer standard study courses as well as intercourse's. The new curriculum stresses the importance of carnal knowledge by addressing the shortcomings of traditional biology classes with direct hands-on instruction that gives students a firm grasp quickly. Teachers strip the subject down to the bare essentials to reveal the true facts of life. The personal one-on-one training session is fast-paced and proactive.

            It's easy for a sexy female teacher to seduce her horny young male students, and it's every teenage boy's fantasy to have sex with a pretty teacher. So when given the chance, both are only too willing go for it.  All they need is a place to meet and to be discreet, which is next to impossible because teen boys like to brag about their sexual conquests -- especially with a hot teacher. Unfortunately their boasting is often overheard by the wrong person, possibly a jealous teacher, who reports it to the police. When these reports are in the news one wonders why the boys didn't keep it secret because they obviously had a good thing going. It arouses speculation about possible blackmail or extortion scheme, where the boys threatened the teachers with exposure if they didn't cough up money. That theory fits in with the facts according to media reports about those teachers' buying lots of gifts for their lucky victims.

Male teachers have a formidable challenge in their pursuit of perversion. Their close contact with hot and sexy young chicks on a daily basis is too much to bare. They can't resist the temptation to seize the chance, any chance, to make it with a student. They tell themselves it's only human nature as they imagine making love, visualizing the naked student with him in bed, first the foreplay as he fondles her breasts, then the oral sex for an hour or two, and finally full scale intercourse. Meanwhile back in class he eyes the girls, looking for signs, subtle hints of an attraction. After weeks of fruitless frustration and pent up lust he can't wait any longer and makes his move. Sensing the repulsive attitudes of his primary preferences who intuitively feel his creepy vibe, he resorts to an easier target -- a homely lonely girl, overweight and socially withdrawn, craving companionship. The usual plot goes something like this: After school the teacher follows her out and offers her a ride home, then invites her -- under false pretences of course -- up to his place where he gets her drunk and seduces her. While they make love he puts a bag over her head and imagines that she's one of the good looking girls in class.

Student-teacher sexual relationships are quite common and usually go undetected. Those that get reported are just the tip of the iceberg. We can safely assume that it is a popular passtime commonly practiced by most students and teachers in school districts everywhere. But relatively few arrests have ever been made because, after all, most of the affairs remain secret. So judgement must be left to our imagination, and since intuition is the highest form of knowledge, and our suspisions are frequently reconfirmed with newscasts of such crimes, it's best to err on the side of caution and presume that all teachers have sex with all students. Or at least it happened in their wildest dreams, which is quite possible. No matter how vehemenantly deny it, they can't prove that it didn't happen in their dream because maybe they forgot. The best thing to do is subject all teachers to hypnosis and try to dredge the memory of that particular wet dream from their subconscious and have them describe in minute detail exactly what happened.

Absent-minded Professor- These over-educated imbeciles who suffer from a brain disease that lowers their level of wisdom in proportion to the amount of studying they do. The only reason they have a job in the first place is because they work for free since they forget to cash their pay check. They sleep in their office and students give them apples to eat.

Mother Superior- This iconic figure is the most feared fiend in catholic schools. The pose as a holy woman but underneath their black and white nun shroud lurks a wicked witch as strict as a boa constrictor and twice as venomous as a spitting cobra. They relish the chance to exert their fury on docile children who accidentally slip out of line by beating them back into line with a yardstick. They love to torment students throughout the school day, and to keep them god-fearing after school they tell them stories about how bad children will die in their sleep and go to hell and burn for ever and ever. The kids are so scared they pray themselves to sleep at night begging god not to kill them and send them to hell. No matter how hard they pray they still think they are hell-bound, maybe not tonight but soon, because Mother Superior said so and she wouldn't lie. Would she?


            Which came first, the student or the teacher? If the student came first, that means no one taught him. If the teacher came first, then who taught him? The answer is obvious: the student came first and he taught himself, then he became a teacher for other students. And therein lies a prime problem of education: when it all started there was no teacher to teach the first student, so he was a complete dunce, an ignorant idiot, a stupid moron, a brain-dead dummy, and a virtual imbecile — and he taught himself based on that! The substance of this first educational experience is the flimsy foundation upon which all education has ever since been based.   So what level of intellect can we expect from that total bonehead? On a scale from one to ten, you can bet it was minus zero. So his attempt to educate himself was an utter exercise in futility. Granted he may have learned something worthwhile, like how worthless he was as a self-taught teacher. Or, like most teachers, he may have honestly, yet mistakenly, believed he was actually smart. In fact he must have felt such a great sense of accomplishment that he rested on his laurels, or in this case a bed of ivy, and thus became the first Ivy League student. Whatever he learned -- whether right or wrong -- he taught to others, who in turn taught others, and following generation each taught subsequent generations the same feeble-minded nonsense that was handed all the way down from that original predecessor.

