If the state of the arts is any judge of Ihe state of a society, then the state of our society is in serious trouble. Because the current state of the arts makes a mockery of art, this society makes a mockery of itself.

The only value in this is to view society as just one big work of art — an improvisational theatre of the absurd. Any comic relief is short-lived because the tragedy literally spells curtains for the future of humanity.

The state of the arts can be summed up as follows:

1. The average dictionary defines art as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. The value of such beauty is measured by the aesthetic principals, not personal taste.

2. Great artists command respect, and great art sells for millions of dollars. Since both are in scarce supply the industry needs a way to generate revenue . So they keep changing the definition of art, expanding its meaning to include anything they can sell. Whenever sales of the latest fads slow down they simply a start a new genres.

3. To maximize profits marketers for the arts tricked society into thinking that almost anything can be art, and almost anyone can be an artist. That explains why so much kitsch exists in the art market. Anyone can take something from a trash bin and call it art.


30,000 years ago primordial savages had already perfected the fine art of painting. Using the crudest media and tools they created some of their greatest masterpieces on cave walls in France. The work of these ignorant troglodytes display talent that matches or exceeds the skill of many contemporary artists who have the best tools and materials at their disposal.

Before cameras were invented, painting was used not as a creative art, but as a photographic tool. After the invention of the camera, painting became a lost art because only an idiot would paint when a camera could do the job much faster and better. The only exception is with conceptual artists, which actually required some imagination. But many fakes have infiltrated the genre, and used it to achieve fame and fortune. They were in the right place at the right time, did the right schmoozing and the right backstabbing, and now they are households names. The billions being made on their "work" after their deaths is used to perpetuate a PR campaign aimed at convincing the public that no talent bums such as Picasso were really artists.

As always with scandals and conspiracies, if you want to get to the bottom of it, follow the money. In the case of art, the money leads straight down into the toilet. Paintings of nude people are not fine art, they’re just smut. It’s a disgraceful display of decadence and deprivation, based on filth and ignorance, but masquerading as art. The names of the artists shall not be mentioned here because they should be banished into obscurity and their works burned. Their biographies should be stricken from the history books except in reference to them as perverts and degenerates. Their graves should be exhumed and caskets transferred to a remote dumpsite where rats and buzzards can gnaw on their sarcophagi. Meanwhile we can rest assured that if there is a hell, they are burning away down there. This mild criticism is much less than they actually deserve.

The vast majority of well known painters got recognition because they were the first ones to originate new genres. Not that they or their genres were any good, but just because they were the first.

Many of the most famous painters were nothing more than addicts and alcoholics who sold their souls to their agents in return for another drink or fix, not respectively. Notorious nuts like Vincent Van Gough and Jackson Pollack were prime examples of what artists in society have become. Their best work was done when they were shit-faced drunk. Aspiring artists and art school graduates emulate this bohemian tradition because it’s the only way they can be creative since they have no real talent. People think artists are good because someone told them they were good. If judged independently however, one sees that these artists are in fact not good. The only good thing isthat now you know they are no good.

Van Gough's work looks like child's play. Rumour has it that he was a frustrated no-talent bum who wanted to be a famous artist so much that he amputated his own ear to achieve notoriety.

The problem with nudity in art is that it replaces real-life nudity. Guys figure that it’s cheaper and easier to look at a painting than it is to get a woman to strip in person. Secret surveillance has revealed that many sick degenerates even masturbate while viewing nude images. Undercover stakeout teams have observed this deviant behavior in many sectors of society. Some of you reading this right now have even been videotaped doing it, but these tapes will only be used for research purposes and no criminal charges will be filed, although they should be. They should prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law, lock you up and throw away the key. And perhaps you should be executed, but that’s not for me to decide. A judge should decide that you be put to death, and a jury should decide that you be tortured first. How else will you learn? Painters throughout history have toiled away their lives on this senseless activity. And the utter absurdity can be seen in the millions of dollars fools pay for a painted strip of canvas stretched across a wooden frame. Its an industry of idiots which extends into other sectors of society affecting the citizenry in negative ways, contributing to their ultimate decine of civilization.

