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Animals are a problem only insofaras society is involved with them. They are supposed to be wild creatures living in their natural habitat. When humans invade their space or bring them into society, that's when trouble starts.

Human beings are a species of animal that killed its way to the top of the food chain. Through evolution they developed some mental skills but lost their natural instincts. while they built a civilization and attempted to organize a society. That was their first mistake. Evolution is a work in progress, so problems happen when animals jump protocol and try to transcend their limits. The animal factor is an albatross around the neck of the human race. The inner animal is an inescapable attribute of human nature.

Outside of society wild animals are extremely vicious beasts. Poisonous spiders and snakes, man-eating lions, tigers, bears, crocodiles, and sharks all want to kill human beings. So why do humans make toys and cartoons that depict these monsters as our warm and fuzzy friends?

Humans love wild animals so much that they imprison them in city zoos so they can see them up close. They gaze in amazement at the exotic beauty of the creatures without regard to how the animals feel about the situation. The animals are innocent victims locked in cages by the cruel human captors. Surely humans would feel the same way if the situation was reversed.

Throughout history humans have fought and killed for freedom so It's no wonder those animals want to kill us.

Although they would be the last to admit it humans failed to fully evolve from the lower animal state. For all the high-minded talk talk about advanced intelligence they still retain most of the negative characteristics of wild animals. And they have shed many of the positive traits including the following:

  • The senses of sight, smell and hearing
  • Furry skin and the cold-blooded ability to keep warm in cold climates
  • The sense of geographical orientation to find directions for migration and spawning

According to some psychological researchers, pet ownership is a form of bestiality. It also involves certain aspects of bondage and scatology. The fact that most people don’t know this, shows how repressed this deviant perversion has become. It is truly despicable. Masters of pets suffer from a disorder shunned by psychiatrists because of the scandalous implications involved. For if it became public knowledge what pet ownership really is, the shame and humiliation would shock society into anarchy, and commerce and industry would grind to a halt.

Some people find loyalty and companionship with animals that they can't get from fellow humans. So they give in to the dark urges of their subconscious and establish a relationship with their pet, fulfilling a lonely longing in their heart. This bonding turns to love, and by then it's too late. Before you know it they're just another case of bestiality, as society slouches a little more toward Gomorra. The pet craze has gotten out of hand. It may be because modern man has lost touch with nature, and this is a way of getting back in touch. Even so, this is the wrong way because it encourages bestiality, pure and simple. Even though pets exhibit human characteristics, and a smart animal is more intelligent than a mentally handicapped human, we still must separate the two. Even though human beings are animals, as opposed to vegetable, we still must not let the animals catch up to us in terms of intelligence. They have made significant gains in recent decades, surpassing us in many categories. Genealogists fear that a half-animal-half-human mutant breed may appear due to the proliferation of bestiality. The anti-animal rights movement wants to deny rights to set the precedent to later deny human—and human-animal crossbreeds—of their rights.

Man has always been at war with nature. Wild animals are so afraid, you can hardly get near them. They have hunted and killed each others' families forever to maintain the food chain. But man is their greatest enemy. So we need to be careful with animals. Don't stick your head into a lion's cage, step in a pit of snakes, or swim in shark-infested water. Animals are by nature uncivilized. To grant them rights is absurd, even if they are superior to humans in every way. We simply can’t let them take over like they’re doing. Talking birds such as the parrot seem to have infiltrated society, learned to talk and spy on us in our homes. They then can report back to squadrons of other birds on reconnocence missions. Who in turn relay coordinates to the bombers. Unfortunately, it won't be bombs dropping, but bird droppings. This seems to be the weapon of choice in the animal kingdom. What we need are rights protecting us from animals. We need more dog pounds, SPCAs and Humane Societies to control these menaces. Animal rights are a controversial topic. They already have rights. For example: animals have the right to be protected from torture and abuse. It is a felony to assault a pet. You can't kidnap and hold one for ransom, no matter how much you may want to. Rupert Sheldrake, a respected scientist has done extensive research into the special powers animals possess. He calls it anthropomorphism