For thousands of years they were the blind leading the blind into the abyss of substandard academia, remaining there mired in mental muck for many, many more centuries. Slight progress was made however, considering the exponential factor of compounded intellectual growth multiplied incrementally over time. But the core of traditional education was fatally flawed from the start, and exists today as the academic equivalent of a mentally retarded parapalegic. In retrospect this was to be expected given the original curriculum they had to work with. And so the implicit problems of contemporary education can be traced back to the primeval artifacts from defective cognitive processing in the early developmental stages of our neural networks, the deficits of which have since been strengthened and fortified. In other words, our genetic source code has a bug in it, a nasty virus infection that weekens our capacity to learn, yet we stagger along the best we can -- or not.

Students are equally to blame for participating in the problem of education. They all know it's a farce, but play along with the joke just to get it over with. But in the process, irreparable damage is done to their young psyches. If given the choice, most kids would not choose to go to school -- unless it was the only way to escape a troubled home life, or to flirt . Everyone was a student at one time so we all must share responsibility for allowing ourselves to be duped . We should have asserted our independence, but instead we marched like sheep, lockstep into the darkness.

Teacher's Pet- Students contend against one another to be the teacher's pet , who gets special favors from the teacher such as petting. Pupils schmooze and brownnose, kissing the teacher's ass either because they want a passing grade, or sexual intercourse, or because the student is just an obsequious groveler, or all of the above.

The Class Clown- Some students have a natural gift with the talented ability to entertain and amuse —either that or they're just idiots making fools of themselves. Either way, they make education a joy. Even though they disrupt class with their silly pranks, without them the boredom of school would be intolerable. Class clowns are so funny they make their classmates laugh uncontrollably, while the teacher tries to conduct a serious lesson. The zany laughter is matched by the teacher's anger, which only increases the humor. The comedy is so contagious it starts with a snicker, giggle   and a chortle then a chuckle and cackle, then spreads from student to student until the entire class cracks up with hoots and howls rolling on the floor doubled up in stitches.

The Nerd- Nerds are brilliant scholars but teachers hate them because they are smarter and always try to make the teachers look stupid. They correct teachers every chance they get, contradicting them with conflicting evidence, citing well-researched sources and documented proof until the teacher reluctantly admits their mistake. Still the nerd continues to question their qualifications, challenge their credentials, and otherwise humiliate the teacher. Everyone can recognize a nerd because they have their own dress code. The stereotypical nerd wears horn-rimmed eyeglasses with thick lens—whether or not they are myopic. Their shirts are buttoned up tight to the neck, with a pencil holder in the pocket. On their belt hangs a calculator, and the trouser length is just short enough to expose their white socks. Nerds never wear casual clothing like T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. Nerds suffer from a hereditary condition, the only known cure is to breed it out of them through successive generations in the future. The only problem is that no females want to mate with a nerd, so reproduction must be done via anonymous donations to sperm banks.

The Jock- Independent analysts believe that students who are obsessed with sport are genetically predetermined to be homosexuals—whether they know it or not. This is a good thing. The bad thing is that they will be ostracized from society if they come out of the closet. They are instinctively driven to the type of sports that ban females from playing, and prefer jamming an all-male team into the locker room where they undress and take a shower together. Given the conditions we must assume that orgies often occur. The jock complex starts early in life when infant boys are not sexually attracted to girls. They prefer to play with other boys and are repulsed by girls. As they reach puberty their fear of the opposite sex is at an all time high and they seek refuge by playing ball with their boy friends. Growing older they remain stuck in that infantile mode which develops into a deep-seated homosexual complex. Participation in sports such as football and basketball provides an ideal cover to mask their true sexual identity. Forced by the social taboo against openly gay athletes and by peer pressure to conform to the macho sports image they date girls and act like tough guys in public. But their desperate attempt to hide the sexual orientation is an exercise in futility.