The reason why people succumb to such weakness is because they are trained from birth to think that art is OK. This blind acceptance has led mankind down a counter-evolutionary couse where it will be condemned to eternal ignorance unless we wake up to the facts about painting as an art form. This publication exists to alert and warn readers realize the real reality behind social norms and cultural customs. We seek out truth no matter how insane it may seem at first. The liars disguise truth as insanity to divert attention away from the scandalous conspiracies they’re involved in. Some people have accused us of being overly critical about art, but we are always right in the end because truth and justice is on our side. In this case, painters are the problem du jour of society. They insult our intelligence while their assinine agents pedal their garbage in galleries for obscene amounts of cash. This horrible conspiracy must be stopped if we are to survive as a sane society. At this point however it appears as though we are already doomed thanks to the ongoing stranglehold the art establishment has us in.

Another major issue is that whenever marketing agents need a new revenue stream they search for people who are trying to learn how to paint and collect the failed attempts from their trash cans. The crumpled pieces discarded by the inept painters look like trash but the agents market them as the latest style of modern art, advertised as the current trend in the visual medium masterfully painted by a fresh new artistic genius. This marketing strategy involving rubbish labeled as cutting-edge artwork was exemplified by Vincent Van Gough who cut off his ear to prove just how cutting-edge he really was. It was a great publicity stunt that assured his place in the annals of art — and money in the agent's wallet.


The art of drawing is the most commonly practiced disciplines because it's simple and easy.

Di Vinci.....


Artistic standards have spiraled downward since the advent of personal computers. While increasing the efficiency of production artists, the overall affect on art in general has been a complete disaster. The negative impact is so severe that the only way to overcome the damage would be to ban the use of computers entirely, which may not be feasible because clandestine use by criminals in hiding might still be possible. So meanwhile the scourge of these menacing machines continues to take a toll on society. It all started with the commercial release of consumer-level graphic design programs. When amateurs got their hands on this software it was like a rouge state acquiring nuclear warheads. They launched an aesthetic holocaust of biblical proportions, the aftermath of which we are still living with today, and the radioactive fallout will remain for centuries. Thousands of professional artists were instantly vaporized by the initial blast of pseudo art produced by these tinhorn design dictators, followed by a upgraded versions that contaminated the entire publishing industry like a lethal nerve gas. As soon as print publishing houses realized that they could get any staff member or even the janitor to make graphics using these powerful new applications, they discontinued hiring professional designers. It made no difference whether the artistic quality was good or bad; the only thing that mattered was that it saved the publishing industry billions of dollars over course of a few decades.


The word literature comes from the root word 'litter', because it has about the same value. City dumps and landfills are literally littered with literature. Not just a little but allot. The name Hitler sounds a bit like literature so it could very well be a secret nazi code designed to brainwash readers. This would explain the rampant indoctrination of scholars with draconian philosophies. When they read they don't realize that its really a trick to rob them of their time, just like TV is. What is reading but looking at ink printed on a page or looking at pixels displayed on a screen? It matters not what the meaning is because its probably a lie anyway.

The clearest example of how literature is wrong can be found within literature itself. After all, words are literature. Words like shit and scum are clear proof of the nature of this art form. These words illustrate the very negative way literature effects us. Since every disease has a name, it logically follows that the name is the disease. Words come from thoughts and we can only control thoughts through brainwashing or microchip implants, both of which are not totally reliable. Until we develop a fool-proof method thoughts manifested as words will continue to pervert language.

Reading and writing block mental development because we get dependent upon this crude form of communication. It's a way to thwart human potential while causing premature blindness. The elite class does not read. If you see them reading, they're really only pretending. Smart people don't need to read. People who waste time reading are hurting themselves and society as a whole, because their stupidity is contagious, causing accidents and other public health hazards. Writers are to blame. If literature is like a drug, then they are the drug dealers and readers are the drug addicts. Its all an issue of in societal ignorance. The question is, what to do about it? We can't just gouge eyes out. But we can bindfold readers. It is a safe and effective way to force our species to evolve into the next stage of communication -- telepathy . It will take generations to accomplish but our descendants will thank us for it. By then humans will lose the ability to speak because it will no longer be necessary. We'll only be able to mumble partial phrases, sounding like idiots. But we already sound like idiots anyway so what do we have to lose?


Fiction is lies, pure and simple. It is the work of false authors and compulsive liars. The fact that these lies are revered as great literary works speaks volumes about the sad state of our culture. And this situation has been going on for quite some time. The age old classics show how little civilization has progressed in the last 20 centuries. It's as if there's a conspiracy to keep humanity in the Dark Ages. The same ignorance prevails as the same tales are told over and over again. New books of fiction are simply new twists on the same old lies, or occassionally new lies altogether. Readers don't question the merits of such "work" because they've been conditioned to regard it as just another form of entertainment. But literary fiction, like some cinematography, is a mental prison from which there is no escape. When one reads fiction, one must pretend that it's the truth, and in so doing, it essentially becomes the truth for them. And they act on that belief. In fact much of what people do in society is based on the fiction (lies) they read. But who publishes these lies, and for what reason? To find the answer to that question, one need not look any further than to those who gain from public ignorance, the people in control. Because this is how they stay in control; by keeping the populace in a state of perpetual ignorance, and feeding them a diet of lies.