There have been cases where people have tried to abandon their unwanted pet dogs, and the animals found their way back home from fifty miles away! Some dogs will stalk you to the ends of the earth. There's no getting away from them. Even if you dump them at the pound, if they get out, you know they're going to come after you with a vengeance. That's why they execute dogs at the pound. They recognize the dangers dogs represent to society. The attempt to link human qualities to animals is called anthropomorphism. They made up a long name for it so people wouldn't talk about it, because they want to keep it a secret. Those who are trying to suppress this information are part of the conspiracy to discriminate against animals. They are the same scientists who conduct cruel and inhumane experiments on laboratory animals at our universities and corporate research centers. After in-depth analysis, we have come to the conclusion that animals should be relegated to wildlife reserves where they are back with nature where they belong. Human society is no place for animals, because just like an animal can become human, a human can become an animal if enough time is spent around one. Just think how much smarter and more advanced we'd be if animals didn't teach us their mannerisms. It may be on a subtle level we don't even realize, Mainstream scientists claim that this has never been proven therefore it is not true. But they are constantly revising their theories to accommodate new evidence, looking like such fools with no credibility when this happens. There is absolutely no place in society for these people. They should hang up their lab coats and start sweeping the streets as constructive citizens instead of vegetating in their sterile studies making pompous pronouncements of facts they know nothing of.


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With friends like this who needs enemies?
It's been said that dogs are man's best friend. Even though they viciously attack and maul man out of spite.

It's sad that man can't be friends with his fellow man.
It's pathetic that his best friend is a dirty, stinking, flea-bitten mongrel that barks all night and poops on the lawn.


The word dog is god spelled backward, therefore dyslexic people think dogs are like gods. The term dog-gone is slang for goddamn. Indeed even non-dyslexic people seem to worship dogs. Man's best friend is responsible for more defecation on our nation's pavements than any other animal. Running a close second are homeless degenerates. If all the dog shit in America were piled in one place it would be higher than the Empire State Building. It would be a Superfund site, and the smell and accompanying fallout would kill everyone within 5 miles. So why would anyone own a dog? It says allot about the state of our decaying civilization when we see this is how it is. But this is indeed the case, apparently. Anyone who has ever stepped into a pile of doo can attest to this. The reason why dogs have a superior sense of smell is because their noses had to overcome a superior stench. The reason why man's sense of smell is so weak, is from smelling so much dog shit.

There is an urgent need in society to take back the streets and fumigate the pavement from the insidious filth left by these creatures. Piles of fly-infested fecal material line the sidewalks, from where we track it into our homes . We then grind it into the carpet and it finds its way onto our clean linen. Meanwhile outside, fecal particles blow around in the wind and the flies come through the window and on your food. We've all seen it happen. Dogs eat garbage and other waste products with worms, then they slobber all over licking their owner's mouth and face. We must cease and desist from these sickening practices.

Why are dogs allowed to rape other dogs? We've all seen it happen in public. Go to any park and there they are chasing each other around until the male dog molests and sexually abuses the female dog while their owners stand silently by. They train their dogs to sit, lay, beg and roll over in preparation for the main sex act, but do not train them to restrain their insatiable sexual appetites. Don't tell me that's the way it is in the animal kingdom. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Dog owners and spectators secretly enjoy these legalized sex crimes. Maybe it's what keeps them from raping each other. If a dog bites another dog they are usually disciplined, but if a dog commits rape, people just watch and do nothing. If a human rapes someone, they are arrested immediately. Why do dogs have more freedom than humans? Is it because they are somehow more politically powerful? How do they exempt themselves from such laws? Or do people permit such animalistic behavior in the hope of setting a legal precedent that will some day make rape among humans an acceptable practice.

This seems to be their intent. If people would only see what's going on with this whole pet ownership thing. Pets are not sex toys. And it's wrong to call a dog a bitch because bitch is a derogatory term used to describe an angry woman. Yet this is the language dog breeders use and it shows you the level of their own breeding. The fact that dogs get away with crimes that humans could never get away with deserves investigation. They do have special privileges, and some exhibit traits that are superior to humans, such as their sense of smell. It is possible that they could be undercover spies; it would be the perfect disguise. Man's best friend, indeed. The most dirty rotten and wily dog is the rottweiler. Ranked the most deadly in 2000 with 33 deaths. Replacing the pit bull in killing capacity. The Doberman pincher and german shepherd are also heinous breeds. Why would anyone own monsters like these? Every minute of every day someone somewhere in the world is getting mauled by a dog. You can't trust them. Dog owners conspire with dogs to manipulate society to their agenda. Dogs are associated with animalistic behavior; It's a dog-eat-dog world, Lie like a dog, etc.