The Bully- Every schoolyard has at least one of these thugs in it. They throw their weight around trying to assert their strength as the ringleader of any gang of juvenile delinquents that happen to be in their school. Bullies act like almighty king of the classroom but they only pick on smaller, weaker kids who can't fight back. They take particular delight in terrorizing the most vulnerable kids, destroying their property, stealing their lunch money and causing serious bodily harm. The hooligans commit felonious crimes that would send an adult to prison for decades, yet school officials turn a blind eye to the mischief.   This lack of discipline inevitably leads to more violent assaults and event murder. But the bullies know that they will get away with it because of their age, and they can claim that they were abused at home as an excuse to justify their heinous deeds.    Most of the time they don't get caught when they kill a classmate. They just drag the body in a ditch and kill any witnesses. The police assume it the murderer was probably an adult psycho. Meanwhile the bully terrorizes other students year after year until graduation when they end up working some dead-end construction laborer day job—and moonlight as a serial killer at night.

Tattle-Tales- One of the most hated types of students is the little pricks that tell the teachers whenever someone breaks the rules. They are otherwise usually powerless wimps that no one likes anyway so they find their power niche as it were in reporting every little thing that other students do that might be considered bad, or even remotely ethically questionable. As youngsters they are called Tattle-Tales, as adults they are called Snitches, Rats, or Stole Pigeons, who get bumped off by mobsters. In professional world of white-collar crime they are more politely referred to as Whistleblowers but are hated just as much.

The Dunce- The dunce is the polar opposite of the nerd. Usually depicted as a nitwit sitting in the corner wearing a cone-shaped cap with the word “dunce” printed on it. Everyone likes dunces because they are no competition intellectually. Teachers particularly love dunces because they guarantee job security; in fact they wish all students were dunces, that way they can't be so easily blamed for the student failure. But the truth is that teachers are to blame for all student failure, including the dunce. Contrary to popular belief dunces are actually quite intelligent, they just act stupid because it's easier and so no one has any high expectations they have to live up to. Seeing how girls hate nerds, they figure that girls will love them if they just act the opposite of a nerd. The strategy works sometimes, like when the dunce is cute and rich. But like the nerd, the dunce is an easy target for the bully to harass.

The Dropout- Out of all the school age kids dropouts are by far the smartest. They were bright enough to see the farce that schools are, and brave enough to drop out. They are the true role models that all students should aspire to emulate.  


The book is to education what the bible is to religion.
It holds the wisdom needed to ascend to a higher level and get the hell out of school. But unlike the limitations of a bible, text book publishers can print updated versions of the truth whenever new facts disprove the old facts. And since students change courses at the end of the school year they don't get to read the new books and learn the real truth. School officials make every effort to hide this scandal and prohibit any inquiries about it. Teachers must maintain strict control with stern discipline and intimidation to discourage discent. Student awareness would undermine the credibility of the school board and reveal the stupidity of using books.

The wasted lives from countless hours of reading books are one of the greatest holocausts in human history. Because what are books but bound pieces of paper with ink on them, nothing more. The ink is a toxic chemical and trillions of trees have been lost, offsetting the delicate ecosystem. How can anyone like books? We have become dependent on the written word and as a result our evolution has been thwarted. The same way four legged creatures did not evolve to walk upright, we hunch over books, our eyes fixated on billions of words, as our lives pass us by. This direction took us away from more advanced forms of communication and more fulfilling lives. So books should be banned and burned instead of coal. We have a ready supply and it would keep the miners from getting black lung.

Book burnings could become an American tradition, symbolizing our liberation from the controllers. The controllers control what is published so all you get to read is what they allow. The real world is not in books, it’s in our lives. So drop the book and get a life. This includes magazines, which are especially toxic. For many, pornography has replaced true love, as the gene pool mutates to an androgynous state. This mode of communication trivializes life, but there is a better way. Computers are not the answer, they’re just another crutch that will lead us into another rut. In fact computers are more worthless than books because you can’t burn a computer easily. You can even use books as blocks for building houses and solve the homelessness problem. It’s certainly cleaner than adobe which is made from mud and manure.

Fiction is the art of lies, so these books should be eliminated first. The proliferation of fiction (lies) throughout our culture shows how we deceive even ourselves. Some of the greatest works of art were based on fictional themes. We have been living a lie since the invention of the printing press. If we would have focused our effort on telepathic communication instead, none of this would have happened . We would be better off. But print media was shoved down our throat. We are forced to read in school. Coercion, it’s the law. This idea of reading and writing is like an artifact from a lost civilization. Archeologists will think we were crazy.

Bookworms- Students who are addicted to reading books let life pass them by. They detach from reality and get lost in the unreal machinations of literature. They don't care what topic or what language it is, or if the book is right side up, or upside down as long as it has ink on paper. Bookworms have a voracious appetite to consume the written word wasting many hours daily with their heads glued to the book, resulting in deteriorating eyesight. They do it so people will think they are smart, but the truth is that they are ignorant because they can't possibly remember more than a quarter of what they read so it's an exercise in futility.