Some readers can read between the lines to decipher the truth. Sometimes the only truth is that there is no truth to be found. But that is an important first step to learning where not to look for truth. Any thinking person knows that. The problem is that there are very few thinking people. Why? Because they don't really want to think. They've been bred like clones into accepting unconditionally all the lies they read on a daily basis. They find comfort in the ease of not having to work their brains to see through the muck clogging their minds. It takes great effort to untangle the confusion and figure out the truth. It's easier to play dumb and sink into a deeper darker state of ignorance.


Non-fiction is fiction with the prefix 'non' added to it to give it the appearance of not being lies. But it’s only a trick to make readers think that there is some literature that is actually true. The fact that someone thinks they have a monopoly on the truth shows how arrogant and conceited authors and publishers are. In reality they are evil to the core, as evidenced by the proliferation of pornography out on the streets when it should be inside homes. Not much else can be written on this subject because non-fiction is a non-issue. So all writing must be assumed to be fiction because how can we know if it really is true? The only exception is the writing you are now reading, which is truly true. There may be one or two people who disagree, only because they themselves are dirty liars, so their disagreement matters not. What does matter is the insight these writings show, which can't be found anywhere else -- proof positive that the vast majority of literature is simply propaganda, and that only this can be believed.

Fables and Fairy Tales

Non-fiction is fiction with the prefix 'non' added to it to give it the appearance of not being lies. But it’s only a


Nothing intelligent can be written about poetry because it’s the illegitimate bastard child of human language. When combined with music the mixture makes a lethal weapon against social stability and due order. All poets should be held responsible for linguistic rape. The fact that poetry is popular proves that rape is popular among poetry fans, and that those who love poetry even love rape. This is the hard reality we must face in society today. It cannot nor should not be ignored. Because those who ignore things are ignorant, and ignorance should not be tolerated.

Disturbed psychopaths such as Edgar Allen Poe are typical poets who’s ranting and raving inspired many a serial killer. Every perverted ax murderer on the planet was and is a Poe fan. Hence everyone with a Poe Book should be put on death row, before they have a chance to kill again. Poe and others of his ilk inspired contemporary horror writers to reach even grosser levels of evil, unleashing hellish thoughts that live as sure as reality does. It is through writing that this damage is being done to society. No good can come from writing, anyone who has ever seen pornography knows that it's only the pictures that count, so who needs to read? Poetry led to Rap "music". And rap sounds like crap

Screenplays and Scripts

Even if all books were burned literature would still survive through the cinema. So all cameras and televisions should be destroyed as well, lest we fall into further folly. Screenplays were invented for people who can't read, so they can watch the lies in living color instead. Film and TV brainwashers get better results when victims are at an early age before they can read, and are more receptive to the suggestions seen on screen. That's why scripts written for children's programming are replete with subliminal messages designed to thwart mental growth. Educators and entertainment providers lower themselves to the level of the child, instead of elevating the child's consciousness to an intelligent level. The overall effect is a staggering reversal of the evolutionary trajectory. And that in turn is why so many young men look like the three stooges.

Screenplays seen on screen as movies are rapidly replacing the printed novel as the main story telling art. There is an art to screen writing, but it is a lost art as anyone who watches movies can attest. It is a well-known fact that more money is made on refreshments and popcorn at the cinema snack bar than on box office ticket sales. Consuming a movie, which originated as a screenplay is like consuming junk food at the concession stand. The difference is that consumers are willing to pay more for the junk food because they know that it's a better value. Screenplays have no literary value except as a set of directions to tell no-talent actors how to act. Most movies have a screenplay because most actors can't act. They need to be told what to say and what to do. Screenplays are merely a crutch for these disabled artists. And although most actors are mentally handicapped, they still need a script when playing a mentally handicapped caracter. Some film stories are adapted from a printed novel in much the same way that garbage is recycled. First the author must read the book, then the story is regurgitated like vomit from his mind into a screenplay format. Careful attention is given to ensure that the original story is completely lost. This is true for cinema as well as stage plays. The fact that there are so many homosexuals in the theatre means that reading scripts causes homosexuality, and recent studies affirm this belief. Scripts are useless without actors and a director, and vise-versa.