People like dogs because dogs are uglier than they are, and it makes them feel more beautiful. And they can order the dog around because they're the dog's master. Dogs are legalized slaves. If they don't obey, there's obedience school where they have ways of making them obey. The canine descended from the wolf and has been domesticated to the point where they are picking up human characteristic's. They have learned from constant close contact with humans how to behave in a civilized manner, surpassing some humans at times. Thus they have taken an evolutionary shortcut, from dog to human. The missing link, if you will. But they daunt think we know. We see how they act like humans now, just because they look like dogs doesn't mean they think like dogs. Perhaps they cannot communicate their humanity to us, and we probably wouldn't believe them even if they could. But what if they didn't want us to know? We have to follow them around cleaning up their excrement, while they go from tree to tree, house to house pissing on everything in site. They daunt clean up after us. WHO's the slave here?

On a foggy San Francisco day in late 2000, an innocent neighbor was viciously mauled to death by attack dogs under the control of two Pacific Heights criminal attorneys who adopted a the dog's year old inmate owner, WHO's serving life for violent crimes. Unlike guns, dogs are unregulated lethal weapons. Owners can play dumb while their dogs do the killing. Dog owners, like gun owners, defend their right to brandish a pet as a protected civil right. Next they'll want a constitutional amendment. There was a huge public outcry over the insensitivity and irresponsibility of the owners whose dogs ripped the woman's throat out. One could tell there was hostility and blame directed at the victim in lawyerly fashion by the shifty-eyed duo of doom. They had manuals for training the dogs to kill. Then they unleashed the beasts on society and a life was lost. All because of dogs and dog owners. Dog owners seem to be living out their own ferocity vicariously through these animals. The question of dogs in society is a highly serious one that shouldn't be ignored as it currently is.


Whereas dogs are a more of type of pet, cats are decidedly female. The problem here is not the cat but the scat. The Cat in the Hat however, reduced this elegant little creature to a cartoon. Confusing innocent minds at an early age that books are full of lies because we see how they misrepresented the cat. Many people have cat fetishes. You know who you are. At the other extreme there are those who take particular pleasure in torturing the poor little things to death. There is even a mail order stuffed dead cat named Earl. Sales are brisk and it shows how far some will go to expose their sadistic side. Cats have been vilified in the media as the bad guys. Sylvester was bad Tweetie Pie was good. Tom was bad, Jerry was good, Sleazy Fritz the Cat, etc., etc.


This is the clearest case of bondage and bestiality ever discovered by psychiatric ward perversion specialists. This cruel and sadistic fish foolery is believed to be practiced by Satanists to feed evil spirits of the underworld with the agonizing horrors experienced by fish trapped in an environment from which there is no escape. Fish and other intelligent beings transmit intense mental and physical energy when undergoing torturous punishment, such as sitting in a bowl in someone's living room with the stereo on full volume. Fish are the most helpless of pets, and although they may look beautiful in an aquarium, know that they are suffering excruciating pain every minute they're in there. People seem to forget that unlike dogs and cats, fish are a food source, also known as seafood. So fish are extra-vulnerable to foul play by owners. And cats have been known to dine on a goldfish from time to time. You see, a pet owner's home is like a jungle, and though domesticated, pets are still wild beasts who can scratch your eye out or maul you to death. But fish are a non-thretening type of pet.


The word jailbird comes from the fact that birds are kept prisoners in cages. The word birdbrain comes from the belief that birds are stupid because they have small brains. However, birds are mentally superior than humans because they know how to fly, something man has not yet evolved enough to do. The brain of a bird is like a digital microchip, whereas man's brain is like an old analog circuit board. Birds also have superior eyesight. A hawk flying at 1,000 feet can see a little field mouse hiding in the brush below and swoop down and snatch it's prey in seconds. Man could never do this, therefore birds are superior to man. Man is humiliated by this fact and retaliates by confining birds in cages lined with crap covered newspaper. Sad but true.