The subject matter of a course is like the dogma of a religion. Students are indoctrinated with propoganda disguised as factual information. From the start of school in the morning they are made to memorize mass amounts of data which they forget by the end of the day. The typical curriculum is a structured lesson plan to help facilitate the process of brainwashing students in an orderly fashion. It is concocted by nameless educational authorities who dictate mandatory adherence to it by both students and teachers. The subject matter must be approve by the government to ensure that their scandals and conspiracies remain secret. It's all a standardized narrative that must be accepted without question by school boards, teachers, and students. It's like the terms and conditions of a contract, even if they know it's not true students must agree by passing exams, which is like signing a contract. It's not about learning anything, it's about submitting to a dictator. By the time they find out the curriculum was a lie it's too late. No one can rock the boat and no changes are allowed because the status quo must be maintained at all cost. The only good thing about a consistent curriculum is that students can develop effective cheating strategies based on the ease provided by such a predictable pedagogy.


School officials only care about making money, and the amount of government funding they recieve is based on the level of attendance. But because students hate school so much the administrators need to trick them into liking it enough so they will attend. They set the trap by baiting students with some non-educational type of functions. These ploys are usually organized recreational programs such as sports, dances, plays, and clubs — none of which are effective at increasing attendance. However, there are some other rather surreptitious activities improvised by students that are really the only reason why they go to school at all — besides getting away from their parents.

The most popular passtime is the pursuit of sex. The kind of sex they want to know about is not taught in any class. Even though it is ubiquitous throughout society, it is a forbidden taboo in educational institutions. Teenagers are naturally curious and full of raging hormones that make them so hot and horny they can't resist the urge to copulate with their classmates. The repression of such passionate feelings of lust can result in life-long perverse psychological abnormalities. So they carry on like dogs in heat.


The term "test" is derived from the root word "testicle", because it is a ball-busting challenge for students. The mere thought about taking a test induces feelings of stress and anxiety which can weeken the immune system and lead to serious illness and even suicide. Teachers know this and use tests as a subtle, yet sadistic, form of torture. Some days when they are in a good mood they will call the test a more merciful sounding name like quiz. But on days when they are in a bad mood they call the test an exam. The final exam is the grand daddy of all tests, and when that day comes it is judgement day for students.

The way most tests are designed requires students to memorize a mass amount of frivilous trivia and useless technical gobbledegook, which has no purpose other than to make teachers seem smarter so that students feel dumber. The problem with that type of test is that some students can be a general dunce, yet very skilled at memorizing data. While other students can be a general super-geniuse, but not very good at memorizing irrelevent information.

Education is all one big test subdivided into an infinite series of smaller mini-tests. As far as students are concerned everything is a test, starting with their first IQ and monitoring their attendance record, even their basic attitude toward education is evaluated like a test. Everything about the student is examined and graded. Male students test the manliness of their peers by measuring the size of their penises. With girls it's their breast measurements. Even though tests are not the least bit scientific or in any way professional, students are wrongly judged and punished based on the biased whims of the tester. Student awareness of this teacher tyranny has lead to wide spread practice of cheating on tests. Education has become a contest between the unjust powers of the teachers' tests versus the students' prowess at countermanding that by cheating. It's a natural byproduct of the competitive culture of schools — in other words just another sport. Successful cheating is rewarded with a passing grade and unsuccessful cheating is punished with a failing grade, or administrative discipline. So students have the incentive to always cheat successfully. Whenever a dumb student makes a high score on a test some teachers suspect them of cheating and gives them a failing grade — whether or not they actually cheated. The strongest motivation that some students have for cheating is to avoid the wrath of their parents. Some parents react to a failing grade by denying their child treats, others react by beating the kid with a belt.

There are many types of tests and even many more types of cheating. Tests are tightly controlled and classrooms are strictly monitored, allowing little room for a chance to pull a fast one. So cheating encourages creative conniving and illicit innovation — important skills that are so necessary in the white collar crime job market, wich is where the money is.


Crimes of the educational establishment are planned and perpetrated by wicked weasles who can't get real jobs like responsible adults, so they make a career out of exploiting helpless little children who are victims at the mercy of these indespicable adminstrators. Out of all the people in society school administrators are on the biggest power trip because they have hundreds of students under their control. School age kids are minors with no legal rights and their parents relinquish their own gaurdianship of the kids to the administrators. That's why pedafiles are attracted to this profession. They have access to so many kids and no one suspects them because they're too busy suspecting the teachers. They are the overlords of the school district with the power to manipulate the faculty and staff to make it possible for them to molest the student body.