The origin of music can be traced back to prehistoric times when cavemen bashed in the heads of other cavemen in a syncopated rhythms. The current term beat originated from their ancient beating sessions. Today we beat drum heads using sticks at jam sessions. Back then they beat dumb heads using clubs at bam sessions. This is why rap and hip-hop are so popular among fans. The sound brings out the primal beast from their ancestral roots that still linger as artifacts within their DNA. And modern scientists have found ways to exploit this genetic defect. They studied the habits of the baboon to understand the type of person that is attracted to such beat music. Using that data they identified the exact demographic target to market the noise to. Production costs were negligable since no artistic talent was needed. It was simply a metter of pushing buttons on a drum machine and getting a crackhead off the streets to babble into a microphone.

The current crisis in music can be credited to our ancient ancestors whose negative influence has gone full circle and finally come home to roost.

Later in the history of music, homosexual tendencies began to surface when composers such as Mozart and Bach paraded around in wigs and sissy outfits. About this time, wind instruments became quite popular due to the similarity to oral sex between male musicians. This marked the start of the Romantic Period in music history. Groups of these deviant musicians joined together in wild orgies. This is where the term orchestra comes from.

The decadent nature of this music was the cause of its demise. But the decadence factor reared its ugly head again when swing music came into being. This occurred during the prohibition when the worst criminals in society drank liquor and danced at speak-easies. This culminated in the genres of blues, rock and roll, and a host of other deviant perversions masquerading as music genres. One of the many problems with music, and the primary reason that it should be banned, is that it poses a dangerous threat to the health and well-being of the general public. It has always been this way, starting with classical composers with their batons. It is not safe to wave a sharply pointed stick around in a roomful of people. In fact it is downright stupid. This may be a clue to the intrinsically violent nature of music. It was none other than Adolph Hitler who said "To understand Nazi Germany one must understand Wagner". Since Hitler liked music, then anyone else who likes music must be like Hitler.

Music is addicting. This is why people like it and can’t give it up. We should declare a War On Music. But in order to get kids to just say "no", we must first educate them as to the dangers of this insidious menace. I say roll out role models such as Curt Cocaine, I mean Cobain, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix as direct evidence of the death music causes. Eric Clapton’s hit song Cocaine promoting the drug, only served to reinforce the negative attributes of music as a silent killer. Its addictive quality is hidden from public much the way tobacco was for decades, while companies raked in profits and left millions of victims dead in the wake.

The ongoing musical holocaust is causing even greater casualties and should be stopped immediately or taxed out of existence. File sharing thieves on the internet spread the epidemic even further and no one is able to stem the tide of this online crime. We have exposed the music menace as a major risk that has led to the downfall of many societies before. Remember Cicero played his violin while Rome burned. Music and it’s byproduct of social decay, will lead to the end of civilization as we know it. The internet has driven many musicians out of business, and rightfully so, because most musicians should not be sending sound waves reverberating out into the open air and into others’ ears. It’s the same as spitting into others’ ears. Their music is like flegm-infested saliva entering the ears of anyone who listens. And it is impossible to escape the effects of music because the sound waves bounce off of everything else. Even if you’re far, far away, it still effects you on a subliminal level. The only solution is to ban music altogether. Society would be better off.

There are opposing groups that are for and against the proliferation of music. Society has become so saturated with it that music has lost all meaning and has become one big ominous drone. This is precisely why music must be stopped before it’s too late, and we all become a race of imbeciles who can’t distinguish art from noise. With each new generation humanity is evolving into a dim-witted class of morons conditioned by the media to obey commands dictated through digital codes. This is why criminals are gradually driven to escalating acts of violence subsequent to commiting murders, rapes and a variety of other heinous deeds, all caused by music. Without music there would be peace on earth. Musical sound deprives one of the necessary amount of rest one needs in order to maintain one’s sanity. We all know how irritating a neighbor’s loud stereo can be. Music sufferers have been known to go ballistic when the constant noise gets to be too much for them to bare. Laws should be enacted to protect us all from these attacks, because music is really a form of torture. People don’t always recognize it as such because we have been tortured for so long that we except it as normal.