Farm animals have not traditionally been considered as pets, but for some suspicious reason they are becoming more humanized along with other animals. For example, the motion picture Babe depicts farm animals with human minds. When one sees this there is no doubt that animals do indeed have human minds. So there is no question as to this. The problem is do they have human rights? Just because their minds are human does not mean we should grant them human rights. They should always be subjugated to real humans, and held to be inferior beings, never to be considered anywhere near as intelligent as a human, even if many of their brain processes are superior. Now this will be said to be discriminatory, or even racist. (see Racism in Politics section). This is where we have to draw the line where the issue of racism is concerned. Though some will try to argue that civil rights laws such as those that protect against discrimination on the basis of national origin or gender, should also extend to include protecting animal rights.


At the turn of the millennium, Mad Cow Disease (MCD) had reached epidemic proportion across Europe and elsewhere. The scourge of MCD and HMD (Hoof and Mouth Disease) spread across the Atlantic to infest cattle herds in America. Yet meat-eaters voracious appetites for the rot could not be satiated. Even if you get a hunk of cow flesh char broiled MCD and HMD free, the other problem is that unless the meat is kosher (drained of juice), the uric acid, which is where urine comes from, stays in the meat. So meat-eaters are in essence eating a urine soaked sponge. The fried fat is what gives the meat the flavor that meat-eaters like. Just think of it how sick that is. They don't even realize what they're doing. Then there’s the milk issue. Many people don't know this, but the reason why milk is such a popular product among men is because of a cleverly crafted advertising campaign by the dairy industry. Milk has been subliminally marketed as a sexual fluid as in breast milk. The same is true for the marketing of eggs to women and homosexuals, who are also the largest consumers of sausages and bananas. Cows have been sexually harassed and abused for centuries and consumers keep lapping it up. What if you strapped a milking machine onto a woman to get her breast milk? So you see the injustice taking place under our noses on a massive scale.


The stereotypical poster-pet for bestiality. Sheep have a reputation for indulging in sexual activities with sick-minded humans. It is unknown whether sheep are willing participants in such acts, but we must nevertheless rid the land of such practices. Farm hands are especially suspect and should be ostracized from society. salesmen have also been known to pull to the side of a deserted country road and chase a few sheep. They too should be watched. Cruelty to animals should not be condoned if we are to maintain minimal standards of decency. This is blue collar bestiality. White collar bestiality usually involves household pets.


Second only to sheep as bestiality candidates, horses have been disgraced and humiliated to the point where once a great and noble creature, the spirit has now been bred out of them. Hence, we have the mule, a byproduct of domestic over breeding That's why donkey genitalia are so overly developed. Or so they say. The jackass is the official mascot of the Democrat Party. Which, some say, is also constituted of a mutant breed.


Despite their propensity to eat all kinds of trash, goat's meat, milk, and cheese tastes better than that of a cow. Goats are the most human-like species of bovine, and people with beards are the most goat-like human beings. There is a social stigma against goats because they are a satanic symbolize.


Bovine are a raunchy lot, wallowing in the mud, belching and snorting , farting and spiting. They are the most disgusting creatures (next to some people I know). They have been slaughtered and butchered for thousands of years. What an ugly thought. Anyway, The term pig is also used to describe a person who is a slob or a fascist. It's not fair to the real pig.



In terms of evolution, Apes are the species of animal closest to human. This is a scientific fact that any self-respecting person hates to admit. We are winning the human race but apes are catching up fast. They have already surpassed us in the tree-climbing competition, which is an embarrassing defeat.


The distinguishing caracteristic of this animal is their long neck -- just in case you are blind. This obvious evolutionary defect is excused by animal lovers as an adaptive mutation to enable their heads to reach treetop vegetation to eat. The problem with that theory is that it would be much easier to just climb up the tree, or eat food growing closer to the ground like other animals do. A more likely theory would involve some perverse twist of fate in an erectile sort of way.