The problem of music in society is massive. Only we care enough to stand up and protest against this issue. Everyone knows that musicians and record company employees are all drug addicts, who seduce consumers into buying their deadly products. They hire sexy women in mini-skirts to strip in nightclubs, because the music alone is not good enough to satisfy as anyone as a form of entertainment. Another problem is that listeners who hear music take on the characteristics of those who made the music. So when one hears some junkie punk-rocker screaming profanities to the thrashing noise of over-amplified instruments, one actually becomes that punk through the effects of resonant energy. That means the vibrations from the source transfer over to the listener causing them to aquire the traits of the causal source. This is why fans grow hair, dress, and act like their idols. And this is why we have a drug problem in society, and this is proof that music is .

Yes indeed, despite all the tacky fashion kitsch and a multimillion-dollar publicity campaign spanning several decades, managers and producers of the pseudo-artist formerly billed as “Prince” failed to dictate who he really was. It's true, they did fooled some of the foolish people some of the time. But they couldn't fool all the smart people all of the time.

Let's set the record straight. By objective standards he was, at best, a mediocre guitarist who tried to gain legitimacy by mimicking the image of Jimi Hendrix, who was a true artistic genius. Although widely acknowledged as the greatest musician of the 20th century, Hendrix was mostly unknown to Prince’s adolescent fan base, Like most pop music fans they were only aware of whatever the record companies paid radio stations to play at any point in time.

While Prince built his career around the persona of Jimi Hendrix, he was very careful not to publicly acknowledge him as an influence because his fans might discover the fact that Prince was a cheap imitation by comparison. Purple Rain was another rip-off hint of Hendrix’s Purple Haze. Adopting Jimi’s hairstyle and apparel — but not his talent — Prince was a piece of merchandise packaged to appeal to the teenage demographic that was more impressed by glitzy glamour than virtuoso musicianship.

Based on his promotional literature he achieved stardom making a mockery of music by pretending to be a great artist. It would be a crime against humanity for Prince to be chronicled in the annals of art as a creative genius. His only outstanding accomplishment should be documented as a byproduct of successful advertising hype that decieved millions of gullible consumers. And so he rightfully deserves to be inducted into the Fall of Shame.


Drama is the art of lying. Actors make the best liars, and not all actors are in show business, they exist in elsewhere too. But show business is on trial here so we won’t explain at this time how lying in general is widespread and rampant everywhere, especially in "sacred places". The art of Drama takes lying to the extreme. No other sin is made into such an art form, though some have tried. Drama is more than just artistic lying, it’s even raised to the level of a religion, in that there are icons (stars), and followers (fans), and the rituals (plays) are conducted in huge cathedrals (theatres). Theatres are bastions of evil. President Lincoln was assassinated in one by John Wilkes Booth, which psychological profilers believe had an inferiority complex because booths are so much smaller than theatres. It's no coincidence that Superman disrobed in a phone booth, symbolizing a closet, where so many homosexuals in the theatre reside.

When you see a gut wrenching performance in a Hollywood tear-jerker, just remember that it's all a lie. Behind the scenes there are hundreds of production people with one purpose: to fake you out, to trick you, to take your money, to manipulate your emotions, to influence your behavior, and do many other harmful things to you. They are mealy-mouthed maggots who feed on you like worms feeding on a rotten hunk of meat. You are the meat, and drama is the butcher. The creators of drama are to blame for widespread disease of thought and spirit. Dramatic works that are said to stink, actually do because the stench of a rotting carcass, which is the consumer being consumed.

Most drama originates from works of literature, which explains why it should be banned, censored, or eradicated as soon as possible. Those who oppose this measure should be examined closely to determine how extensive their brainwashing is, and to prescribe an effective recovery regimen. If no use can be found for them in society, then they should be sent to a sanitarium for the clinically insane, where they can receive shock therapy wearing a straight jacket and locked in a padded cell, while being constantly tormented by a tyrannical orderly. If they ain't nuts before they go in, they sure as hell will be when they get out --if they get out.


            As the origin of the modern musical play this performance art genre is a mongrel crossbreed of two distinct forms of art, music and drama, created by musicians who wanted to be actors, and actors who wanted to be musicians; and it's a textbook example of the consequential defects of inbreeding. Although it is exactly like a theatre, the venue where operas are performed is called an opera “house”, because it's more like a whore house than a theatre. Opera is like the deformed offspring of a whore (drama) and a drunken sailor (music). Although both of these arts share equal blame for the unwanted pregnancy neither claim financial responsibility for the pathetic cripple. So the illegitimate bastard must rely on handouts from aristocracy to support the costly care required to keep it alive. Aristocrats are sympathetic to the inbred because they too are inbred — and they too are the only people who can afford to buy an opera ticket.

            The average person who listens to opera objectively would hate it. But those who understand the innate satirical comedy — whether or not it's intended — love the opera. Fans don't care about the music or the drama; they are intrigued by the curious combination of the two genres bound in a surreal schizophrenic spectacle on a grand scale. They observe the bizarre behavior of the cast performing in a fine art freak show that only a certain class of eccentric patrons can fully appreciate. The theatre stage set looks normal and the orchestra sounds normal but the singers sound anything but normal. The singing would be unbearable to listen to if it wasn't so strangely interesting. In a vain attempt to make the performance entertaining the vocalists sound off with overly exaggerated displays of melodramatic mouth muscle that irks the audience for hours. But it's not over until the fat lady sings, which won't be long — seeing how most operatic divas are obese.¨


            Splicing together the genetic aesthetics of music, drama, and dance, Ballet is another art-form inbreeding experiment gone awry. It's an illicit 3-way ménage à trios made by madmen who should have been stopped before they ever got started; and now the popularity of this mutant hybrid has become another pesky problem of society. Compounding the calamity are the challenges presented in grappling for a solution to the issue because any attempt to study it leads to severe migraine headaches and nausea. Nonetheless, we must commit ourselves with diligent determination to the task of undertaking a swift and decisive eradication effort, lest we become a society of sissies — like France.

            The intrinsic defects from its conception make Ballet impossible to appreciate unless we gouge our eyes out and glue our ears shut. But even then it will still affect us just knowing that it still exists beyond the faculties of our five senses. Try as we may, we can never escape our intuitive awareness of a Ballet performance if one is ever happening somewhere in the world. In an ongoing effort to ascertain the eerie attributes that make this amalgamated art so abhorrent let us consider some of the elements involved. The music sounds good enough, and the ballerinas — though frail and emaciated — look sexy enough as they spring their knees, spin their hips, and do their splits — like in the Nutcracker but without cracking their nuts. Then just when you start to think that maybe you might like the ballet, here comes the sugar plum fairy ballerino, the male ballet dancer in full regalia — leotards, make-up, and all. He ruins the show for everybody. The girls hate him because he wants to use their dressing room; the straight guys hate him because they're homophobic; and the gay guys hate him because he makes a mockery out of their sexual orientation, gallivanting around in a pathetic parody of a prima donna pussy. He looks every bit like a flaming faggot — whether or not he actually is one.

There is ample evidence that ballet is a surrogate sport and the dancers play athletic games vicariously through ballet. It's a fascinating psychosocial phenomenon that bears insight to the underlying operations that manifest such outcomes. To fully comprehend the nexus of factors conducive to the particular circumstance involved, an exhaustive analysis was in order. There are a significant number of similarities between sports and ballet starting with the name. In regard the sport concept, the term Ballet is derived from two root words, “ball” and “let”, as in “let's play ball”—which expresses the unspoken athletic urge burning inside every ballerina. The powerful force created by the predominance of females with this unrealized yet overarching passion to fulfill their zeal to play sports is multiplied exponentially, resulting in the apparent verisimilitude of ballet being a sport. Of all the forms of art ballet is by far the most athletic, in fact most athletes could not execute most of the choreographic stunts routinely practiced by these dancers. Some sports uniforms have similarities with the skintight leggings worn by ballerinas. Male athletes stubbornly refuse to disclose details concerning their undergarments, which only fuels speculation that it's the same as those worn by ballet dancers. There will come a day when discriminatory injustice will end and all of the pro sports athletes no longer need to hide their sexual orientation in the closet, or locker room.


Dancing, otherwise known as choreography is another perverted art form. It's most often used by aggressive sexists to get their hands on a woman's body. We infiltrated dance houses, discos and raves to observe the dance culture first hand. What we found was that dancers are frustrated sex maniacs. They can't just jump in bed and fornicate. They must do this bizarre ritual known as dancing. It's a primal force holding back evolutionary progress, not just for them, but for all mankind. The rest of us should not be subject to the wild impulses that drive young dancers to the clubsjust to shake their asses. Afterwards they are too tired for sex, so our species won't procreate and we'll become extinct -- all because of dancing.