Elephant, Hippopotomous, and Rhinoserous

These three beasts are lumped together here because they all share a certain look and feel -- big, fat, and ugly. While other dinosaurs were busy going extinct these species were still in their primordial geologic state as inert rock formations. The extremely slow evolution to their present state saved them from the fate of their dinosaurian predecessors. But the probably wish they went extinct because now they are considered freaks of nature. People flock to zoos just to gawk at them, especially the elephant. The amazing thing about them, besides the huge piles of shit, is their nose. It's so weird that it's not called a nose, or even a snout. It has a special name called a Trunk. That term was coined by zoologists who were understandably too embarrassesd to be associated with the study of what this animal's nose really is. They didn't wnat anyone to know, so the term Nose was out of the question. To hide the truth they needed a name that sounded nothing like venus, or clock, or stick. Although a penis by any other name is still a penis, they tried to lock the fact safely away in a closet-sounding name like Trunk.

Lion and Tiger

Lions are called the King Of Beasts because they survive by killing weaker animals, just like all kings do. In the zoo lions are always lyin' around because they can't escape, otherwise they would run around killing people. They are too lazy to bother because the zookeeper feeds them a big juicy hunk of raw USDA grade A beef every day. If he doesn't the lion will eat him instead. Tigers are serial killers, so it's only appropriate that a popular breakfast cerial is represented by one named Tony. It is a true fact that at least one serial killer ate that brand of cerial at least once. Judging by all the chemical ingredients, probably allot more than once. Luckily if that's all they ate they wouldb't live long. But all tigers eat is meat, and they live a long life of killing. That's why poachers hunt them down and execute them. While humane type hunters arrest them and without a trial, sentence them to life in a zoo. Tigers in the wild know this might happen so with nothing to lose they go on contuous killing sprees to pay society back, in advance. A perfect example of natural law clashing with the laws of society is in India where tigers sneak into rural villages and murder people in cold blood. Such killing is legal in the animal kingdom, but due to urban sprawl humans encroach on the tiger's natural habitat, which is considered a serious crime, punishable by death.


Crocodiles and Alligators

These malevolent maneating monsters are remnants from the age of the dinosaurs. They survived extinction due to their superior killing prowess. Unlike other homicidal maniacs of the animal kingdom they can live on land or under water. The only other animal capable of killing them are alligator hunters. But even these bog-bred swamp masters fall victim to the gators wrath eventually.


This amphibian species is a cross between a fish and a lizard. In an effort to save themselves millions of years they tried to fool mother nature by taking a shortcut around the evolutionary process. Their attempt to jump from a legless marine life form to a four-legged terrestrial animal was indeed successful. The lerm Leap-Frog was named after this epic cheating stunt. Humans use the trick to unfairly jump ahead of fellow shoppers standing in checkout lines at crowded malls. As evidense of the human capacity for ignorance, some people think that if frogs can make a quantum leap in evolution, then so can they. Part of that problem is that these so-called Frogmen are going backwards. Scuba divers are more like stupid divers.


These creepy crawlers are more than mere metaphors of  Satan, they are the living breathing manifestation of evil incarnate. Some phylogenesists suspect that humans carry strains of snake DNA in their own genetic make up. Snakes originated as a reptilian penis mutation. They slither wthout balls and hide in holes. Some species compenstae for their sexual frustration by ejaculting poisonous sperm from two erect mini-penises in their mouth called Fangs. Then they shed their skin like a used condom just to make us think they practice safe sex. Luckily we all know better.


Shark- Sharks have killed thousands of people including innocent women and children. While angry lynchmobs of fishermen try to avenge the deaths of their loved ones, bleeding-heart environmentalists defend sharks and justify their murderous feeding frenzies as a natural part of the ecosystem. To boost their argument they site millions of years of established precedent in law -- of the wild. Thus far their case has prevailed because sharks are still free to kill with impunity.

Whale- Whales are the largest animals on the planet and must live in the ocean where there is easier to hide from hunters. The most famous whale was named Moby Dick because it resembled a gargantuan penis, and it was of course a Sperm Whale. There are other types of whales including Killer Whales, which are trained to perform tricks and stunts at marine theme parks. Though intended to be a form of good clean wholesome family entertainment, the subconscious love of these killers induces some spectators to commit murders.

Octopus- Little is known about these strange creatures, so as always, when in doubt we must play it safe and err on the side of caution and assume the worst about them. Judging from their look it's quite evident that they are hideously horrible fiends. The true extent of their criminal capacity is dificult to ascertain because they are particularly skilled at hiding on the ocean floor blending in with the coral reef. That alone makes them suspect.