Whirling dervishes are typical of the common dancer. They spin around in circles getting dizzy as idiots until they think they see god. The feeling of exultation is simply lack of oxygen in the brain caused by all the spinning. Yet they mistake their state of idiocy to a mystical experience. The same is true for all religions, but that's another story. Other dancers include the Watusi tribe in Africa, known for their lanky bone structure, extreme heights. and primal screams. They have chants that induce a trance which rhymes with dance. There is even a genre called Trance, which is a very simple electronic sound. Simple, as in simpleton. The sound actually causes stupidity, which is why so many dancers like it. It's the way the acoustic waves blend in with their brain waves. Most dance music causes mental retardation. Victims are ashamed to admit it, so we a responsibility to society to expose this problem for all to recognize and unite in a common effort to suppress the growing dance movement.

The drug Ecstacy is a permanent fixture at dance clubs. Teens get addicted, overdose, and die because of the dance scene. Dancers dance because they want to be an artist or musician, but they don't have talent and can't play an instrument, so they jump around and move their bodies. Anyone can do that. So dancing as an art is a farce. It's more like pornography, which some argue is a better form of art. Dancing is a lot like doing drugs. The two are intricately entangled. Dancing while on drugs creates a dual addiction where one needs the other to be satisfacory experience. Dancing is worse than drugs because it is done directly by the perpetrator, whereas drugs are innocent bystanders abused by the perpetrator. So there should be a war on dancing. An all-out assault on drug dealers in dance houses who addict youngsters to ecstacy.

Fred Astaire couldn't get a girl until he took up dancing. That's the only reason he danced because he was such a whimp It was the only way any woman would have anything to do with him. Hollywood types have access to large quantities of drugs and lots of time to party with orgies where dancing is rampant. It is places such as this that continue to spread the AIDS epidemic. So kids should just say no to dancing.


Architecture is another systemic problem of society which has its roots in early antiquity when man first built shelters with a material made from cow shit and mud called adobe. This was our first mistake. The love affair with scat culminated in present day structures that come equipped with rooms called lavatories, bathrooms, or restrooms. These rooms have things devoted exclusively to the love and care of human waste, otherwise known as piss and shit. These apparatuses are called toilets and urinals. They are the most obvious examples of architectural engineering gone awry. It is proof of scatological fixations by modern architects which evolved from the adobe period. With this new knowledge about architects, civilized people must now decide how to phase out the scat factor. Those who resist will be labeled anal retentive, and part of the conspiracy to keep mankind immersed in fecal waste, spreading death and disease as part of a larger genocidal movement for population control.

So the subject of architecture is a dirty one, in which filthy minds make buildings that have lavatories, which are a kind of laboratory. Toilets and urinals therein are like giant petri dishes breeding all kinds of deadly diseases, thanks to plumbers and construction workers in the building industry. This is an open admission of what goes on behind those doors: Scatological experimentation. This sad situation must be changed. Why let a handful of sick professionals control the quality of living of an entire civilization? Architects have let us down with their antics, so that entire industry should be dismantled before further harm can be done. Some say this is like throwing the baby out with the bath water, but bathtubs are OK, it’s the toilets and urinals we’re against. Architects are taking human potential and flushing it down the drain in an orgy of waste and scum, which is their domain.

There are dastardly elements at work in the field of architecture because it is not really an art anymore, it’s a science. The nerds hijacked the art and turned it into an engineering process. And all art is being systematically replaced with anti-creative activities. But architecture has been changed from what was once a noble craft, into what is now a mockery to mankind. Buildings are designed to collapse during earthquakes and burn during fires as they so often do. They can easily be built to protect against earthquakes and fires, but are not. Many innocent children die each year in structures designed by architects. These death houses are specifically designed to kill people who occupy them.

It’s no coincidence that the word 'shelter' completes the 3rd part of 'helter skelter'.
The World Trade Center was designed to collapse when struck by passenger jets. And as a result that’s exactly what happened. Thousands died in the towering infernos built by architerrorists. In fact all architects are terrorists in a way because terrorists use architecture to terrorize society. Prisons are legal houses of horror for those inside. Architects take particular pleasure in creating these structures. Torture chambers and death rows are both excellent examples of architecture at its best. They love to design buildings where people suffer and endure great pain such as hospitals and dental clinics. These structures should be demolished or converted to places of worship. Architects are also responsible for creating tombs and other structures devoted to death and morbidity.

Crack houses and whore houses are what modern architecture is all about. They are the crowning hallmark of the profession. Funeral homes and comedy clubs are other examples of malicious architecture. Many bad things in society comes from architecture, and by extension, urbanization. Because at the other extreme is the natural environment, which everyone agrees is healthier. It’s better to live in a cave than to submit to the twisted perversions of an architect.

Fashion Design

            This is another example of art run amok. Granted there are some aesthetic issues involved with the clothes we wear, but that's no excuse to do what all too many fashion designers do. Clothing is not art per se, it's for protection from the elements, and for covering the unsightly bodies of ugly people — and it's legally required in most municipalities. Since clothing is compulsory it should look discreet yet tasteful, not ostentatious. Fashion designers have built an entire industry around pretentious, conspicuous, flamboyant, and gaudy apparel. They equate their art with brash extravagance and glitzy kitsch. Not much thought goes into their designs because they change the styles every few months to ensure a steady revenue stream. For fashion fanatics, if you are not wearing the latest style you're a pathetic loser. And the more expensive the outfit is the more status it symbolizes — no matter how tacky it looks. It's all about money with these people so artistic refinement is expressly forbidden.

            Fashion wear is mostly a female interest because men often rip their clothes to shreds in bar fights and sex crimes, while women adorn their bodies with fine fabrics to up their worth as a marketable commodity. That's why lingerie is so popular among chicks. Statistics show that men are inclined to pay much more when facing a woman in underwear with her hand out. Regardless of the sex appeal issue, the fashion industry is a bastion of homosexuality full of gay designers and models. The preponderance of gays is due to wide spread discrimination in other industries in the past when they were forced into the underground sweatshops as pseudo seamstresses and underwear models. They toiled night and day to earn equal employment opportunities in the burgeoning industry, and were eventually successful in completely domineering all levels of it. Their influence is evident in many of the weird wardrobes worn by even weirder looking models. You can the tell a gay designer's model by their slender emaciated bodies and the livid facial expressions, not exactly the curvaceous sex pots that guys prefer.

            The style of clothing worn by late teen and young adult males is indicative of what is wrong with the perverted art of fashion design and with society at large. This group wears clothes that are always XXL — way too big for their scrawny bodies — and makes them look even more malnourished than they already are. The baggy trousers hang down below their ass — not that anyone wants to see. But they stare anyway because it looks so ridiculous, just like the untied shoes, and the hat worn sideways. It's a waste of good fabric that could be better used to clothe the naked masses in sub-Saharan hellholes that have no Armani boutiques. If wearing this preposterous style is meant to be a fashion statement, it must be saying, “Hey, I'm a fashion fool with nothing to lose, except myself inside this circus tent I'm wearing ”. The good thing about this outfit is that, just like the 1970s platform shoes, it makes it hard to run from the police.

            The one good thing about fashion design is that young women are demanding sexy styles and the designers are supplying them sexy with styles of clothing. Or maybe the designers are demanding the retail prices and women are supplying the payment. Either way, the influx of sexually explicit apparel will increase mop and bucket sales to cope with the deluge from salivating men.


            The camera eliminated the need for artists to slave for weeks over a hot drawing board to create an accurate visual representation of a subject. Moreover, the camera exposed the utter incompetence of humans when it comes to reproducing a realistic image no matter how hard they try. The fact that humans invented the camera just adds insult to injury. On top of that, painters can't even claim that they can make a subject look like an artistic painting better than a camera can, because a photographer can achieve that look faster using photo editing software like Photoshop. So all the work by all the painters throughout history was a complete waste of time. They should have just waited for the camera to be invented, because instead of being hailed as great masterpieces their work now stands as a titanic testimonial to the vastscope of their ignorance. If they only knew how much they would be mocked by us today they surely would have chosen an alternative vocation. But they did not, so it is our duty to desecrate their work and use them as an example of all that is wrong with the genre of painting known as realism.

            On the other hand, those who are just too lazy to use paint and a brush use cameras. Instead of developing their artistic talent they let their brains deteriorate by pointing a camera and clicking a button. Their lives are reduced to a series of simple snapshots without substance and without meaning. But in their wishful thinking about being an artist they attach all kinds of pseudo significance to the pictures. Meanwhile the rapid proliferation of cameras in society and the associated waste byproducts has generated a toxic nightmare that will eventually develop into a carcinogenic cataclysm and hasten our extinction — all because of the photographers. They already did enough environmental damage when film was the used prior to digital cameras. Photo processing centers polluted rivers and streams with millions of gallons of hazardous waste, causing extensive contamination to the ecosystem and irreparable harm to the flora, fauna, and wildlife across

the entire planet.